Sunday, January 16, 2011

OTT Sweet, a newbie's p.o.v

I first got into lolita when the OTT sweet craze took over. Keep in mind that I'd had seen lolita before but OTT lolita is what made me WANT it, Need it. It's a phase for some at the moment but sweet girls covered in pony princess print is the only lolita I ever want to be. However my goal is not to be an angelic pretty clone, not that I'd mind, but adapt it to suit my own taste in the same manner of many of the street shoots of GLB fame. As such there's a few items in the current fashion I think need some toning down or up and will be my own 'personal staples' while playing within the fashion. I'm listing a few of my ideas and i hope you can find some inspiration in them!

Fake nails
Don't get me wrong, I'd wear them in a heartbeat if they were more practical! Most nails I see in the OTT style are heavily deced out to the point of intruding on daily activites. Fashion is great but if I can't drink a can of softdrink or use cutlery well....that's entering impractical. As such I prefer a cheaper alternative. Most local cosmetics shops will sell cheap stick on nails that will last a day or two in sets of 20 for about $12. Those close to me are available in a french tip or floral swirl design. They can be filed, painted, played with, decorated and are super easy to remove! It means I don't have to worry about chipping, losing them or shipping time. Better yet they don't weigh a tonne or get in the way of my everday activites.

Teaparty shoes
...Are the bane of my existance. At a mere 154cm I like a bit of height to my strut, I even wear heels at work! Naturally when I want to look my prettiest I like it best when I'm teetering on 5inch platform heels. The lack of anything near this height always makes me a little sad and I want to try and incorporate more vertically inclined shoes to my lolita. demonia/bordello/Pleaser shoes have a half decent range, a few are even used in the GLB! I find most cute heeled lolita shoes are generally offrand and are found rarely. Mostly this is because cute heels in pink are peep toed and I'd never mix socks and sandals!

Cupcake rings
[picture coming]
I was always a fan of the cupcake ring, until I bought one! I find them cute, adorable and fashionable but gosh darn it! Unless sitting next to more OTT rings of a similar height they can look very out of place. The weight is a really weird distribution on the finger. This might be because I'm cursed with tiny fingers though. I know it's not really a 'problem' per say but I do wish there had been someone to mention this when I first decided I was going to order a few. My suggestion to lolitas with smaller fingers is to choose one larger eyecatching ring which is no more than maybe 1.5cm high, you can of course find cupcake rings to this height so don't despair! Accessorise with smaller rings rather than try and pull off trying to work with muliple mini towers on your hands. I admit, I actually ended up taking mine off because it was just too cumbersome.

Prints and Variety

Haha, a sweet lolita not in love with all AP's prints? Honestly they have some real winners but I love their solid colours just as much! Unfortunately non-prints aren't really BIG in the west. I'd love to change this image of OTT needing pastel candy hearts all over their dresses. does anyone else think OTT sweet should have more to it than just that! It's one of my goals to try OTT shirololi. White wig, white shoes, white bonnet, white dress that has more bows and ruffles than ever before white ribbons all over the wig...I think colour like pinkxmint, lavendar cords and yellowxpink done in the OTT is sorely under done and needs more love! more on the note of variety, I've seen come really lovely things done with white FISHNETS. Yeah, an angelic pretty dress looking every inch the princess in fishnets. Unfortunately I also know the lolita community has a rather stern idea of fishnets in loli and it mainly goes along the lines of fishnets = Ero. Still, it just takes 1 good example to start a trend.

There was a secret posted on lolita secrets about this exact kind of thing.

If classic/oldschool is making a return maybe the sweet lolitas can do more of this too!? It would make me so happy....
Well that's my share done. If you'd like to ask me anything more about it or feel like you can add advice to the topic feel free to let me know as I'm interested in every opinion and would take it all on board!


  1. This was a really good article! And I really like the set up of your blog! :D Very cute!

    Also, thankyou for listing my blog under your imspirations, you made my day! :)

  2. Sweet! I think using solid colors in OTT Sweet would still make it amazing! And rock the fishnets! I think they would look AMAZING in Lolita, rules or no rules. Gor for it. I'll support you. :)

  3. I really agree with the sercret post as well! For someone like me, OTT is a bit too sweet for me, but the use of solid dresses and accessory embellishments is something I really want to try out. Especially when I get my tax return! =D

    While I'm one for the 'old school' lolita, I'd think just having a good balance of both old and new would be fantastic. I am forever looking for older prints since I'm sure they can be dressed up just as well as the newer stuff, now that there is newer stuff to experiment with. I'm curious to see if others will take the old and mix it with the new. Sure to be interesting, I say.

    And yes! Rock the fishnets! =D

  4. You have some good taste in coord colors :D
    I think that fishnets would look nice in a bittersweet outfit.