Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lolita lost in Gal

So, having been a bit on the no go for lolita for the moment ( paying off some BJD stuff, yikes! ) I decided to flit through my wardrobe and have a go trying my hand at gal, specifically hime gal. Here's a little post about my findings.

I've always been interested in gal, in my mind lolita and hime gyaru are like a younger and older sister. This does not mean that we grow out of one into another, just that some like the big skirts while others like big hair. I'll throw up a few photos to er....illustrate my progress. Also the first pictures of me, eep!

First attempt, I think my wig got a little frizzed out by the heat >< I'm not sure, means I need to brush it again I suppose. Honestly I really did like the way it looked. Feminine, more toned down than lolita, but still eye catching and something different. Definitly a look I'll be trying again! However It was very exposing after all the blouses, bloomers, petticoats, socks and gloves of lolita and I felt very....Well I kept asking myself if this belonged on a catwalk or a streetcorner.

A lot of times gal seems to walk hand in hand with that line, I suppose the same way avante garde toes the line of fashion and sheer madness. But that's what it's about right? Expirimenting and finding what best suits you.

In all honesty, despite the modesty issues, I would actually feel more comfortable wearing this out than lolita. Other than the wig it really is just an everyday western outfit. I guess that's why I find lolita more expressive and lean towards its flouncy skirts and decadent fantastical inspiration. It expresses that girlish and imaginative creativity that is so often unheard of in today's world, or if it is a flock of critics jump on board and tell us all how anti-feminist it is.

As a side note, I worked more on my cross stitch as well today, exnay on the other craft projects as my sewing machine has thrown a fit!  D;

I feel this wasn't a very informative post so next time I hope I can do something a little more impressive. Have you other lolits tried other well known fashions? Either western or eastern. What were your findings on it? Easier to wear, more accepted, expressed another side of you etc. I'd like to keep trying new fashions so please mention anything at all!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

OTT Sweet, a newbie's p.o.v

I first got into lolita when the OTT sweet craze took over. Keep in mind that I'd had seen lolita before but OTT lolita is what made me WANT it, Need it. It's a phase for some at the moment but sweet girls covered in pony princess print is the only lolita I ever want to be. However my goal is not to be an angelic pretty clone, not that I'd mind, but adapt it to suit my own taste in the same manner of many of the street shoots of GLB fame. As such there's a few items in the current fashion I think need some toning down or up and will be my own 'personal staples' while playing within the fashion. I'm listing a few of my ideas and i hope you can find some inspiration in them!

Fake nails
Don't get me wrong, I'd wear them in a heartbeat if they were more practical! Most nails I see in the OTT style are heavily deced out to the point of intruding on daily activites. Fashion is great but if I can't drink a can of softdrink or use cutlery well....that's entering impractical. As such I prefer a cheaper alternative. Most local cosmetics shops will sell cheap stick on nails that will last a day or two in sets of 20 for about $12. Those close to me are available in a french tip or floral swirl design. They can be filed, painted, played with, decorated and are super easy to remove! It means I don't have to worry about chipping, losing them or shipping time. Better yet they don't weigh a tonne or get in the way of my everday activites.

Teaparty shoes
...Are the bane of my existance. At a mere 154cm I like a bit of height to my strut, I even wear heels at work! Naturally when I want to look my prettiest I like it best when I'm teetering on 5inch platform heels. The lack of anything near this height always makes me a little sad and I want to try and incorporate more vertically inclined shoes to my lolita. demonia/bordello/Pleaser shoes have a half decent range, a few are even used in the GLB! I find most cute heeled lolita shoes are generally offrand and are found rarely. Mostly this is because cute heels in pink are peep toed and I'd never mix socks and sandals!

