Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pre-Con Post

So I figured a post before the big hooblah was in order. If you're anything like me the day/night before is a rush job which means taking care of loose ends, getting your stuff organised etc. So I had an exam today as well, throwing a 2 hour mandatory time block in plus study time, think I aced it. Hope.

Went into the city to find the finishing touches for some wristcuffs I'm putting together, this late in the game! Organised bus times, turns out I've got to be on the bus at 8.30am to get there in time for the Lolita fashion show by One Day in Paradise. Bleh, I hate early mornings! Bought a red bag to go with my outfit as the one I ordered isn't going to show up until thursday. O.O rageface. Ah well, it was $10.00 and has room for the neccesities and more! I'll be packing makeup, keys, wallet etc. I'm meeting a few friends as well before, plus picking up batteries for the camera. Let's see, made a headbow too, brushed out my wig, ironed the dress, washed my socks...think that's everything. I don't function very well so early in the morning so I prefer to make a checklist and pack bags the night before.

I admit I am a little nervous because only my OP is actually brand and I'm worried the offbrand clashes, but it looked good when I did at home so how bad can it be?

I got invited to karaoke or a friend's place after so I'm not sure what to do after. I can't wait mostly to do some shopping at one day in paradise's stall, i've never purchased lolita in the flesh so yayness for me, that and I love character spotting. I'm so...out of toucher with anime though  don't recognise many people. Other than that a pic with Tom Felton ( Draco Malfoy from the Potter movies ) is in order.

SO! With cons on the brain I'm going to air something I've been meaning to for a while. I know a lot of people poo poo the idea of calling lolita a costume, some people agree, others don't. The reason I'm making such a fuss of how I look isn't because this is a 'costume' for an pop culture convention. It's that I view lolita as a...well the same way you'd view a ballgown really for prom or formal or a nice dinner. Expensive, beautifull dresses, not for everyday wear, but still special. It's why I don't wear lolita EVERYDAY. To me it's a 'I want to look stunning just for today' kinda deal. I don't have anything against people who do that of course, but if I walked around in poofy skirts and bows everywhere monday to sunday it'd lose a bit of magic. It's why I wouldn't wear it at work or just hanging with friends on a friday night. Sure sometimes, but mostly for big events, birthdays, parties etc.

Lastly, questions I've been meaning to fire at lolitas who do cons as well. Do you prefer cosplay or lolita when going to a convention? Favourite things to do there? Do you ever get mistaken as a charcter? ( Ignoring Misa from Deathnote ) Are lolitas prone to getting photo opportunities too? Is it easy to get stains, dirt etc. on you? I don't plan to sit on the ground but it worries me! So much stuff I don't know!

To finish, the wristcuffs I made and will be wearing tomorrow, WIP shot. They're finished now but the camera died. I'm making some other ones that are pink and ribbon/rose themes to go with lady rose, though I'm getting some actual wristcuffs in the mail next thursday so who knows if it'll be worth it. VARIETY!

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  1. Unless there's a lolita event going on, I prefer to be at a convention in either (my idea of) regular clothes or cosplay. If I'm in regular clothes, most of the time I can just relax without getting harassed and then it's easier for me to take pictures of everyone else and just do more running around in general. In cosplay I always have more people stop me for pictures (unless they don't recognize the character, like when I cosplayed Rin from Fruits Basket only 5 people recognized me) and generally want to chat. In lolita, it's mostly only guys and other lolitas that stop you for pictures. Unless there's a fashion or lolita-centric event, I don't want to be mistaken for someone who "wanted to cosplay but couldn't pick a character to work on so just picked this dress instead." Similarly, at an anime convention most people are there for just that, anime and manga. If you're wanting to win the crowd or to seriously impress by looking stunning, a well thought-out and perfectly detailed cosplay will get you much farther.

    I wear lolita clothing 1/3rd of the time, and while I am slightly more conscious of my activities (I don't garden in lolita, but I do bake in it) I don't have any more problems with stains or getting my clothes messed up than I do with anything else I wear.

    Of course, my mindset is also that if I'm going to pay good money to buy something that I love, why only wear it a few times a year? Then again, I also decided to give up cosplaying and fast food (any more than once a week) to put towards lolita. I wear lolita for myself only, so I wouldn't hold myself away from that. I don't wear myself out from my favorite skirt any more than anyone wears themselves out from their favorite jeans; I'm constantly updating my wardrobe or seeking new things to coordinate with my old stuff, so I never get tired of it and even after years it has yet to lose its magic.