Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lolify your bedroom (on a budget!) part 1: The room

Greetings Readers! I know I promised this a whie ago but an update on the way I figured I'd give you some actual content first! So here's my take on how to give your room a lolita makeover, without breaking the bank! Tips and tricks to get your personal space looking a little frillier and girlish without being impractical or requiring an interior designer budget! cause, let's face it, we can't all have rooms like that one, much as we may wish!

For this first part I'm going to be looking at basics such as furniture, room restoration, storage space and bedding. The second part will focus more on details such as displays and decorations, visual items that will loli your room rather than your room speaking for itself without these materials. These posts are going to be split up as otherwise we might end up with a huge post! Hopefully by the end of this you'll be a bit more inspired to have a go at something yourself or even just go out and find something pretty to add to your bedroom, now let's start...*ahem*


In short, before you do anything clean the place up. Nobody like s a dirty room, it's not healthy to leave it for too long and it's aobut personal pride. Don't make a room pretty if no one's going to see it under filth anyways. This includes changing sheets once or twice a month to air them out, plus new covers are always refreshing! Aha..anyways.

Your walls are most likely one of the first things people may notice in a room. Colour, size, adornment etc. It sets the boundaries and is going to limit how much you can or can't do and you're going to see them often, naturally they deserve a little attention.

Painting is one way to go about this, paint a feature wall! A bright colour to grab your eye everyday can add some real spark to any room so don't be afraid to give it a go! A buck of paint large enough to cover a feature wall is usually much cheaper than enough to do a whole room and with a little time it can end up stunning, make a day of it with friends or family even and just have at it! If you're after something more...individual or stimulating try shopping for wallpapers to line the top and bottom of your walls, floral, gothic, modern...seriously just hit up your local places and you'd be amazed at what you find! I can not personally vouch for how 'budget' this method is as I've only ever done it once before several years back and the cost may have changed but it was charged by the metre for how much wallpaper was needed.

Lastly, and my personal favourite, nothing adds character like wall stickers. Oh yes, they can be costly if you look around, even going up to $200 for elaborate ones but if you have bookshelves, beds and desks around your walls I hardly think you'll require, or maybe not even fit, a giant olive tree complete with flock of escaping birds...You can find wall stickers either online OR many retailers who deal in home decor do sell them, including the likes of Target who at this very moment are selling a florel set of 6 for about $20. I bought some today so once I get them up I'll tell you how it goes!

So now you have some funky, painted, decked out walls! Too bad your vanity isn't looking too sharp and you've still got that fruity coloured ikea double bed from who know when right? WRONG. Ok so I don't think anything's that bad but lets face facts, it's not always great either. Here's some ideas on how to 'spiff up your furniture.

Surfaces. Doilies, table clothes, 'deck protectors'. Enough said. You can put frills on it, drape it, have it long or short. This isn't everyone's cup of tea of course which is where we come to...
Redressing. Now this all depends on how your room is set up. Some people have in built wardrobes and some have outside racks sitting against a wall. Some people have furniture that can be pretty much given to the dogs when it comes to restoring and others may have something more practical. The way you can do this really depends on what you have but to give you ideas...

Try putting wallpaper on your furniture, there are many tutorials on how to do this and it can look super sweet! For something even more special shop for new handles to match whatever you want! There's so many drawer/door handles out's amazing, in fact even if you're not doing this go check out your hardware store for handles, I dare you to not like one or two!
New paint job! Get a colour to match the feature wall or try something out to make an overall 'theme'. If you're afraid of doing this to 'good' furniture, and do have the cash, try going to large op shops or charity shops and buying furniture from them as they are usually cheap and you won't have to worry about messing it up. You can get excellent desks, chairs, wardrobes and cabinets all under $60-$100!

You can also paint designs on OR apply any leftover wallpaper images to furniture! Just cut out the parts you want and apply.
 Ok, so I also understand some of you may have closets that look like this...
Or some varient outside a cupboard which consists of this inside a stell frame...very boring.

Or is it!? What you're missing here is an opportunity to show off your lolita clothing all pressed and preened WITHOUT IT SEEMING UNATURAL. All us others have to hide them in stuffy closets. Move 'personality' pieces to the front so they become a 'decoration' of the room. If you have a wire frame tie ribbon around it OR wrap wire flowers around it to add colour and flair and some femininity. If you use shoe boxes invest in coloured or printed ones. You can also try adding curtains to cover your items, although this defeats the 'lolita is a decoration' idea, if your curtains are pretty and frilly enough maybe they're a better, and also more 'burando protective' device.

If you have an inbuilt or enclosed closet, like me, You can line the walls with....wrapping paper. Yep, no joke. Not many people see inside your closet so wallpaper may be a bit too expensive but wrapping paper and a bit of time plus blu-tack can create a very similar look. If you're brave you can also unscrew those doors and try stringing a curtain across too, it may add some more 'space' as well for those whose closets seem to take up half your place!

Wait that's not really a bed....I don't care, I want to sleep in a pumpkin coach too! Take my money!

*coughcough* Next up, that home of dreams, your eternal friend, oh yeah we all know them...Bed. You spend a lot of time here so what we don't want is...clutter that means ten minutes of throwing off useless crap to dive in. Quickest way to get a pretty princess bed? Buy a four post and throw on some delicious, privacy ensuring curtains....but that's not budget haha. No, what I might suggest is one of these...

Mosquito nets can look princessy too!
Maybe it's just me but I always thought anything draped over a bed in such a manner was very princessy and romantic, and now it's also functional! gossamer and light you need only pull back the flap and get into bed. Annoyed? Just tie it back and bam, no more net! These bad boys can run from $20 to $100 but you really do get what you pay for. $20 = itchy and scratchy, $100 = WHY CAN'T I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME!? 

Moving right along bed attire is a pretty big thing. It's hard to look lolita with star wars sheets, not that either isn't awesome but it's difficult to manage pulling it off at the same time unless you have hello kitty pink Vadar sheets. Give your bed a stylish quilt cover and matching pillows and it's like having that perfect OP and headbow go, accessorizse! Obviously it's hard to do such a thing on a 'budget' as such. Assuming you do not have a 'lolita-esque' bedsheet I'm afraid you're out of luck. Bedsheets can run up very high for good quality ones. I can suggest that low end department stores, such as Target, do offer very cutesy ones for all a manner of sizes, and are regularly marked at reduced prices, but they are....not uncomfortable, but you do get what you pay for. Fashion is pain I guess? Do you want a pretty room on the cheap or not?

