Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Celine Taobao Review

So a while back some of you may recall I promised a dear celine taobao review! Well here it is, the parcel arrived friday last week but i was busy over the weekend so here goes!
To give you a brief timeline

* I palced the order with TaobaoSpree on 28th March
* It was confirmed, paid for and placed by April 1st
* I was told it would be a month making time plus shipping time
* I emailed TaobaoSpree April 28th to ask how my order was and told it was not yet finished in making time but would be soon and they'd hurry up the process.
* May 2nd I was told it was ready for shipping however I did not pay until May 5th and was told it would ship that day and was given a tracking number.
*They did not ship until May 6th haha, bit of confusion with this as my agent had said it was sent but the post said it had been sent a day later so I was confused about what do it would arrive.
* May 13th Package arrived safe and sound.

TaobaoSpree were a wonder to be involved with and I plan to place a second order with them soon! 5/5 in all departments, onto the items I purchased!

I also got a set of bloomers but I can't find them on the site at the moment to link to or get stock images from. All colours are exact match to dear celine's pictures and any discolouration is due to my part. There were a few loose threads around all the buttons but I removed them on locating each thread. Handy scissors are handy. All garments were ordered in standard small size and required ironing after unpackaging. No spare buttons were included for any item. As I understand all garments are supposedly machine washable on a delicate or handwash cylce, WIN!

lace detailbrooch detail
The first dress was a more classic cut/style to what I'm used to but it was so gorgeous I just had to try it out. There's no shirring in the back but it fits like a glove, the entire garment is lined and all the bows are detachable with a good quality lace used. The brooche's ribbon doesn't hang as low as the advertised one but yo win some, you lose some. I'm wearing one petti here but it has room for two, wouldn't suggest it though. The dress is more peach coloured but on adding the darker hued embellishments it does become the muted pink advertised, tricky colour theory stuff! The back has corset lacing to make up for a lack of waist ties.
I was really worried after ordering it because a day later I saw a post asking what this could be coordinated with as it's such a dark pink. Immediantly I fretted my moniter settings were off and that it wouldn't look good blah blah blah.  It's the same pink as any recent AP colourway and I love it too pieces. I was saying I wanted something in a gingham print and this showed up, super happy! The squares on the pink one aren't as large as the ones on the lavendar but I'm ok with this. All the bows are detachable and the string of pearls detaches from the ribbon, lots of accessorising potential. Needs two pettis underneath to get a good shape though. Back shirring and corset lacing up the back make it a perfect fit, very comfortable to flounce around in, fully lined.

Long pink shirt, light material, suggest for summer climates. Very roomy, somewhat deflated wristlace, overall a nice fit. The only problem I had with this garment was that after 12hours wear the lace on the cuffs started to make my wrists itch. I'm not sure if it was the lace or maybe a bug bite but I'll edit later to let you know. No shirring but laces up in the back, could use an extra button down the bottom but that's a personal prefrence. All the materials felt fine and soft to the touch, I had no reason to suspect it would itch in the first place, which is why I suspect an insect bite.

shirt (unworn)details

Derp face is blurry so star! This shirt si so ruffly! I wish I'd gotten some picture of the back because it has these amazing ruffles beneath the lacing. It feels very soft and delacite. It is a little transparent, oh my! Wasn't expecting that, see I'd wear it under a dress or, if alone with a skirt, a singlet beneath. The bowtie can be taken out and is made of the same material as the rest of the shirt. It was the softest and probably least well insulated of the blouses I recieved, lots of airflow for summer days.

This shirt is NOT see through, solid, opaque material. My only mistake was thinking the lace along the top and the bow were a similar shade to the buttons. While the buttons are more angelic pretty pink the bow and collar lace is more pastel baby the stars shine bright reminiscent. Soft lace, the bow can be removed and pinned elsewhere. Aside from that there's not much to say on the shirt. construction is well made and sturdy, t could double as a summer only blouse as well as one of those warmer winter days as it's a sturdier material than either of the prior shirts.

 Floomers! Finally got me a pair. Shockinly thick, they're lined and made ot of...polarfleece? Something really wooly and warm and heat storing! Good fit, the elastic feels thin though so I won't put money on long lasting wear and use without some possible fixer ups. Not sure if I could handle wearing them in the warmer months and would prefer something with less poof, they're pretty fluffy....

Anyways! that's the end of the review, it was a good haul and overall Dear Celine get a 5/5 in quality; both materials and workmanship. As I said up front, there were a few loose threads but as I was sewing at the time of package arrival I just snipped them off and it was perfect. The buttons on everything were sewn on really well compared to a few other outfits I've recieved which surprised me. I highly suggest both Dear Celine and TaobaoSpree if you're shopping for a quality, stunning but more affordable lolita closet!

All items were packed together but wrapped in individual plastic bags.


  1. I really love both of those JSKs! I was thinking about getting the gingham one in yellow but I am too broke xP it's cute though! And those bloomers are so frilly and sweet xDD <3

  2. hello there, i found your review extremely helpfull! really good choice of clothes :) i was wondering if you could provide extra worn photos for the first jsk. thank you ^_^

  3. is for taobao people buyers

  4. Awesome! I really like what you've purchased. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.