Cupcake rings
[picture coming]
I was always a fan of the cupcake ring, until I bought one! I find them cute, adorable and fashionable but gosh darn it! Unless sitting next to more OTT rings of a similar height they can look very out of place. The weight is a really weird distribution on the finger. This might be because I'm cursed with tiny fingers though. I know it's not really a 'problem' per say but I do wish there had been someone to mention this when I first decided I was going to order a few. My suggestion to lolitas with smaller fingers is to choose one larger eyecatching ring which is no more than maybe 1.5cm high, you can of course find cupcake rings to this height so don't despair! Accessorise with smaller rings rather than try and pull off trying to work with muliple mini towers on your hands. I admit, I actually ended up taking mine off because it was just too cumbersome.

Prints and Variety

Haha, a sweet lolita not in love with all AP's prints? Honestly they have some real winners but I love their solid colours just as much! Unfortunately non-prints aren't really BIG in the west. I'd love to change this image of OTT needing pastel candy hearts all over their dresses. does anyone else think OTT sweet should have more to it than just that! It's one of my goals to try OTT shirololi. White wig, white shoes, white bonnet, white dress that has more bows and ruffles than ever before white ribbons all over the wig...I think colour like pinkxmint, lavendar cords and yellowxpink done in the OTT is sorely under done and needs more love! more on the note of variety, I've seen come really lovely things done with white FISHNETS. Yeah, an angelic pretty dress looking every inch the princess in fishnets. Unfortunately I also know the lolita community has a rather stern idea of fishnets in loli and it mainly goes along the lines of fishnets = Ero. Still, it just takes 1 good example to start a trend.

There was a secret posted on lolita secrets about this exact kind of thing.

If classic/oldschool is making a return maybe the sweet lolitas can do more of this too!? It would make me so happy....
Well that's my share done. If you'd like to ask me anything more about it or feel like you can add advice to the topic feel free to let me know as I'm interested in every opinion and would take it all on board!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lolita Blogging

So, originally this post was going a be me poking a stick at various sweet lolita item staples, such as teaparty shoes and cupcake rings, and giving suggestions as to how best put a new spin on the classics. But I found myself writing and thinking 'why?' Why will people take this advice? Hasn't this idea been done a thousand times before by people with more information? Essentially it actually turned into a very boring and forgettable entry. So I rethought it and while trying to decide what to write about I came across a brick wall.

What hasn't been done?

Don't get me wrong, I don't write to be read, I write to keep my ideas jotted down somewhere, and if anyone learns something along the way all power to them! However I do want to write something unique and different. I browsed a few blogs to see what the public sphere is buzzing with but honestly, and forgive me for saying so, but it all seems very...the same. With the new year around everybody did resolutions, everybody is doing the old Vs sweet lolita thing because that's the egl theme. When a new print is out everybody is reviewing it. I've seen anumber of people crossing their fingers and hoping classic lolita will rise with a mori/Dolly kei influence . Everyone has done the replica debate, the 'act like a princess' speech and the 'be yourself spiel'. It's like an after school special, lolita style!

I don't really understand why. I understand wanting your opinion out there but if you have a ring of popular blogs why are we all on the same topic? As a writer I couldn't image going on and on about a topic five other blogs have already discussed and still expect readers to be wanting more. I don't need to hear why one girl likes the print and another doesn't. As a reader I'd get bored and simply seeing the same title, picture, rant for the third time in a row would have my eyes rolling like a boulder in an Indianna Jones movie. Truth be told that's probably why I don't follow the well known blogs like f*yeah lolita or lolita charm. PLUG FOR THEM.

I don't know, maybe people just see these great lolita blogs so they think 'oh this is what people like and want in a lolita blog. This is what it's meant to be ' so they add their follow on in a trend like fashion. Of course my first post included resolutions and the second was a craft post, this is not cutting edge lolita journalism.

There's a few other blog habits I've found that bug me. Daily updates for one. Maybe I'm just too slow for everyone else but your every changing daily lolita thought isn't my first port of call when I log on, and I don't think anyone's opinion important enough to warrant DAILY updates unless you're running anything larger than a neighbourhood. Isn't that what facebook and twitter are for? Start up a lolita related account and let people subscribe there for your 24hour opinion. Hmm I think that got a little snarky.

