Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lolitas with a cause: The daydream Carnival Quest

So With Daydream Carnival out today my lolita roomie and I have been chasing it down like dogs to a car.
If you haven't been looking at my tumblr, I have in fact been obsessed with the print since back in December and secured my shopping service Mmm a  month ago? My Roomie on the other hand only decided she wanted it the day they announced the release date (thursday) and we've been flittering about like ninnies ever since. Check the cut for a rather long recount of my time chasing it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A return to blogging, lolita and sweet things

Hello my 132 followers...

 I hadn't realised your numbers had gotten so high so I wanted to thank every single one of you! Well...I've been on hiatus for nigh on seven months now (omigawsh) and I wanted to finally make my return. In the dowtime I've rejoined uni, lost my job, worked casual over the christmas period, flew to Townsville to see family, moved house and been sick since last one - still a bit phlegmy ew! If anyone follows me on tumblr you might have noticed I'm a little more active over there reblogging too so maybe you foresaw this return to the blogosphere.

lolita wise a lot has changed..ish? I got my dream dress, Chess chocolate princess OP in mint the other day.

I also have dreamy dollhouse on it's way. Dreamy dollhouse is special for me as it was the series up for sale when I first started getting serious about wanting to buy lolita and I knew I wanted dreamy dollhouse then - just never had enough money and since then I've liked other prints more, but I've always known I was going to own this dress, and after seeing it in person on another lolita I HAD to have it. I paid it off last year on a shopping service and then forgot about it and the service messaged me last week asking if I still wanted it when I questioned them about buying a pair of socks off mbok for me so...yay new clothing and new matching mint socks! I also bought the ivory whip show case tights from AP's english site. I think Whip showcasw is the cutest dress and I know I'll want to own it at somepoint and I'm not sure how hard the tights will be to find sooooo...BUY NOW, REGRET LATER! Or at least when they're just $60 including least they're cheaper than blackmilk right?

Speaking of dresses, I'm super excited for the release of daydream carnival and have it preordered already, the whole damn set. Headbow, jsk and socks. It will be thie first full set of anything I've ever owned and it looks amazing, plus I can always trade/sell it if I truly hate it, but for now it's a must have neeeed.

New stuff in my lolita scene..Vysanthe and Techno (Goldie and Elliot to me I guess) left which is sad, I'm going to miss them and their wacky fun but I hope to catch up with them in sydney at some point. I also moved in with a loli for a roomie (we talk over new releases lots and we even borrow clothes/socks etc. if we need that something special for an outfit) it's not much different from a regular roomie - this is the first time I've moved out actually so who knows!? And it means I also get to decorate my room however I want. Which brings me to my new project...

I bought a new wardrobe for $60 from an op shop the other day and I want to try and lolify it. I've been thinking pink but pink is a very hard colour to follow up and sell off so maybe pastel pink or white? Regardless it's a project I'm looking forward to and I'll be updating here with news!

Now that I'm jobless I also want to stop focusing on brand as much (I know with the above, what am I talking about?) but after daydream carnival well....that'll be all my brand buying until a new job arrives. However I'd like to look at making my own dresses. In the downtime I started sewing for cosplay - I'm going as princess celestia from my litte pony to supanova in April here on the gold coast. I bought a small machine so I'd love to have a go making unique dresses. Kawaiilime designs is still on hold guys, actually I'm stepping down from it. The print is...still in production but I can't say much regarding it due to confidentiality issues but I'll update when I can! There's going to be another post about this in the future (making dresses and kawaii lime).

I've been attempting to dress more in my outfits as well, having let most of my stupidly pretty dresses sit in closets and on clothing racks for the better part of....forever. So, time to air it out with the cold weather! I've got 2 outfit posts for you today, but I also dressed up to go the 'The great and powerful Oz' in a green x black ensemble with stripey socks and ruby red shoes (no glitter though sadly). I want to see it again though so I'll probably dress up again later and get picks with friends since out seats were shocking due to getting there late. ANYWAYS. Outfit shot time.

I kind of want a DSLR to take better quality shots...then I realise I want to spend $100+ on a camera to take selfies with and figure crappy camera phone pics will do. =p

Anyways, I know this is a long blog post, and it's very cluttered and everywhere because I just wanted to dump my thoughts/where I've been at into one post so I can get it off my mind as it's been distracting me from schoolwork otherwise I'll forget all the things I want to say! I hope you guys are as excited as I am and I hope to surprise you more next week with pretty blog things!

P.S I also jumped on the bandwagon and am now part of the lolita blog carnival; they vote and discuss weekly blog topics so I'll be putting up a few of them every now and then when I run out of ideas. You can join/check it out using the image below!

