Monday, March 28, 2011

Cons, End of hiatus, Loli-splosion!

So as you've undoubtedly notice I've been on a hiatus. =| Let's just sum it up with 'life is rough'. Because it is. You can't always be a frilled princess on the outside and you can't be constantly be spending money on new exciting things, it's all about knowing where your priorities are and mine rest firmly on 'when life gets hard lolita goes second.' I hope most other people's do too.

But the reason I started up again is well, IT'S CON SEASON!! In my tiny town the cosplayers are scurrying, the comic shops are over stocking and students are saving, what else could it mean? Supanova Brisbane hits town Friday and a plethora of stars, anime, comic, costume aficionados etc. I'm sadly only going Sunday because, I have a uni exam on the saturday haha! but that's ok, most others are going on that day too! I'll just be wearing my marine op with some cute shoes and my hair in a wig etc. I wasn't planning on going so this was a great surprise ^^

If any Brissy lolis are reading this, if you see me please say hi!

Anyways My recent hiatus end has come with a sudden splurge of all round good luck and hard work getting out of where I was and as such I've rewarded myself with er...rather a spending spree. I've made a large order with TaoboaSpree so there should be a review for that later on, or a brag post if you want to look at it that way. It's mostly blouses but there's 2 jsks I saw I just REALLY wanted. I also got some new shoes via EGL_sales which are meant to be here in 2 weeks! I'm so excited! I also worked a bit more on my bjd stuff but that's another story...

Lastly, does anyone know of a good and current korean shopping service? I'm after one but am having no luck! What's stuff you guys  are looking foreward to lolita/con/hobby related?


  1. CON SEASON!! *does the Snoopy dance* Nothing better in the world! <3 And you have an exam on a saturday?? ... Damn, that sucks. D8 Anyway, I wish you good luck on that. =D Also can't wait to see your TaoBao spree order. I love to read reviews of them since I'm planning on ordering with them myself sooner or later. XD

    As for future fun coming up; Uppcon in Sweden in June. Definatly what I'm looking most forward too =3 I won't be dressing in lolita though, since I'd rather cosplay on conventions. Then there's Desucon in the end of june in Norway. Gonna be aawesome <3

  2. For korean ss, I recommend reina!! C: