Saturday, May 14, 2011


Image by Lolita-Shards

Today I went out in lolita, just for kicks, however unlike every other time I have I went out alone, solo, by myself, without the intent of meeting or hanging out with anyone else. This might not be such a big deal but as a novice lolita I thought it worth a mention. It didn't take a lot of confidence or boosting myself up, I just looked at my wardrobe and thought 'today I want to be lolita in the same way sometimes I think 'today is a goth day' or 'today I will appear to be a serious student.' I'm really not the most confident girl in the world so doing so was a bit surprising for me, I've only ever worn lolita to meetups or when I know I will be hanging out with friends who already get that I'm into the fashion.

I guess what held me back was the fearof judgement, a topic we actually debated in class believe it on not the friday past. People ask a lot how you're treated when all trussed up and granted, I've only gotten mostly positive reviews from outsiders, it seemed like a whole new ball game going alone.

Anyways it turned out that there was a cosplay meet going on today, By the way how are cosplayers everywhere else? They're a pretty obnoxious bunch here o.o I mean at one point that had a giant crowd surrounding a huge group who were just posing and goofing off while I slinked around the edges trying not to get confused as 'part of the costume group' Haha, although people told me I was in costume anyways. I really can't be bothered to correct people when they say i'm in costume, it probably looks that way to them and it takes too long to explain to a stranger who doesn't really care.

A few ke$ha wannabes told me i 'had a nice outfit' in snarky tones, a guy called me a princess and offered me a free ride in the rickshaw across the centre of town, some drunk girls called me adorable, a lot of kids stared and another girl asked if she could touch my dress. There were a few snickers and one guy said 'yeah i was going to wear that too' which made me laugh. There really is a lot of varied reactions to the fashion and i found out alone or in a group or really don't care! As a shy person this was actually a pretty big step so, to all the other lone lolitas out there in tiny towns or huge cities; JUST TRY IT! Even if it's just walking to the corner shop or grabbing some textbooks from a local library. It does in fact build confidence.

The only problem I had was well...I tend to stare out the ground. However I do this in normal outfits and not just over the top outlandish clothing so it's more a personal failing than a 'i'm in lolita. nobody look a me!' mentality.

Doing it has really inspired me to try and do a 7day lolita challenge, it'd be a good chance to try out all possible looks as well as have some fun dressing up for week! That does remind me though....When dressing lolita regulalry do you guys and girls always go all out? I mean, primped and curled hair from 2 hours work, eyelashes, lenses and deco nails ( if practical )? I was thinking of doing it today but I just ended up working out a coord with my glasses instead of conacts and falsies, it just seemd a waste when i was going out alone for only 3 hours. often should I update this blog? At the moment I have several articles I could write but I'm unsure if it should be a weekly thing or if I should try doing one a day.Opinions?


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  2. I admire your confidence in going out alone wearing lolita! For me, it's really scary to think about walking around the city in lolita without a lolita friend or someone with me. But I agree that the more you wear it, the more you build confidence and then it's not so bad to wear it more often, alone or not ^^

    As for the 7 day challenge, I don't think you have to go all out unless you want to. Casual makeup and styled hair is fine if thats what you want. As long as you put some effort into the outfit then you're good :)

  3. Good for you! It's always hard to decide to go out in lolita alone, but when you do it and get used to it it turns into no big deal ;u;! Also, theres no need to go all out when your dressing up, unless you really want to! Wear whatever makes you happy ;u;!

  4. That's really great! It's a huge step!

    I wear lolita on a regular basis, and when I'm going out alone I tend to be go with either experimental or casual. If I'm going with experimental I do full makeup because I want to create something brand new and have it look its best. If I'm doing casual, I usually go sans make-up or go really light on it... But for the most part it's just whatever I feel like right then xD. Like serepuff said, just do whatever makes you happy! Just make sure you have good hygiene hahaha. (Not worried about that ;D)

  5. My dad always told me to remember this when dealing with people who bother you: Don't let them live rent-free in your mind. Some people, especially in the US, just don't understand the style really.