Anyways, pretending you already have that rosey floral or bat winged ensemble of your choice I highly suggest a valance or 'bed skirt'. In this lolita rundown of your bed fabrics consider it the petticoat, as in lots of frills, no so much as in 'it holds everything up'. Unessecary frills to hide unsightly bed springs? Oh that's gotta be in a lolita room ;D Decorative pillows is probably my best suggestion. You can buy these for $10-$50 and they come in all shapes, sizes colours etc. Best thing yet they are pure decoration. Go cheap and get the scratchy ones, you're not actually sleeping with them, it's just to make it look pretty. Decorative pillows on a bed can look truly cute and...well like a centre piece for your bedspread, buy a few and mix and match every now and again. Better yet pillows are an inexpensive, and without a doubt the easiest, sewing project you may ever embark on. Get creative! Apply an AP felt logo, string some pearls around the edges or tea dye it to match a classic champagne rose colour.

Finally, after all that, my final say is...if you're still looking around and thinking 'this isn't lolita enough for me' I suggest investing in some curtains for your windows, or even as a room divider! Rugs are a costly items as well however those with wood floors may find it chilly without one so make sure your next rug purchase matches your new room ideal!

Nex post: I'm going to japan on Sunday!
Mid December after I get back: Photos of my trip + part 2!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog to-do list

Hey so I'm going to be trying to get more tutorials out, I've been crafting like a maniac lately! I'd like to throw a few out there for you guys to try out. A lot of my lolita inspiration is well...drowning in a sea of reality. I've got to save for my trip overseas, unpack still, finish up already unfinished projecst and start uni once again in a few days amid working shifts at my job. It's a little crazy getting used to my family again but these things happen and I'm glad! So, here's a list of  few things I'm going to try and get done with the blog!

Re-design blog

Mini tophat tutorial (regular and heart shaped)

Cutsew tutorial

ring/necklace/bracelet tutorial

7 days of lolita (or 5 give or take work days)

1 dress, several different looks

Makeup tutorial & review ( I've gotten better I swear! )

Lolita up your room, on a budget!

Some kind of reader give away

Anyways! I'll hopefully start on that next week! In the meantime I've a room to repaint and some boxes to unpack! I hope nobody minded the filler post and if you could please comment what parts you're most looking foreward to I'll try and get on it all asap!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lolita Idols

In such a big fashion community as lolita community it's easy to feel lost in a sea of ruffle and lace. Where is the inspiration? How can you do something unique without copying what's been done or falling into the trap or becoming a brand clone? How should you do your hair after you've done pigtails three days in a row? How come so and so seems to get it so right and how do they do it? Has such and such been done before? How has it been pulled off previously? You've got questions, quandries and queries and may be new are unsure how the community may take your questions and concerns, furthermore they don't always have the answer.

lolita idols can answer these calls. Passive, unapproachable (mostly) models who you see time and again pull it off right and get a pat on the shoulder for their efforts. I'll be honest with you guys, I've never had a 'lolita idol' and it never reall clicked with me, why? Who? And once again Why? Since then I've done searching, watching, following and a little bit of stalking and this is what I've come to conclude.

Firstly, and obviously, no you don't need an idol. Some people just like to do their own thing and soak up whatever they see for future use, they don't need to follow someone for a makeup tutorial or dress update; whatever they need they can find at the time. normally I'm this but lately I've been tapping more into the roots of why I love lolita. ( Thanks muchly to the 65th Secret that was posted this week) which reminded me all about how, despite who you're wearing or how you look we're all wearing the same silhoutte and to the average person we all look the same. We can not take away from you your 'lolita'. Get dressed, look in the mirror, remember that and feel like a princess. Sweet huh?

However I've been coming up with walls lately on how and what to do with myself lolita wise. New dresses yes but hair? Shoes? I've got limited items and frankly I fail at co-ordinating anything besides my everyday outfit for uni. So I started searching and came across one of the first lolita models I'd ever seen, the now infamous rinrin. God I loved Rinrin, I even wanted to get my bangs bleached blonde to emulate her look (still kinda want to heh heh). Looking at her I realised that unlike most AP print models she doesn't do the pastel wigs but still look drop dead sweet and beautiful, overly sweet but not dripping in chocomint accessories, it was the lolita that I wanted to be; thus a new idolism in me was born!

So how does one incorporate a lolita idol? Dress exactly like? No of course not, idols are are refrence point when you get stuck and copying them exactly might be rude or unoriginal. If you have a more active one they might post tutorials or add you on facebook, idols are not restricted to models and shopkeeps. They're in the community, on daily lolita and youtube trying to be the best lolita they can be! I began to think of my model not as a person to emulate exactly but use as inspiraton. So I did the usual. I added the blog, found pics, youtube channels, tutorials etc. and I watched and learned and learnt a lot including hair, makeup and how gosh darn gorgeous she was!

It's always going to be a bit of a downside having an idol though, the person you can never be as good as or the person whose criticisms you take more to heart, heck maybe your idol is too mainstream and you're unsure to say your love outloud! It's easy to feel that way, hell it's easy to feel that way just going to a meetup but not to despair! Practice makes perfect and it's not fair to compare yourself to others who may have more funds and experiance than you. Take everything with a grain of salt as they say and don't forget a little bit of you to make it unique! In an effort to sort of define my style and where I want to be I created sort of an online illustration board. Think of it sort of like that Meme DA had going for a while.

Haha, pink! But it really reminds me how I love lolita and where I want to go and where I can find inspiration. In a breakdown...

Obviously there's Rinrin...
But artists such as blush_art who use amazing colour inspire me with her sweet designs of girls with mile high hair and modern twist. The last unicorn is a homage to the fantasy that first made me want to be that elegant, mysterious and unique girl, not just refrencing the Lady Amalthea but the likes of Sarah from Labyrinth and Lily from Legend, pure girls with grace and beauty and a bit of smarts to them each. That GLB happened to be the first Bible I ever got my hands on, in english obviously, and for two years was more only actual 'lolita item'. I can't count how many times it's been flipped through and it formed the basis of the kind of lolita I fell in love with, so pre 2009 AP pretty much haha. Kana is also in it with a stuffed bunny and pink hair, the whole issue is about flowers which inspired more roses which feature in a majority of prints I own, Rose also happens to be my middle name.

Gyaru is also a huuge inspiration for me! Makeup, hair, cordinations etc. Mana starre is a gyaru I regulalry keep up with who is both inspiring and beautiful. Gyaru is also, sorry lolitas, a much more evolving fashion than the lolita with even more spin offs and a constant change in what's in, from sandals to skirt length, necklines, fabric texture and types of pleating! That's insane haha, I can only keep up with trying new prints and understanding bunny ears are in right now...I prefer to look at Hime but La Parfait and Ma*rs fashion always catch my eye with bold patterns and colour choices instead of AP pastels.

To the right are street snaps which are probably one of my biggest inspiratiosn because japan doesn't seem to have as strict rules when it comes to their lolita so it's so amazing to see short skirts, anime headbands or hello kitty head shaped bags with fishnet stockings instead of just knee highs and teaparties everywhere, they're a good way to get a feel of what can and can't be done. Lastly is pixiepop, a happy and light manga I read full of pink and sparkles and all that shoujo stuff haha, it always puts me in a good mood to do lolita and then at the far right is the band Perfume whose songs I always play when I get ready for a lolita day. Poppy tunes and happy singing just kind of click don't they? The girls also have a very cute but modern look. Bands like SNSD and a few other j-pop/k-pop bands are also inspirations to me but I've been listening to perfume the longest by a good five or so years!

Anyways that's the end of this post! I'd love to see others do this lolita inspiration board too and please link me to any you do attempt!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lolita life update

So since I last posted a lot of stuff has happened. My uni work piled up, almost holidays soon yay! I'm also now going to holiday for 10 days in japan during december! So excited, it is my first trip outside japan and I'm saving like a crazy mofo! My sister is going with me which is awesome and we're already looking at places to stay and go so if anyone has any reccomendations please let me know.

I'm planning to try and not buy any large items like a jsk or op, stocking up on accessories since you don't find them often on the comms and on auctions they come with large shipping fees. Shoes, headbows, rings necklaces and SOOOCKS, so many socks. I'll probably open up a shopping service closer to the date since we've booked to have extra baggage on the way back home (nine hour flight ew!) but who knows, maybe I'll just find a heck tonne of cheap stuff or a brand will release something super awesome special for christmas and I'll pick that up too. I'm only planning on bringing maybe 1-2 lolita dresses though as they take up a lot of room and I don't want to be spending my holiday curling hair, doing makeup and getting ready for the first 2 hours of every day. We've also planned to go to TokyoDisneyland because that's been my dream since I was a tyke, well real disneyland is but tokyo can ease the void for now I guess...Anyways I can't wait!

In other news I've been doing a...lot of lolita purchases lately, erg my wallet! My wardrobe currently stands at;

4 headbows ( 1 red, 2 pink, 1 print )
1 bonnet ( blooming garden )
7 wigs ( all natural colours too!)
8 jsk ( 6 pink, 1 yellow, 1 blue )
2 OP (marine and pink)
1 skirt (blue)
3 blouse (1pink and 2 white)
2 shoes (pink and sax )
3 bags (two pink, one blue )

Yeah...guess what all my money goes on in lolita? This is why I need to focus on things like shoes and bags and such >.> Also, too much pink..although I do want a short sleeved pink blouse and a different kinf od long sleeved one...Anyways! I have more than enough to wear lolita everyday of the week with a diff. dress so I may try to do that in my school break. My latest purchases were all pretty cool and included dream dress Fantasic dolly jsk in pink; last pink themed dress for a while I've decided, break from pink tiara rose in sax and really well priced aqua princess jsk also in pink; purchased before vow of no pink. I'm actually glad I wrote all this down though, I've only started purchasing lolita within the last year and a half and sometimes, probably because I don't wear it enough ) it feels like in comparison to so many other girls I've done and purchased very little.

Anyways, to finish up here's a few tidbits of how and why I got the new dresses that I did because I just felt so squee-y after I paid for them all and needed to get it out!

Aqua princess.
At the time I wasn't really looking for anything but I saw a post for the dress and I thought to myself, it's very pretty and it is on my want list, probably $400 though...However it was $300 including shipping! Conversipn wise had I paid for this dress brand new from AP it would have cost $350 plus about an extra $50 in shipping fees, I pondered it for a bit and eventually decided if I hated it the resale value would be fine because I'd paid so little in shipping, hooray! As it turns out I love this dress! I'm slightly too small for it, do not need the all, it laces all the way so you can't even see it Dx Learning lesson, I can officially never go over an AP 87cm bust with corsetting/shirring, won't work. But it's so glittery and gorgeous, I think without a blouse it'd also make a lovely party dress because of the strapless aspect. The lace seems a little grey? Like it went through the wash but it's hard to tell if, from the stock pictures, it's meant to be that way as a 'dusty pink'.

Fantasic Dolly
Omigawsh this was my newest dreamdress, you know after ribbon decoration (yet to be aquired), frill marine and blooming garden (both in my closet!) Haha, loli just isn't fun if you're not chasing a dress! I originally hated this dress and it's 50's esque print but idk. I got kind of bored with the sweet and rose prints and started looking for more and suddenly it became 'unique and unlike anything else I plan on owning'. So it became my top priority dress to get in the jsk version, not high waisted and, as always it had to be in pink. Now the high waisted ones are like..everywhere, I've seen several come and go all for good prices with only a few regular jsk and all of those were in red or lavender. At one point there was an auction for the set I wanted including headbow and socks but my shopping service didn't get to it in time.HOWEVER after weeks and weeks a sale went up for the headbow and jsk in pink and I settled a price, was soo happy and also surprised considering I'd thought it'd be a japanese auction site that would have it, just keep hoping I guess! The other unique thing about this dress is that it will be the last pink dress I buy for a while. My wardrobe is looking very pink and I'd like to expand on it which is why I purchased some sax SS shoes to get me started and then it compliments....

Tiara Rose
Tiara rose was always a dress I wanted to purchase however it's similarity to lady rose always put me of, especially in the pink colourway. Once again it was at a good time, I'd saved some cash aside to spending, and a sa version went up a little after I bought the sax shoes, better yet it came with a matching headbow so I could wear it with something else blue, and it would look different to my lady rose jsk, THUS MY ATTEMPT TO WORK IN OTHER COLOURS BEGINS.

So there you go, fun times huh? My Aqua princess arrived, obviously, and Tiara rose is meant to be next week but I don't think my fantasic dolly is shipping until monday, but it's supposedly only 5 work das shipping so I'm hoping it will be here the following monday or, if the post gets in gear, friday.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Tokyo Fashion (NEW) Thursday + Apology

First I want to say thanks to everyone who has stuck with me in this hiatus-esque leave of mine. I wasn't gone I just...wasn't feeling the lolita blog. I'm lost when it comes to what you wanna know or read about that hasn't already been done and better and while this blog is about me as well it's also meant to be enjoyable and I'm struggling between 'whine whine baww, do this how I tell you' and 'here's a fun and different approach to try!' Obviously my opinions don't fall on the former side but I feel like I stray that way a lot. So from now on I'll be at least trying to just stick with the tokyo fashion stuff ever two weeks and then seeing how we go from there. Once again thank you so much! I'll be trying to get a better post up tomorrow but for now here's the last Tokyo Tuesday spotlight I wrote up before I left but never posted because I just wasn't sure of the content, please let me know what you think!


Y'know the problem with Tokyo fashion Tuesday? I have classes from 1.30 until 9.30 on a Tuesday and I have to be on a bus by, at latest, 1. If I get up at 9 that's a very small amount of time to get stuff done and this blog usually gets pushed aside for...better priorities. Secondly Tokyo fashion Tuesday is horrible close to Sunday so it's been moved to Thursday now as 1. I have nothing on Thursday and 2. We get a break from my random posts! So here's the latest in my tokyo fashion updates and the first Thursday orientated one!