I can't wait to start telling you all about everything, hopw you're excited too!
Until next time! <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini hiatus plus seven days of cute

Hello lovelies
I know I haven't blogged in a while which is why I'm making a more official post about it. I'm going on hiatus for a month or two. In the past two weeks I've been swamped with school stuff and more importantly my whole family is moving out in two weeks - leaving me that same amount of time to move out and find a more stable job. It's pretty overwhelming; especially trying to juggle study and packing and job hunting. So I'm taking a break, sitting back and focusing on what's most important right now and worry about how cute I look, new lolita outfits and what's going on over at tumblr are taking a much needed backseat.
This also extends to my project/ brand Kawaii Lime designs. I've even had to put that on hold as the making time means I'm not sure what my address will be when they need to ship it @_@ I am focusing on getting patterns and such made but it's not getting as much time devoted to it as needed. The brand itself was a sort of a rush launch, which I've learnt from so I'll most likely 'release' it again when I've had time to properly turn it into something i'm more happy with as well as an official sample to try and secure more orders (I'm also thinking of creating a matching jewellery line and even leggings/tight) but it's up in the air until everything sorted.
As a sort of final 'get it out of my system' I've been dressing in lots of cute pastels and accessories whenever I can so here's a few pictures.
day 1
 The tricky thing regarding day 2 is I dressed up all in pastel purple but my phone died. I then later attended a dress up party ( I went as Belle from beauty and the beast) and ended up not being concious for most of day 3...which brings us to)

Day 4
 I konw it doesn't seem like much but it feels very different for me, and I've still got day 5,6 and 7 to get through which should be fun. My new dresses sugar fairy cake and pink meringue tartan pleated jsk, which I must say is super adorable! halter neck with a dropped skirt fits my figure a lot better so I'm glad I got it, it also isn't as OTT as sugar cake so i might get more wear out of it. I hope.

Until next time!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pinky Paradise Circle lense review: Twilight blue, dolly brown & fairy violet

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm going to review the circle lenses I ordered a few weeks ago. As always I encourage people to always see their optometrist before getting lenses (especially those who have never done so before) and always, ALWAYS remove/dispose of lenses that make your eyes itch, irritable, red or uncomfortable after more than 2 hours use. Keep 'em clean, don't go past expiry dates and remember to store them properly. Disclaimer out the way, let's look at the purchase!

EOS fairy violet
Vassen dolly plus Brown
Princess Pinky twilight blue
Dolly wink lashes
Multipurpose solution (if you've never bought lenses before I suggest getting this)

 Just to give you all idea of what we're staring with, these are my natural eyes.
Dark, dark brown!
I think I had a mix up here because I thought I was buying the Vassen cloud 9 violet series, but in a case of 'forgetting what I ordered' this was not so. I bought these on a whim as I l-o-v-e anime-ish eye colours like violet and strawberry pink and I wanted something that really stood out. Thankfully, despite my mix up, these do just that!  

14.5mm, you can see the colour stands out & enlarges

The lenses themselves are comfortable, after initial few minutes of that queer 'there's something in my eye' feeling. Most noticable in natural light however still noticable indoors, just darker in colour. You can see the image below for an idea of what these look like in a natural light source. They're EOS, an already well known and reliable brand, so there wasn't much to say. Although these lenses do not have a review on Pinky paradise the stock images do them justice in a natural light source. These images do not portray quiet how vibrant these lenses are in reality. I would suggest them for an anime or sweet doll look as the vibrancy may stand out too much with just a day to day wear, unless you like people always wow'ing at your eyes.

The pattern is smooth and surprisingly natural looking and fully covers the iris while leaving the pupil fully revealed.

Final thoughts: Vibrant, EOS = reliable, Not for everyday wear, comfortable
Natural lighting.

Vassen dolly plus Brown
When I bought these I was hoping for an enlarged (14.5mm) chocolate brown to lighten my eyes while still looking more natural, something to wear around on the days I'm sick of glasses but dont' want bright blue or purple. The stock images for this aren't quiet true to colour, with mine appearing more orange-brown than true chocolate brown. I was also a little unsure going with a brand other than well known medical ones such as GEO and EOS. After resolving that I wouldn't be to upset if I wasted the cash if they were too much of a risk (throw away $30 lenses or risk eye damage..yeah no brainer there) I went ahead. Unfortunately I only got the one shot of me wearing them, sorry!

These lenses were actually easier and more comfortable to put in than the EOS ones. You can see that the further away stock image appears a little more correct than the close up but overall different. Not that there's anything WRONG with what I got they're i said, more orange; it's more obvious face to face as well. However, despite the colour difference and being only 14.5mm they sure do look larger than life. I wore them for over 8 hours and had no issues with them, I'll be considering Vassen lenses from now on along with GEO and EOS.
Final thoughts: Comfortable, naturally unnatural, enlarging, subtle yet has pazow!

