Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Very April transformation!

I'm too shy to post this to egl, there's just a much bigger crowed than the 50 or so people who watch me! I'll try and hold back my internal negative comments, so here's April's April transformation theme!

Yerg, dig my creepy grins!
Oh god nooo! No makeup, my hair was brushed and face cleaned etc.

Tools of the trade to try and beautify that mug o' mine. Greenstick, concealer, foundation, eyeliner, gloss ( which I forgot anyways! ) and eyeshadows with a few falsies and lipstick shades.

Foundation layer, no glasses!!

Makeup of fail camera pickup apparently.

and the reveal!

Wigs and outfits yay! Went for a casual look as I went out to lunch in this. Please be honest, does blonde work on me? I like it but at the same time I worry that I just look horribly horribly fake in a tacky blonde party wig kind of way.

Anyways let's end this post with LOLITA JUST DANCE!
This was at the meetup on april 10th, aren't they just the best? 

 also caught up with a loli I met at nova.
Image by Faith Thiang

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  1. Gotta love the dance :) Haha. Ohh there's my derp face :) Look like I'm about to cry. You look so cute in blonde! I'm not sure that it suits you as much as the darker coloured wigs, but if you use it right it won't look tacky at all! Love the makeup by the way. The false eyelashes make all the difference :)