So what I'm seeing trending at the moment is polygon patterns. Angles everywhere, straight edges, squares, diamonds etc. They're conversation pieces and are something different to the usual prints/plain colours we see everywhere in lolita.

I actually really don't have much to say on this look, not a lot of brands have done something like this from what I recall, except for the occasional skirt or cardigan with simple tessellating patterns. If I was to attempt this in a more lolita style I'd try and look for someone to commission a desirable outfit, otherwise it's very limited. For this reason I decided to go with a more casual lolita look instead of my usual overly cutesy. Uncommon pattern + casual lolita = my nightmare to put together haha!

Sort of a nerd chic haha. I didn't title it because I really couldn't think of anything! There's two shirt options, one plain and one hello kitty because that's a cardigan and needs something to go under it and you could either go busier due to the lack of a print or continue with the simple shirt. Not my best but it was challenging and the result is something I'd wear. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a more interesting post!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Spotlight! Continuing the Gyaru in lolita theme...

So, reflecting the previous Tuesday's theme today I'm focusing on a gyar's blog of all things! I'm going to keep this brief however, You don't read these and care enough to comment, I don't feel much like writing today. Not that I'm saying I wrote for the comment but it'd be nice to get some reader feedback after 67 watchers ( Thank you all so much btw!! <3 <3 <3 )

So! Cirimisu is aimed at Gyaru fashionistas and does talk a little bit about the brands like liz lisa and such but the big thing I like it for is MAKEUP REVIEWS. Mostly of stuff I'd like to buy but most will not. There's  good tips and suggestions about various products and how to use/apply them. Usually they're f a foreign variety to the stuff you'd find in your local department store so mind that!

Apart from this there's also a good portion of articles about food, places of interest, more makeup and store guides for Japan. Be warned, this is an image heavy blog so if you have slow bandwith maybe avoid.

Aesthetically the blog is a little crowded, first due to the high amount of images and secondly to the amounts of gadgets on her side bar haha! chat logs and a comment box, followers, disclaimers, links to food and shopping sites and then some. Maybe It's just me but I prefer a cleaner look? A while ago I had the same side bar | Article | side bar layout but found it too cluttered so it's more a personal taste than a real criticism.

The only other thing that bothered me is the multi-lingual aspect. Lots of the entries have included english names, the pronunciation of the local word for it (like romanji) and then the actual word written in the origical characters. I like reading I really do and it's easy to skip over but THEY DISTRACT ME, NOOOO!

A little convuluted both aesthetically and in content but it's easy to find relevant material to what you're after. Run over, take a look and see what you like. I'd especially like to highlight the entry which got me hooked in the first place. False lash care. Been looking for a guide to this for ages, I keep ruining mine, and this was a great foothold given I'd no clue where to start and find all the info in one place.

Also! Starting tomorrow I'll be doing the 30 day lolita challenge, which I'm sure most of you will have heard of. I'm not sure how often I'll be updating it but I'd like to get it over asap as I'm sure it will in fact bore you all to tears, more of a personal thing to me I guess.

Erg I'm too shy to post to DL lol!  ^^ Posted to DL, like a boss! first time ever, will get trolled. Wonder what people will think of my ugly mug on the net >:  Derp faces are derpy, couldn't use eyelashes due to my eye is doing some weird stuff atm >.< and  makeup just sucks anyways, i need to practice more!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tokyo Fashion Tuesday o2. GET YOUR GYARU OUTTA MY LOLITA

So I missed the last Sunday spotlight and Tokyo fashion Tuesday T__T I'm sorry, I really am but life has been doing that busy thing! But I'm here now, doing stuff and being active so let's march on! This Tokyo Fashion Tuesday update is inspired by...

Yup a ma*rs chick caught my eye. Not because it's a spectacular cord but while I was browsing through all the other images all I could think was 'gee I love ma*rs, they're so cute and sexy and you never see that hot pink x black in any other fashion' and then I was like 'I WANT IT IN MY LOLITA' so here we are.

Now obviously you can't take just any ma*rs dress or 'ageha', as I've been told the style is known as, and shove a petti under it. There's some big differences between the two. For starters length, footwear, hair, makeup and accessories to name a few. Gyaru usually ends at about ass o'clock with mile high heels and lolita has knee length skirts with flat teaparties and never the two shall meet! 

So maybe your a lolita by winter's breath and gyaru at summer's call. Maybe you do both whenever the mood takes you; point is we need a way to put the two together so you can utilize your wardrobe to the fullest extent! 

Color: Well one could go for a hime look with pink and white but we're staying away from that for this example. Pink and white, hot pink and white, hot pink and black, pink and black, purple and black. Plaid, print, plain. Gyaru has a little more wiggle room than lolita when it comes to fabric choices. Keep in mind that ageha; what I'm talking about at the moment, is trying to be cute and sexy. Pastel pink and mint isn't going to fly no matter what. 

Length: Now the biggest obstacle to overcome will be length. Ageha and gyaru in general has a shorter length obviously, both in skirts and sleeves (no blouses oh my!).Since this is a lolita blog we're doing lolita with elements of ageha gyaru, so knee length it is! Feel free to get a bit shorter with it though, as long as you're ok with it.

Hair: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU'RE DOING A MIX OF AGEHA/LOLITA AVOID THE HIME CURLS. Those curls will and have always been part of the gyaru fashion, if you use that style this will look more hime lolita than just lolita and if your er too much towards the gyaru you'll just look gyaru. Go with a classic lolita staple. Pigtails, frizzy buns or plaits could even work. Something either ridiculously simple or ridiculously over the top.

Accessories: This will be one of the bigger differences. Garters don't belong on any kind of lolita. Sorry. However chains, sandals, furry scarfs/stoles, leg warmers, arm warmers and tiny or oversized handbags are elements of gyaru you can work in! Fishnet stockings if you want even, just keep it classy ;D Don't overdo hair items, a rose, a small bow or a hat will suffice. Remember, sexy/cute! Head eating bows, fluffy star charms and love hearts saying 'hug' are all big on cute but not so much sexy.

Ah yes, and that my dears is my bastard child of Angelic pretty meets Ma*rs meets yumetenbo! I've used my chosen colour scheme and then taken a dress that's a midpoint between the fashions, if that dress was shorter and more figure hugging I'd call it ageha! Then accessorised the crap out of it. Because Angelic pretty has been used to form the base ( bolero and jsk) the rest has to all be offbrand or a gyaru brand, otherwise it'd just get too similar to lolita in colors/themes. I really love those sorts of shoes and while I couldn't find it here, it'd be adorable if instead of wristcuffs it had arm warmers with the hot pink bows. I'm not sold on the fur leg warmers but if you had a matching black stole or fur trimmed mitten it'd work. I chose the plaid because it's a fabric that both ma*rs and AP have made dresses in and the square pattern gives the eyes something to look at. ALSO check that bag! That'll fit more than your phone and wallet for sure! Wish more lolita companies had bags that big. >:

There's not a lot to say on how not to do this look, mostly because it hasn't really been done and when mashing two fashions together it's all a call of judgement. Just keep the basics in mind ie. dress to your body type, colours that compliment you, colours that go well together etc. Find some handy inspiration and get playing with what's in your closet...or on polyvore. 

