Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lolita lost in Gal

So, having been a bit on the no go for lolita for the moment ( paying off some BJD stuff, yikes! ) I decided to flit through my wardrobe and have a go trying my hand at gal, specifically hime gal. Here's a little post about my findings.

I've always been interested in gal, in my mind lolita and hime gyaru are like a younger and older sister. This does not mean that we grow out of one into another, just that some like the big skirts while others like big hair. I'll throw up a few photos to er....illustrate my progress. Also the first pictures of me, eep!

First attempt, I think my wig got a little frizzed out by the heat >< I'm not sure, means I need to brush it again I suppose. Honestly I really did like the way it looked. Feminine, more toned down than lolita, but still eye catching and something different. Definitly a look I'll be trying again! However It was very exposing after all the blouses, bloomers, petticoats, socks and gloves of lolita and I felt very....Well I kept asking myself if this belonged on a catwalk or a streetcorner.

A lot of times gal seems to walk hand in hand with that line, I suppose the same way avante garde toes the line of fashion and sheer madness. But that's what it's about right? Expirimenting and finding what best suits you.

In all honesty, despite the modesty issues, I would actually feel more comfortable wearing this out than lolita. Other than the wig it really is just an everyday western outfit. I guess that's why I find lolita more expressive and lean towards its flouncy skirts and decadent fantastical inspiration. It expresses that girlish and imaginative creativity that is so often unheard of in today's world, or if it is a flock of critics jump on board and tell us all how anti-feminist it is.

As a side note, I worked more on my cross stitch as well today, exnay on the other craft projects as my sewing machine has thrown a fit!  D;

I feel this wasn't a very informative post so next time I hope I can do something a little more impressive. Have you other lolits tried other well known fashions? Either western or eastern. What were your findings on it? Easier to wear, more accepted, expressed another side of you etc. I'd like to keep trying new fashions so please mention anything at all!


  1. I know nothing about any gal styles (honestly I don't quite get the "rules" of it XD) so I can't really say if it's right or wrong, but it still looks good =D And you're really cute! XD The wig really suits you ^^ I'm pretty impressed by your embroidery too... Those cupcakes look so yummy TTwTT

    Myself I've only been into goth XD It went from no-style (seriously. No. Style. At. All *shudders*) -> goth -> lolita. XD I'm still goth when I'm not wearing lolita XD

  2. Thank you very much! Yes, I found after all the lolita rules that gal was very flexible. The makeup is actually a lot like the way I do my normale makeup anyways, though the lashes were a pain at first! Thank you, I've been cross stitching only a few months so I'm hoping it goes well!

    Hee, I think the transition between goth and lolita is always amazing. It's such a sombre look that afterwards when I see girls in the skirts and heels it's like woah!