Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Princess Parody Welcome

Well you've made it this far so let's hope I can keep you interested. My name is April and I live in not so sunny Queensland, Australia. I've been into the lolita fashion since I was 15 but only recently, see 18 *cough* started purchasing and taking it as an actual serious hobby. I prefer OTT sweet or classical sweet looks.

I'm starting Princess Parody more as a personal lolita growth chart than for any real reason. I haven't been in the hobby long enough to be a veteran dishing out advice, nor do I pay enough attention to EVERY SINGLE BURANDO out there to give a dedicated review of each new piece but I'm hoping other fledgling lolis like myself will find this and be inspired to see it's ok to make mistakes, learn and grow with me. I've been meaning to do this for a while now but the final kicker was that it became a new years resolution, so jumping on a bandwagon here's a list of my own personal loli goals for the upcoming new year!

  • I will start a lolita blog CHECK!
  • I will not buy 'cheap brand' just because it is there and cheap. <---I'm a sucker for this
  • I will budget for my lolita rather than splurge in a single massive hit and suffer the repercussions
  • I will focus more on buying thing to create a co-ordinate, not buying a new OP/JSK with no matching  shoes, socks or headbows to speak of.
  • I will become more active in the Lolita community
  • I will however try and buy at least one lolita item a month such as socks, headbows, wigs or jewlery. This way my wardrobe grows without breaking the bank.
  • More DIY lolita

That should do to start with. As you can maybe tell, I'm an impulse buyer and this has to stop! I've made a great start already this year and haven't spent any christmas money on random lolita related purchases. I added in the last one as, while my outfit number has grown via JSK, OP and skirts, I've only 2 pairs of socks and 1 headbow to speak of! This does not a lolita make, so it's something I'd like to work on.

I hope you've enjoyed the first post! The theme resolutions has already been done to death by every other lolita blog, so I'd like to pose the question 'What is your lolita guilty indulgence?' to any readers who would like to add their 2 cents.

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