Final note is, I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to gyaru. I've pieced together little bits and pieces but if I'm wrong someone can correct me. I do not consider the two (loli and gyaru) similar, I just love both and combing them like this expresses that. Inb4 'omigawd lolitas are ruining the gyaru fashion, that's not even close to gyaru'. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tokyo fashion Tuesday .o1

So Welcome to Tokyo Fashion Tuesday, hopefully the first of many! This week's inspiration is...

Now let's throw up some lovely examples...

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
Ok so saying 'use colour in lolita' isn't a GREAT and ORIGINAL statement, I mean just check out AP. What I'm getting at is using colour sparingly to create a statement. All the girls have taken an otherwise everyday outfit and added a splash of colour to create a cute, memorable look, my favourite being the white hoodie/rainbow combo <3 There's even an addition of indigo for our gothier cousins, electric blue could also work for mana fans but it'd be a bit steryotypical wouldn't it?

How to do it
Incorporating this into lolita isn't hard, but it's not something done often. A few brands have attempted it with once pieces, such as the marine with red and white combo, but not in the same way as pictured above. Honestly it's mostly just about choosing your base colour, complimenting colour and going from there with the accessories. One should be careful not to over do it though or you'll end up with decora loli. I think the additon of cute glasses such as in the second example would look adorable as well! Remember your makeup is just as much an accessory as your jewlerry and handbag too, rainbow eyes and lime lips might just be what you need to pull everything together ;D Generally try for a colour A, colour b, colour a, colour b type of combination with accents of colour c over both in the form of rings, socks, belts, bows, wristcuffs etc.

How not to do it
The latter two girls are better examples of how this style can go wrong. The first has made a good start but if you tried imitating this look into your lolita it'd look a smidge off balance. There's a lot of colour down the bottom because of the skirt and tights and then a lot of colour in her hair/from her makeup. This leave a large white bulk on her torso Her shirt under the jacket looks pinkish but white tights would have created a balance between legs and chest.

The second girl, while looking stunning, went for the wow factor in her headwear. Unfortunately it matches nothing else. Amateur tip; no matter how pretty it is and how much you like it if it doesn't match anything else in the outfit it probably shouldn't be there. If you wanted to do that you can build up colour and bulk to lead up to a show stopping hat, plain white dress with rainbow swim cap is not 'a cute memorable outfit' it's just memorable.

Please note, I'm not saying these girls look horrible or anything, in fact both look horrible cute in their own ways, just that for this theme they serve as good ideas of how this expiriment can go lopsided.

Yes I named the look I came up with. Haha. I'm really taken with the white x rainbow combo and I'd love to see it done with a shiro lolita outfit, in my mind there's also a white wig. I went for a more pastel rainbow because super bright rainbows are a little harder to pull together in a sweet way, bright rainbows are just edgy and cool haha!

There's two ideas for hair accessories, more than three of any item is overkill here. Couldn't find any, but a rainbow plastic star chain around the waist would bring some more colour to the center of the dress, or a sash/belt can do the same job. I didn't include a brightly coloured bag either but holding a purse with a similar scheme gives your hands soemthing to bring the colour down too! The fun thing with this idea is that it's easy to mix and match with other colours so you're not just stuck to the one look. This dress could be fitted with red accessories and look glamorous or green to look fresh and spring-like. There's also things like boleros or wigs to add a little extra colour to what you're wearing. Don't forget them kooky-cute glasses either!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Spotlight! Unico in Bloomland

So F*ck yeah lolita did this as well but I really don't care as I only just got told after I posted this...

Why love it?
Unico in Bloomland is probably the definition of what I think sweet lolita is at the moment. It's pink, it has unicorns, it has pearls, it has ruffles and ribbons and bows. It has roses and crowns and fountains and swirly text borders. Every fibre of my being is screaming LOVE THIS DRESS. It's like lolita my little pony, what isn't to love? The designs for both jsk are dreamy and unique, plus it will match all that unicorn themed jewlery you've been wanting to buy since you were six and not many other prints do that. Light colours could be used to create an almost hime lolita look, as seen in their advertising.

Why hate it?
Ok this print does look like it belongs on a nursery wall. This is the ultimate girly print so expect comments on that. My friends always describe my lolita dress as 'frilly unicorn princess sparkle magic fashion' and actually having pink unicorns on my dress won't help matters. The colour palette is...iffy. creamy white with baby pink, pale fuschia pink with baby pink, lighter violet and navy or black with magenta. It could be better and AP fans may find it hard to match the dusty pastel scheme with their wardrobe. The set itself has nothing lacking, although I'd like to see some matching coloured rings or necklaces and I think the bow would have been better on a smaller scale, we're already wearing unicorns so a less childish headpiece would have been a wiser choice. The blouse is generic but props for no peter pan collar. It's also a very large and distracting print over the skirt unlike most border prints.

Ok, getting more in depth. Unicorns are sadly a none too popular print in lolita so I love that baby did this. The jsk designs are both amazing. While both are essentially plain the addition of the waist bows breaks up the eveness, creating a waistline. The addition of the scalloping and chest bow in the second example balances out the busy feeling of the print below. Keeping up this idea the first one is  my favourite, a rose brooch with pearls keeps the balance but minus the scalloped edge it has a more mature feel, if you can achive that in a unicorn print dress haha! You can also swap in the brooch and pearls for whatever you want which I think trumps the previous one. You can swap out a bow with another bow but if it's a smaller brooch the whole thing can be thrown off. Swap a brooch with...a broch and well, same thing isn't it? I might suggest a bustier lolita go for the brooch option while a less endowed maiden might steer towards the bow just becase that's how fashion supposedly works when dressing for a body type.

Final thoughts
While an adorable print lolitas who are uncomfortable in baby prints will undoubtedly steer clear. If you dislikes dollhouse, toy anything and other hot pastel messes unico in bloomland is not for you. The design should flatter most lolita shapes. Essentially I'll be waiting for reviews and pics before making up my mind but while I'll always admire the beautiful work put in, a childish print like that has no place in my wardrobe.

Blog weekly calendar

So to attempt to make this blog a little more interesting I'll be attempting to set up a mini calendar thing to make sure there's an annual post per week. Secondly I'll be trying more...lolita related challenges in my everyday life, fitting the loli in with the everday, gosh this might be hard!

