Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog weekly calendar

So to attempt to make this blog a little more interesting I'll be attempting to set up a mini calendar thing to make sure there's an annual post per week. Secondly I'll be trying more...lolita related challenges in my everyday life, fitting the loli in with the everday, gosh this might be hard!

I'd like to start with the reason I haven't updated much though. Blogs are...a lot of things and I wanted to stay away from posting things all about what *I* think is right, wrong, etc. etc. What I think you should do is, what I suggest is etc. etc. I wanted a general idea that everyone could relate to as a lot of blogs I find hard to digest, mostly because all I think is 'who are you? Why should I listen to you? Why does your opinion matter? And most of the time the answer is 'they're e-famous' or popular opinion is they're 'doing it right' which...seem like lousy reasons. As such I figured without these things it would be stupid for me to dictate to others how to do their own fashion. I'm not a perfect lolita, or outlandishly good looking with promise, nor am I awesome at cratfs etc. why would anyone care? Then I started reading other lolits blogs, but from people like me. Not e-famous and crazy with followers after five+ years of blogging (though they have their good points too; experiance and all!). Just newbies giving it a go and saying 'I this' and 'I that' and I got a lot of different opinions to help base my own. So I figured, maybe those are the reasons why we just talk about ourselves in blogs. Not because we dictate, but so when someone says 'why did they do this'? or 'would it be ok if I did...' they can look at other lolitas and understand where they're coming from and investigate with a semi-informed mind. So it's ok to be 'I,I,I, me, me, me' in a blog I suppose, just as long as it's not a constant reminder that everything you say should be taken like scripture.

Anyways, starting today, here are a couple of weekly items I'll be featuring in my blog!

Tokyo Fashion Tuesday: Every tuesday I'll be going through Tokyo Fashion and picking 3-5 pictures to highlight a trend, use of colour or unusual fashion quirk and try to apply it to the lolita fashion. Of course Tokyo fashion isn't all lolita so keep an eye out for cool mori, VK, fairy kei and other substyle elements used as inspiration.

Sunday Spotlight: Every sunday, yes there will be a post after this, will spotlight one thing or another. This could be a user, a blog, a dress design, a print, a book, a shop or even a craft/recipe, just know that it will be aimed towards you lolitas!

Bi-weekly Brand Breakdown: Yes everyday has alliteration damn it! D< Every two to three weeks I'll be looking over any new dresses brands have come out with. I've missed the wave of summer fashion, fantasia was amazing and toy fantasy was hit and miss imho, but no longer!

Anyways that's what I have so far! I'm hoping to add some tutorials and fun rants suggestions to add to the mix so here's hoping for activity!

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  1. I totally agree! I'm a terrible blogger because it feels like all you're supposed to do is chat about yourself and in the back of your mind, it's like, "Who even cares what socks I bought today?.." But I think you should talk about yourself more! I'll read it! :)