Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lolita Blogging

So, originally this post was going a be me poking a stick at various sweet lolita item staples, such as teaparty shoes and cupcake rings, and giving suggestions as to how best put a new spin on the classics. But I found myself writing and thinking 'why?' Why will people take this advice? Hasn't this idea been done a thousand times before by people with more information? Essentially it actually turned into a very boring and forgettable entry. So I rethought it and while trying to decide what to write about I came across a brick wall.

What hasn't been done?

Don't get me wrong, I don't write to be read, I write to keep my ideas jotted down somewhere, and if anyone learns something along the way all power to them! However I do want to write something unique and different. I browsed a few blogs to see what the public sphere is buzzing with but honestly, and forgive me for saying so, but it all seems very...the same. With the new year around everybody did resolutions, everybody is doing the old Vs sweet lolita thing because that's the egl theme. When a new print is out everybody is reviewing it. I've seen anumber of people crossing their fingers and hoping classic lolita will rise with a mori/Dolly kei influence . Everyone has done the replica debate, the 'act like a princess' speech and the 'be yourself spiel'. It's like an after school special, lolita style!

I don't really understand why. I understand wanting your opinion out there but if you have a ring of popular blogs why are we all on the same topic? As a writer I couldn't image going on and on about a topic five other blogs have already discussed and still expect readers to be wanting more. I don't need to hear why one girl likes the print and another doesn't. As a reader I'd get bored and simply seeing the same title, picture, rant for the third time in a row would have my eyes rolling like a boulder in an Indianna Jones movie. Truth be told that's probably why I don't follow the well known blogs like f*yeah lolita or lolita charm. PLUG FOR THEM.

I don't know, maybe people just see these great lolita blogs so they think 'oh this is what people like and want in a lolita blog. This is what it's meant to be ' so they add their follow on in a trend like fashion. Of course my first post included resolutions and the second was a craft post, this is not cutting edge lolita journalism.

There's a few other blog habits I've found that bug me. Daily updates for one. Maybe I'm just too slow for everyone else but your every changing daily lolita thought isn't my first port of call when I log on, and I don't think anyone's opinion important enough to warrant DAILY updates unless you're running anything larger than a neighbourhood. Isn't that what facebook and twitter are for? Start up a lolita related account and let people subscribe there for your 24hour opinion. Hmm I think that got a little snarky.

I'm going to rewrite the prior entry that was going to be here, only I want to insert a little more wiggle room. I don't want to be writing where I want lolita to go or how I'd like to see others change. They're actually more things that I'd like to incorporate into my own wardrobe, but should others like it they can take it with a grain of salt and choose to take on board whatever they may.

I'd love to hear more opinions about this! If you blog, what makes you unique? If you subscribe to every blog available why? What do you like in a blog? What do you hate? Do you find blogs repetitive? Do you find every article to be fabulous and original even if it has similar content?

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