I'd like to start with the reason I haven't updated much though. Blogs are...a lot of things and I wanted to stay away from posting things all about what *I* think is right, wrong, etc. etc. What I think you should do is, what I suggest is etc. etc. I wanted a general idea that everyone could relate to as a lot of blogs I find hard to digest, mostly because all I think is 'who are you? Why should I listen to you? Why does your opinion matter? And most of the time the answer is 'they're e-famous' or popular opinion is they're 'doing it right' which...seem like lousy reasons. As such I figured without these things it would be stupid for me to dictate to others how to do their own fashion. I'm not a perfect lolita, or outlandishly good looking with promise, nor am I awesome at cratfs etc. why would anyone care? Then I started reading other lolits blogs, but from people like me. Not e-famous and crazy with followers after five+ years of blogging (though they have their good points too; experiance and all!). Just newbies giving it a go and saying 'I this' and 'I that' and I got a lot of different opinions to help base my own. So I figured, maybe those are the reasons why we just talk about ourselves in blogs. Not because we dictate, but so when someone says 'why did they do this'? or 'would it be ok if I did...' they can look at other lolitas and understand where they're coming from and investigate with a semi-informed mind. So it's ok to be 'I,I,I, me, me, me' in a blog I suppose, just as long as it's not a constant reminder that everything you say should be taken like scripture.

Anyways, starting today, here are a couple of weekly items I'll be featuring in my blog!

Tokyo Fashion Tuesday: Every tuesday I'll be going through Tokyo Fashion and picking 3-5 pictures to highlight a trend, use of colour or unusual fashion quirk and try to apply it to the lolita fashion. Of course Tokyo fashion isn't all lolita so keep an eye out for cool mori, VK, fairy kei and other substyle elements used as inspiration.

Sunday Spotlight: Every sunday, yes there will be a post after this, will spotlight one thing or another. This could be a user, a blog, a dress design, a print, a book, a shop or even a craft/recipe, just know that it will be aimed towards you lolitas!

Bi-weekly Brand Breakdown: Yes everyday has alliteration damn it! D< Every two to three weeks I'll be looking over any new dresses brands have come out with. I've missed the wave of summer fashion, fantasia was amazing and toy fantasy was hit and miss imho, but no longer!

Anyways that's what I have so far! I'm hoping to add some tutorials and fun rants suggestions to add to the mix so here's hoping for activity!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Turns out I missed it, haha, so for everyone who got in on it happy June loli day. I worked all day and then derped around at home fixing my wigs. o.o I did go out today though! ^^ I didn't get any pictures as well...I'm not very photogenic. Wore my meta Blooming Garden jsk and ran into a few other lolis at at city rummage sale, it was my sister's first time in lolita too, fun times!

On the note of happy, lovely polite lolitas I'd like to ask a question.

Why all the bodyline hate?

I know it's not 'real' brand and Mr. Yan is a creeper. I know in the past, I haven't heard of any recently, there were quality issues and of course the whole shop has an adult store vibe to it, but isn't it getting old now? They've come out with some ok prints recently and their clothing is also getting better. I think every lolita must have at least one bodyline item, be it socks, maybe a skirt or dress, a headband or a bag you can actually fit your phone and wallet and makeup into. So, why is everyone still acting ashamed when we're caught out with the bodyline merchandise?

I've met a lot of lolitas and they always look stunning but the thing that gets me is the ones who, on getting a compliment about the outfit, shyly turn away and say 'oh it's just bodyline.' So? You look fabulous, it looks good, why do you need to elaborate that 'it's just bodyline'? Am I meant to suddenly realise you're not in fact wearing the next big brand print? Are you saying you don't look good because 'it's just bodyline'? Is 'it's bodyline' some kind of excuse for looking bad in your loli? Actually, if you need to blame your clothing for your lack of fashion coordination maybe lolita isn't the place for you. xD It confuses me so @_@

 Isn't it kind of like getting a compliment on say...a meal and then saying 'oh it's just *insert generic second rate food brand*' Is it a kind of ego trip I'm missing that hints 'yeah, I'm in bodyline and I still look this good'? does it relate? I don't know, it kinda reminds me of when you're grooving to a song and someone asks what it is and you have to downplay your asnwer super casual like because it was the Disney soundtrack, powerpuff girl's theme song, My little pony sing-a-long, sailormoon ost, justin beiber, paris hilton, jonas brother, hannah montanna, etc. etc. insert all those songs nobody likes but has a really catchy tune. =P

People just need to chill. Bodlyine =/= ita anymore so just accept it's part of your outfit. We all buy into the expense and we all, hopefully, know that we can't always JUST buy the $200 blouse to match a $150 bolero. But we still need a blouse and a bolero to keep our shoulders warm and it still needs to match the dress. Bodyline is meant to fill that gap, don't shy away because it's not head to toe 'burando'.

Point being, if you look good don't worry what brand you're wearing and accept the compliment, because if they judge you on a brand name they're not worth your time. Also don't blame the clothing for bad fashion skills. xD

I think this dress is just adorable in pink btw T__T I wanna go on a BL spree

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Celine Taobao Review

So a while back some of you may recall I promised a dear celine taobao review! Well here it is, the parcel arrived friday last week but i was busy over the weekend so here goes!
To give you a brief timeline

* I palced the order with TaobaoSpree on 28th March
* It was confirmed, paid for and placed by April 1st
* I was told it would be a month making time plus shipping time
* I emailed TaobaoSpree April 28th to ask how my order was and told it was not yet finished in making time but would be soon and they'd hurry up the process.
* May 2nd I was told it was ready for shipping however I did not pay until May 5th and was told it would ship that day and was given a tracking number.
*They did not ship until May 6th haha, bit of confusion with this as my agent had said it was sent but the post said it had been sent a day later so I was confused about what do it would arrive.
* May 13th Package arrived safe and sound.

TaobaoSpree were a wonder to be involved with and I plan to place a second order with them soon! 5/5 in all departments, onto the items I purchased!

I also got a set of bloomers but I can't find them on the site at the moment to link to or get stock images from. All colours are exact match to dear celine's pictures and any discolouration is due to my part. There were a few loose threads around all the buttons but I removed them on locating each thread. Handy scissors are handy. All garments were ordered in standard small size and required ironing after unpackaging. No spare buttons were included for any item. As I understand all garments are supposedly machine washable on a delicate or handwash cylce, WIN!

lace detailbrooch detail
The first dress was a more classic cut/style to what I'm used to but it was so gorgeous I just had to try it out. There's no shirring in the back but it fits like a glove, the entire garment is lined and all the bows are detachable with a good quality lace used. The brooche's ribbon doesn't hang as low as the advertised one but yo win some, you lose some. I'm wearing one petti here but it has room for two, wouldn't suggest it though. The dress is more peach coloured but on adding the darker hued embellishments it does become the muted pink advertised, tricky colour theory stuff! The back has corset lacing to make up for a lack of waist ties.
I was really worried after ordering it because a day later I saw a post asking what this could be coordinated with as it's such a dark pink. Immediantly I fretted my moniter settings were off and that it wouldn't look good blah blah blah.  It's the same pink as any recent AP colourway and I love it too pieces. I was saying I wanted something in a gingham print and this showed up, super happy! The squares on the pink one aren't as large as the ones on the lavendar but I'm ok with this. All the bows are detachable and the string of pearls detaches from the ribbon, lots of accessorising potential. Needs two pettis underneath to get a good shape though. Back shirring and corset lacing up the back make it a perfect fit, very comfortable to flounce around in, fully lined.

