Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Crafty

Queensland is suffering some weather issues at the moment and my heart goes out to anyone suffering because of it. I'm safe and sound so while the grey days continue I've been working more and more on home projects to while the time away productivly. I figured I'd post up any progress I make.

The big task I've set myself is altering a bolero into something more loliable.

It was $6 from SES and is sax blue. The ruffles, puff sleeves, pearls and rose made me think this was something I could work with. I've got the bodlyline sax ice cream print skirt lined up to match it and am looking for a pink long sleeve blouse to match. ANYWAYS. I'll be lobbing off the stretchy lined fabric along the sleeves to make it shorter and gathering it more to make the arms puffier. Also shortening it so it sits just under my bust instead of awkwardly at my waist. Adding some lace to the sleeves and along the neckline then finally I'll be making a brooch to attach across the chest with a string of pearls and a bow. Should be...interesting.

EDIT: Spent today doing the above. The bolero lost the stretch fabric, I think I want the sleeves short as it has a boxy feel not flattering to my shoulders. I also started the brooch! Just ribbon, pearls and some smaller beads for in between the pearls. I'm thinking I'll add a rose on the other side instead of another bow and I'll attach a pin back later.


Some minor projects I'm embarking on include finishing a cupcake themed cross stitch, it's been siting there for a year now, and making more plushies. I've made a few before but I'd like to do something complex, unfortunately I'm out of stuffing so the latter has to wait. I know neither of these are really the usual lolita crafts I see such as decoden, nail art or jewellery making but they're what I can do and I enjoy them.

There's also going to be some, hopefully unburnt, attempts at baking a range of goods, all documented for your amusement and my future refrence. Wish me luck, offer a beginner any advice?

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