Princess pinky twilight blue
I was sold on these lenses when I saw the colour and I HAD. TO. HAVE. THEM. They're without a doubt my favourite lenses. The colour is amazing and they give my face a whole new look, I know that sounds weird but as someone who's had dark brown eyes all her life having suddenly bright blue eye is like looking at a whole new person, especially when I'm wearing a blonde or pink wig.  The comfort level leaves a bit to be desired,they take longer than normal to settle and also moved around a lot at first which made me super nervous. Leaves my eyes feeling dry after long wear, would suggest for more than 8-10 hours. Always make sure to give eyes a rest for the following 24 hours and use aeye drops if required.

14.5mm, indoor lighting
The stock image, on my screen anyways, made these seem more pale than they are but as you can tell, they're bright sky blue. There's a lot of reviews up on the website including more pictures from others including those with a lighter hue to their eyes. Not for everyday use, way too obvious and flashy but great for photoshoots and special meets. I've never heard of this brand before and unlike Vassen it is not available anywhere else so I was highly weary of it. I would not buy from this brand again unless, once again, they came up with a truly spectacular design. The pattern is sort of pixelated.
Final thoughts: Super bright, take cautionary measures, not for everyday use.

And that covers this review! I hope it helped a few of you, 'scuse my derp faces in most of the photos! I love wearing contact lenses, even if I have to wear glasses. I encourage anyone interested in wearing them to do some extensive research and be aware of the care involved.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quick GET post

Hello lovelies!

I know a lot of people are never really interested in GET posts but I'm super happy with this one and want to show off, haha!

Yes sparkles are needed! I've loved this skirt since it first came out so I was super happy to see it on the comms, and now I own it, mwahaha!  It's longer than I imagined, but I'm also still waiting on the shirt I bought to go with it outfit cord yet!

There was a GO for pinky paradise so I bought three new lenses as well as some dollywink eyelashes and some lense cleaner, but who cares about that? I'm going to put a review on the lenses in a bit so stay tuned! I also ordered 40 lower lashes for $10 online but we'll see how they go when they arrive.
 That wraps this up though, OOOOh except...I recently got involved in a very special project. I'm not allowed to say anything but I'm super excited about it and I hope when it comes to fruition you guys will all support it!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Press & Go nails review

Hello lovelies!
Well after that depressing post I figured something more positive was related, review time! Even if it is just about a beauty product. Today I'm reviewing...
I bought these as they're cheap, look ok and hey, my nails need a mani!
So here's a bit of info about the product. Essentially they're just a modern re-do of those stick on nails you used to buy as a kid. They come in a lot of colours, are widely available in chemists, sueprmarkets and beauty stores and 'press & go' is the australian name for the brand, otherwise knows as simply 'imPress nails'. The packaging (above) is cute, girly and looks like a nail polish bottle. These bad boys retail for about $15 a pop and supposedly last a week (I'll update when it's been that long). All in all it seems a much better deal than ruining my nails with acrylic and gel nails and (hopefully) I'll get a 'salon perfect manicure in a few minutes'.

Why choose stick on? 
Stick on nails are a pretty great idea if you don't like the idea of ruining your nails and getting fornightly fill ins for a bit of  hefty set up cost. Issue being you still want some glam nails for a night, a day, an evening, a week. Maybe you work in the food industry and may not be allowed to have artificial nails due to health and safety issues. Looking to add a little more refinment to an outfit (lolita rings next to long elegant nails? I say yes!) without having to book an appointment the day before and put aside an hour or so? Sticks on are for you, but there's a lot of cheap crappy ones out there who make claims they can't meet.
The Review 

Before: After washing, clipping, cuticle removing, moistuerising and wiping over
After: Before filing (see filed image below)
The packaging actually comes with an alchol based wipe to clean your nails with prior to use and also includes a mini nail...file pad? to roughen up the surface for best adhesion. There's 24 nails in 12 sizes and you pick that ones that best fit your nails. WARNING Much to my displeasure these are not 'petite' nails and so I found a few were somewhere between too large and a bit small, go for the smaller one. I was also disappointed to fin there were only 2 pinkie sized nails which you means you one shot per nail.