Long pink shirt, light material, suggest for summer climates. Very roomy, somewhat deflated wristlace, overall a nice fit. The only problem I had with this garment was that after 12hours wear the lace on the cuffs started to make my wrists itch. I'm not sure if it was the lace or maybe a bug bite but I'll edit later to let you know. No shirring but laces up in the back, could use an extra button down the bottom but that's a personal prefrence. All the materials felt fine and soft to the touch, I had no reason to suspect it would itch in the first place, which is why I suspect an insect bite.

shirt (unworn)details

Derp face is blurry so star! This shirt si so ruffly! I wish I'd gotten some picture of the back because it has these amazing ruffles beneath the lacing. It feels very soft and delacite. It is a little transparent, oh my! Wasn't expecting that, see I'd wear it under a dress or, if alone with a skirt, a singlet beneath. The bowtie can be taken out and is made of the same material as the rest of the shirt. It was the softest and probably least well insulated of the blouses I recieved, lots of airflow for summer days.

This shirt is NOT see through, solid, opaque material. My only mistake was thinking the lace along the top and the bow were a similar shade to the buttons. While the buttons are more angelic pretty pink the bow and collar lace is more pastel baby the stars shine bright reminiscent. Soft lace, the bow can be removed and pinned elsewhere. Aside from that there's not much to say on the shirt. construction is well made and sturdy, t could double as a summer only blouse as well as one of those warmer winter days as it's a sturdier material than either of the prior shirts.

 Floomers! Finally got me a pair. Shockinly thick, they're lined and made ot of...polarfleece? Something really wooly and warm and heat storing! Good fit, the elastic feels thin though so I won't put money on long lasting wear and use without some possible fixer ups. Not sure if I could handle wearing them in the warmer months and would prefer something with less poof, they're pretty fluffy....

Anyways! that's the end of the review, it was a good haul and overall Dear Celine get a 5/5 in quality; both materials and workmanship. As I said up front, there were a few loose threads but as I was sewing at the time of package arrival I just snipped them off and it was perfect. The buttons on everything were sewn on really well compared to a few other outfits I've recieved which surprised me. I highly suggest both Dear Celine and TaobaoSpree if you're shopping for a quality, stunning but more affordable lolita closet!

All items were packed together but wrapped in individual plastic bags.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Image by Lolita-Shards

Today I went out in lolita, just for kicks, however unlike every other time I have I went out alone, solo, by myself, without the intent of meeting or hanging out with anyone else. This might not be such a big deal but as a novice lolita I thought it worth a mention. It didn't take a lot of confidence or boosting myself up, I just looked at my wardrobe and thought 'today I want to be lolita in the same way sometimes I think 'today is a goth day' or 'today I will appear to be a serious student.' I'm really not the most confident girl in the world so doing so was a bit surprising for me, I've only ever worn lolita to meetups or when I know I will be hanging out with friends who already get that I'm into the fashion.

I guess what held me back was the fearof judgement, a topic we actually debated in class believe it on not the friday past. People ask a lot how you're treated when all trussed up and granted, I've only gotten mostly positive reviews from outsiders, it seemed like a whole new ball game going alone.

Anyways it turned out that there was a cosplay meet going on today, By the way how are cosplayers everywhere else? They're a pretty obnoxious bunch here o.o I mean at one point that had a giant crowd surrounding a huge group who were just posing and goofing off while I slinked around the edges trying not to get confused as 'part of the costume group' Haha, although people told me I was in costume anyways. I really can't be bothered to correct people when they say i'm in costume, it probably looks that way to them and it takes too long to explain to a stranger who doesn't really care.

A few ke$ha wannabes told me i 'had a nice outfit' in snarky tones, a guy called me a princess and offered me a free ride in the rickshaw across the centre of town, some drunk girls called me adorable, a lot of kids stared and another girl asked if she could touch my dress. There were a few snickers and one guy said 'yeah i was going to wear that too' which made me laugh. There really is a lot of varied reactions to the fashion and i found out alone or in a group or really don't care! As a shy person this was actually a pretty big step so, to all the other lone lolitas out there in tiny towns or huge cities; JUST TRY IT! Even if it's just walking to the corner shop or grabbing some textbooks from a local library. It does in fact build confidence.

The only problem I had was well...I tend to stare out the ground. However I do this in normal outfits and not just over the top outlandish clothing so it's more a personal failing than a 'i'm in lolita. nobody look a me!' mentality.

Doing it has really inspired me to try and do a 7day lolita challenge, it'd be a good chance to try out all possible looks as well as have some fun dressing up for week! That does remind me though....When dressing lolita regulalry do you guys and girls always go all out? I mean, primped and curled hair from 2 hours work, eyelashes, lenses and deco nails ( if practical )? I was thinking of doing it today but I just ended up working out a coord with my glasses instead of conacts and falsies, it just seemd a waste when i was going out alone for only 3 hours. often should I update this blog? At the moment I have several articles I could write but I'm unsure if it should be a weekly thing or if I should try doing one a day.Opinions?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wardrobe building 101

Whatever your fashion, personality or view of showing yours off to the world in the end your wardrobe is the first, and sometimes the only, Lolita thing you'll see during your day. There's been an abundance of posts about wardrobes before, especially since only a few months ago EGL had an actual wardrobe theme. It's a good topic, a chance to brag and a chance to fully realise how much time, effort and money goes into this fashion. Sometimes I sit there in awe over all the brand you can find in a single closet, other times I fume that anyone could actually afford to have all that brand in one closet!

The point is, as a newbie Lolita you have to ask yourself the question. Where do I start and how could I ever amass that much?

This guide assumes you've at least got a grasp on lolita, otherwise how did you find yourself here? I'm not going to tell you THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT with an iron fist, lolita is however you want it to be be think of this as a vague 'you are here' on the map to the road to 'that dream wardrobe' you've been dreaming of.

Right currently, including items that are mid transit as we speak I have...

3 OPs, 4 JSKs, 3 blouses, 1x bloomers, shoes, petticoat, bonnet,skirt and wrist cuffs, 4 pairs of socks, 2 headbows, 2 bags, four wigs and a small handful of accessories like brooches and such. I think that's everything. Essentially that's a pretty small wardrobe in comparison to some, but also a large one compared to others, I'll let you judge! Obviously that doesn't spring up over night and I don't get thousands of dollars to spend in a single sitting so how does it all get there?

