Friday, April 22, 2011


So Here's a quick review of a few purchases I've made over the past month. They include wigs, dress and shoes from various sellers. Starting with shoes!

The first pair are model no. 9830 and the second is model no. 9828
Both are from secret shop in pink, size M. The difference is I ordered the first via egl saleswoman Yikyu1991716 and the later were ordered through Junie's fantasy parlour. both were perfect sellers and got back to my questions within 24hours, Yikyu especially as there was a problem with shipping from secret shop and furthermore a public holiday which she promptly informed me about via both email and msn messenger!

Shoes were in perfect order. My only complaint is 23.5cm was the listed size, I assumed this was foot longth. WRONG! The sole of the shoes inside actually fits closer to a 24.5-25cm foot, eep! Much to big for my little toes, so back on the market these go. The platform pair have a similar problem but are actually really comfortable to wear as is so I won't be changing them.

Shipping wise Junie's was the last thing I ordered in this whole post but was the first to arrive! Epic shipping time is epic haha. The heels on the other hand only arrived last week despite my ordering them first and foremost, however as mentioned there were shipping problems so that was to be expected.


I've ordered a total of 3 wigs this month. one from GLW ( on the right)  and two from different ebay sellers. ( the first two) As everyone is already aware of GLW quality and efficiency i'll skip that one and just post worn pics real quick like. The hime wig was not the colour for me, so off to the marketplace it went!


The first is actually a fantasy sheep wig, even got the tags with it, ordered from ebay seller yoitsukizuna2008. It's 'Lolita candy wig' in coco brown. Just to say this wig is AWESOME. The bangs and hair are all really thick and it has a good feel to it. The fibres are soft and bouncy, though not heat resistant. Shipping wise let me just say I hadn't even checked if I'd gotten a tracking number and then it arrived on my doorstep. I was not expecting how quick it was sent. Highly suggesting this seller if you want a fantasy sheep wig without the hassle of a taoboa agent. I don't know if the price of $54.00 was a fair amount, I honestly can't navigate the fantasy sheep site though so if it's waaay overpriced I guess I can live and let. Pics!

The first is the wig in it's 3 parts, two clip ins and the actual wig from both a front and back angle. The next is the actual wig without clips in worn, a little less stunning, and the third is a view of the actual clip. As you can see there's also ties so the whole wig is pretty versatile. Onto the next wig!

I'm...not a blonde. Obviously. So I was really worried about how i'd look with a blonde wig, figured I'd start with a nice cheap wig and see how it looked. I knew I could pull off perfect gold blonde ( GLW's wig looked sandy brown blonde on my moniter, not GOLD, although the title shoulda tipped me off haha! ) so when I saw the not quite blonde brown I thought 'I can work with this' I'm under the assumption I did, let me know 'kay? Anyways This wig was from Jordan *insert numbers* and was the last wig to arrive after two weeks of untracked shipping.

The quality of this wig is superb, I can really run my fingers through it, just lovely! What else can I say about this wig? Oh! Apparently it's a 'hivision collection' wig, which is what the tag says, and the company was lovely enough to send me a wig cap with it on purchase, handy since mine went missing as I opened the parcel. I'm not sure what it's made of as the instructions aren't in english but it does say a japanese made synthetic fibre. either way I'll keep it away from heat!

Accessories and dress

Ok Lastly I, along with my shoes, orderd a pair of wrist cuffs from Junie's fantasy parlour. They were nice but a little flimsy, i ended up putting the wistcuffs my sister made me underneath them. The bow is detachable and overall it was a nice purchase, I may just learn to make my own though. Left is with mine underneath, right is without.

and of course my sweets princess arrived from japonicamarket, whohavemassiveshippingcostsomigawd, I'll save the review and post pics. This is a very heavy dress! There's actually two petticoats underneath this, please excuse the messy hair and the like I was just excited to have it! I was a little disappointed at first, to those few who mighta seen me post about it to egl, but i don't know, the second tme I tried it on it was kind of like 'wait, what was I complaining about?'

If anyone has an interest in buying the hime wig let me know as I have a sales thread up at the moment! Heehee, shameless plug! Still waiting on the taoboa stuff!


  1. Okay so..I love your stuff so much girl <3

  2. Thanks for the review!
    The fantasy sheep wig, I had ordered the same one in a different color using a shopping service. I could have saved $20 if I knew that ebay store existed! o_o

    That dress looks marvelous on you!

  3. Wow grate wigs thanks for sharing ..