I'm going to rewrite the prior entry that was going to be here, only I want to insert a little more wiggle room. I don't want to be writing where I want lolita to go or how I'd like to see others change. They're actually more things that I'd like to incorporate into my own wardrobe, but should others like it they can take it with a grain of salt and choose to take on board whatever they may.

I'd love to hear more opinions about this! If you blog, what makes you unique? If you subscribe to every blog available why? What do you like in a blog? What do you hate? Do you find blogs repetitive? Do you find every article to be fabulous and original even if it has similar content?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Crafty

Queensland is suffering some weather issues at the moment and my heart goes out to anyone suffering because of it. I'm safe and sound so while the grey days continue I've been working more and more on home projects to while the time away productivly. I figured I'd post up any progress I make.

The big task I've set myself is altering a bolero into something more loliable.

It was $6 from SES and is sax blue. The ruffles, puff sleeves, pearls and rose made me think this was something I could work with. I've got the bodlyline sax ice cream print skirt lined up to match it and am looking for a pink long sleeve blouse to match. ANYWAYS. I'll be lobbing off the stretchy lined fabric along the sleeves to make it shorter and gathering it more to make the arms puffier. Also shortening it so it sits just under my bust instead of awkwardly at my waist. Adding some lace to the sleeves and along the neckline then finally I'll be making a brooch to attach across the chest with a string of pearls and a bow. Should be...interesting.

EDIT: Spent today doing the above. The bolero lost the stretch fabric, I think I want the sleeves short as it has a boxy feel not flattering to my shoulders. I also started the brooch! Just ribbon, pearls and some smaller beads for in between the pearls. I'm thinking I'll add a rose on the other side instead of another bow and I'll attach a pin back later.


Some minor projects I'm embarking on include finishing a cupcake themed cross stitch, it's been siting there for a year now, and making more plushies. I've made a few before but I'd like to do something complex, unfortunately I'm out of stuffing so the latter has to wait. I know neither of these are really the usual lolita crafts I see such as decoden, nail art or jewellery making but they're what I can do and I enjoy them.

There's also going to be some, hopefully unburnt, attempts at baking a range of goods, all documented for your amusement and my future refrence. Wish me luck, offer a beginner any advice?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Princess Parody Welcome

Well you've made it this far so let's hope I can keep you interested. My name is April and I live in not so sunny Queensland, Australia. I've been into the lolita fashion since I was 15 but only recently, see 18 *cough* started purchasing and taking it as an actual serious hobby. I prefer OTT sweet or classical sweet looks.

I'm starting Princess Parody more as a personal lolita growth chart than for any real reason. I haven't been in the hobby long enough to be a veteran dishing out advice, nor do I pay enough attention to EVERY SINGLE BURANDO out there to give a dedicated review of each new piece but I'm hoping other fledgling lolis like myself will find this and be inspired to see it's ok to make mistakes, learn and grow with me. I've been meaning to do this for a while now but the final kicker was that it became a new years resolution, so jumping on a bandwagon here's a list of my own personal loli goals for the upcoming new year!

  • I will start a lolita blog CHECK!
  • I will not buy 'cheap brand' just because it is there and cheap. <---I'm a sucker for this
  • I will budget for my lolita rather than splurge in a single massive hit and suffer the repercussions
  • I will focus more on buying thing to create a co-ordinate, not buying a new OP/JSK with no matching  shoes, socks or headbows to speak of.
  • I will become more active in the Lolita community
  • I will however try and buy at least one lolita item a month such as socks, headbows, wigs or jewlery. This way my wardrobe grows without breaking the bank.
  • More DIY lolita

That should do to start with. As you can maybe tell, I'm an impulse buyer and this has to stop! I've made a great start already this year and haven't spent any christmas money on random lolita related purchases. I added in the last one as, while my outfit number has grown via JSK, OP and skirts, I've only 2 pairs of socks and 1 headbow to speak of! This does not a lolita make, so it's something I'd like to work on.

I hope you've enjoyed the first post! The theme resolutions has already been done to death by every other lolita blog, so I'd like to pose the question 'What is your lolita guilty indulgence?' to any readers who would like to add their 2 cents.