Let's start at the very beginning...

The first advice I'll give to a newbie lolita is buy a brand OP first. That sounds bad at first, but honestly just do it. Then you can 1. fawn over it 2. have at least one brand item and 3. Will get what people mean when they say 'brand quality'. It also means when you go to your first meet, and you're going to worry if you're gonna be the ita in bodyline, you won't feel as out of place. True fact bro. I don't suggest getting that dream $400 dress or the latest $300 print right off the bat but go looking! The sales comm has some lovely dresses you can find under $200 AND there's always yahoo japan or japonica market where you can find awesome deals. Just keep in mind to ask for shipping first because that can bring what appears to be a $150 dress to $200 dress including shipping. You can also always of course choose to do a layaway payment with a seller if you can find one. Now also, because you haven't bought a jsk, you can get away without wearing a blouse underneath.

So you've got the dress awesome, just nothing to wear it with. Yes you will have to resist the temptation to just go bodyline it up or run to the nearest department store but as a western lolita waiting is a big part of the fashion, it is indeed a virtue you should adopt.

Invest in a good Petti. i can't stress this enough, of course if you prefer a look without the petti, but yeah...I like cupcake poof. If you're unsure about a petticoat's endurance use the SEARCH function or just take my advice and BUY A DEAR CELINE FLUFFY PETTICOAT. Haha total plug but I love my petticoat from them. It comes in 4 different colors and NEVER dies. I'm buying a 2nd pink one though because i'm just one of those super fluffy people, one is honestly good enough and for $50 you can't go wrong.

These items pretty much make up the majority of you lolita outfit. Wow yep, two items.

Shoes and socks are the next big thing. Now socks, socks are cheap and easy, nobody looks down on a Secretshop shoe and sock replica match and both, including shipping won't break the bank.

Finally, and now we're getting into the truly offbrand, a nice pair of lace gloves, or you can get a loving relative to make you some wristcuffs, you've got some lolita hand wear. Roses are a staple no matter what substyle of lolita you're in so go invest the $30 you'd otherwise spend on headbows into some clips, pins and brooches you can display in your hair ( which is what I did for the lolita meet haha! ). Most towns have a place you can buy cheap hair accessories in a rainbow of colours so you can mix and match to compliment a print or makeup for a gorgeous look.

Wigs and bags are the only other optional thing you might wonder about. While it might be nice to have a brand bag they are...not practical. If you're planning a big day out invest in a pink or black bag/tote with some loli-esque details such as a bow or frill, you'd be surprised what some good bag shops will selll; especially what's on sale from the previous season. They also usually have them organised by colour so it's even easier!

Wigs...wigs, and I will be honest with you, all my wigs, apart from that one GLW and fantasy sheep wig, have come from ebay and all were under $50 including postage. I can honestly say they are all of a good quality and were exactly what I was looking for. The only downside was shipping times but hey, if you're lazy like me and dislikes hours of hair styling just buy one for $15, I'll be doing a post on ebay wig shopping soon so that will give you a better understanding hopefully.

And that concludes your first lolita outfit! Essentially it could all be bought in a single birthday haul, you may find you already own a few of these items, or maybe 1-2months saving for that op depending on your funds. I understand as a student it's also much harder but as I only got into lolita after a job at 15 I'm afraid I can't help much there!

but wait you say, this post says WARDROBE building! and so it does! That was just an idea of where to start now onto building the wardrobe~ Yes it's a very long post!


Now that you have an outfit it's a case of buying the smaller things first, but being carefll to make sure that they can match others. At first, try not to buy things that match only the main colour ( unless your next few purchases will be in a similar hue like mine were haha! ) Match a lavender print with a lavender hairbow or necklace, now when you buy an actual lavender jsk you can have something for both outfits. Start with getting small things, a new pair of shoes that differ to the feel of your other pair, say...elegant heels instead of platforms or teaparties.

Keep your eye out for cheap things in shops that could be loliable accessories ( a shop near me sold candy hairclips that were supercute all in awesome colours for $2 a pack! ) suddenly you'll have a large loli accessory collection! Start now by looking at Taoboa for jsk, op and all those other good things. While not 'precious burando' they plump up your wardrobe and give you good alternatives, not to mention you can feel free to wear these pieces out and about without thinking 'omigawd don't ruin the $300 dress!' which means you'll want to wear them out more and build up your confidence!

Set yourself little lolita purchase goals. Depending on your budget of course, a whole new outfit a month might seem outrageous but a new pair of socks for $10? A cheap brand blouse for $60? They add up and if you go little by little you'll suddenly find you have a lot.

So, when does the dream dress come in? Honestly this is a guideline, don't just buy taoboa or bodyline until you think 'now I have enough for my wardrobe to look awesome' if you want to save for the newest print instead of three bodyline jsk or offbrand blouses please do! You'll feel as pretty as ever and have something you love, you might get new years money, christmas money, graduation gifts etc. and these are all good times to think 'hey I might just get the next Moite release'

I hope this post may have helped someone a little! In the end most wardrobe building comes down to funds and time. It's taken me almost a year to amass what I have and for others, they seem to have whizzed through most of their chosen brand's selection in that same time! It's about budgeting and deciding what it is you really need Vs. What you want. Yes that dress is ONLY $150 but your last dress purchase of $200 still hasn't been worn because guess what, you've nothing to match it! Having a bunch of jsk and only jsk looks nice, but if you go out in it with nothing to match you still won't look your best. I'd rather see a beautiful bodyline lolita with thought and effort put into her coordinate than a girl wearing her knee high gym socks and 'sunday best shoes', in an off shade that only kinda matches, hoping that a brand dress alone can make her look beautiful.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Very April transformation!

I'm too shy to post this to egl, there's just a much bigger crowed than the 50 or so people who watch me! I'll try and hold back my internal negative comments, so here's April's April transformation theme!

Yerg, dig my creepy grins!
Oh god nooo! No makeup, my hair was brushed and face cleaned etc.

Tools of the trade to try and beautify that mug o' mine. Greenstick, concealer, foundation, eyeliner, gloss ( which I forgot anyways! ) and eyeshadows with a few falsies and lipstick shades.

Foundation layer, no glasses!!

Makeup of fail camera pickup apparently.

and the reveal!

Wigs and outfits yay! Went for a casual look as I went out to lunch in this. Please be honest, does blonde work on me? I like it but at the same time I worry that I just look horribly horribly fake in a tacky blonde party wig kind of way.

Anyways let's end this post with LOLITA JUST DANCE!
This was at the meetup on april 10th, aren't they just the best? 

 also caught up with a loli I met at nova.
Image by Faith Thiang