The first hand is pretty easy to get on but after getting two of the nails on my other hand done it became difficult removing the tape along the sticky side of the nails because the nails made it difficult (see below). Maybe have a friend help you or wait half an hour between each hand? You can re-apply the nails twice before they lose the stickiness to stay on, after that try again with a different one in the same size if possible. Other than that it's a pretty easy process and took my 10 - 15minutes for both hands after picking out my sizes.
I've had these on for about 6 hours now and although the packaginf says ready to go in minutes I'm not sure what they think you're going to do after but it's not much involving your hands! The instruction manual actually advises you to not do much for half an hour - including typing and such. Maybe read a book? I watched a movie and after an hour and a half I was tippy typing away without much hesitation and so far so good. DO NOT TOUCH THEM BETWEEN HALF AN HOUR TO AN HOUR. I did this to my pinky to test it and er..well the back end towards the nail bed flicked up and I had to use some nail glue to get it to stay on because it had lost its glue.By hour six they're all pretty sturdy now but I'm paranoid about them and will probably be so until tomorrow morning after showering and cooking and sleeping and petting my cat and typing and generally putting them to the test. I'll update date this section next week with a followup.

Comfort & Fit
Like most artificial beauty enhancers the nails take a while to get used to. The touch when I don't intend to, the feel fragile and like they'll fall off any minute BUT after getting over that they're actually pretty comfortable and ignorable. It's like painting your nails, while they're wet it's 'don't touch me, you'll smudge EVERYTHING, but then it's blah but you're still weary that if you press too hard against something you'll most likely wreck your work. As prior said there are 12 sizes and if you're in between go with the smallest one, they do have a lot of sizes so it was pretty easy to do but my biggest issue was the square tip. Maybe it's just me but square tips are a bi*ch to work around, too much surface space? Who knows but unless you're used to a squared nail file them down, they felt so much nicer and natural after I did that. Anyways, AFTER PICS!

After! (10minutes)
After filing, notice corners. (2 hours)
Final Impressions 
I actually do really like them, after the filing. I'm being a bit tougher on them at the 6 hour mark now and I've noticed a few are coming off towards the back ends, mostly the ones I had to re-apply whicher were too big/small for my nails, so I may look at getting some nail glue as a precaution (I guess that defeats the point of sticks on but if I work it into prep who cares?) They look good, do the job and at $15 instead of $45 for acrylics and gels I'd buy them again when these fall off too. It might be nicer if they came in a range of length sizes since these are all a natural short length but there's potential to glam these up a bit too. Compared to other stick on nails I've tried there really is no comparison, they're an amazing quality for their field. Overall t's not a very natural look (shiny and perfectly white tips) but it does look like I just had a trip to the salon which is all I wanted anyways. Eff the kardashion endorsement, they're a good product and i highly reccomend - just remember to grab some nail glue and a file first!


After putting them on, as much as I think this is a classic look, I figured why not paint them and see if it takes?


 Yes it does! The only issue being, with the french tip, is that there's a ridge where the white part starts. One could possibly incorporate it into a design but I don't think anyone would really notice? The varnish also keeps its gloss s maybe paint a set before putting them on and give them a super shiny coat!

Stay Glamorous!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Today was not a good day..

Good evening lovelies.
I hope your day has been/goes better than mine did today. I'm very sick right now and had to travel a long time on the train to get home and it didn't end well at all. I don't know why I'm really blogging this, I guess I just believe in venting to make thing feel beter, not to mention I'm stuck in my room trying to get better so there's not a lot to do.
Today I finally got funded some capital for my brand Kawaii lime designs, as well as heard from my manufactuer both I'm feeling very uncertain. Although KLD hasn't been up long I had been hoping for a bit more of a response, not a rush, but I do need to know if I should be looking at chiffon or cotton. Secondly the prices are looking to be much more than anticipated since most fashion designed on a smaller scale are based in a different state to me so shipping is higher. At the moment it looks like a skirt alone might be $150-$200 which is ridiculous for indie brands since that's what brand prices are, but I could only make it cheaper if more people ordered. It's a bit of a cruel cycle but it looks like I'll just be investing in a skirt for me *shrug*
I suppose that's technically ok but  I guess I just got mislead when there seemed sincere interested for my print ^^;; I was even looking into plus sizing so girls who don't fit brand can still have a cute pastel unicorn dress! I wasn't even making profit, just asking for what it takes to make these items because what's important to me isn't the moolah, just knowing out there people would be wearing something that meant a lot to me that they also loved.
But that's the dream isn't it? Today has just been a very bad day I think so maybe it will be better in the morning.
I also found, and sorry for being late on the bandwagon, the blog Pastel Raindrops. It's very cute and is one of those blogs that seem to be very into OTT sweet with the purple/pink/mint/lavednder combo that seems to be trending. The blog writer also seems to be an amazing artist so I hope you all enjoy it too. {/endplug}
Everybody else, please have a good day! If anyone is still interested in my skirt and its creation I'll still be updating it here.