Sunday, June 5, 2011


Turns out I missed it, haha, so for everyone who got in on it happy June loli day. I worked all day and then derped around at home fixing my wigs. o.o I did go out today though! ^^ I didn't get any pictures as well...I'm not very photogenic. Wore my meta Blooming Garden jsk and ran into a few other lolis at at city rummage sale, it was my sister's first time in lolita too, fun times!

On the note of happy, lovely polite lolitas I'd like to ask a question.

Why all the bodyline hate?

I know it's not 'real' brand and Mr. Yan is a creeper. I know in the past, I haven't heard of any recently, there were quality issues and of course the whole shop has an adult store vibe to it, but isn't it getting old now? They've come out with some ok prints recently and their clothing is also getting better. I think every lolita must have at least one bodyline item, be it socks, maybe a skirt or dress, a headband or a bag you can actually fit your phone and wallet and makeup into. So, why is everyone still acting ashamed when we're caught out with the bodyline merchandise?

I've met a lot of lolitas and they always look stunning but the thing that gets me is the ones who, on getting a compliment about the outfit, shyly turn away and say 'oh it's just bodyline.' So? You look fabulous, it looks good, why do you need to elaborate that 'it's just bodyline'? Am I meant to suddenly realise you're not in fact wearing the next big brand print? Are you saying you don't look good because 'it's just bodyline'? Is 'it's bodyline' some kind of excuse for looking bad in your loli? Actually, if you need to blame your clothing for your lack of fashion coordination maybe lolita isn't the place for you. xD It confuses me so @_@

 Isn't it kind of like getting a compliment on say...a meal and then saying 'oh it's just *insert generic second rate food brand*' Is it a kind of ego trip I'm missing that hints 'yeah, I'm in bodyline and I still look this good'? does it relate? I don't know, it kinda reminds me of when you're grooving to a song and someone asks what it is and you have to downplay your asnwer super casual like because it was the Disney soundtrack, powerpuff girl's theme song, My little pony sing-a-long, sailormoon ost, justin beiber, paris hilton, jonas brother, hannah montanna, etc. etc. insert all those songs nobody likes but has a really catchy tune. =P

People just need to chill. Bodlyine =/= ita anymore so just accept it's part of your outfit. We all buy into the expense and we all, hopefully, know that we can't always JUST buy the $200 blouse to match a $150 bolero. But we still need a blouse and a bolero to keep our shoulders warm and it still needs to match the dress. Bodyline is meant to fill that gap, don't shy away because it's not head to toe 'burando'.

Point being, if you look good don't worry what brand you're wearing and accept the compliment, because if they judge you on a brand name they're not worth your time. Also don't blame the clothing for bad fashion skills. xD

I think this dress is just adorable in pink btw T__T I wanna go on a BL spree


  1. I love Body Line! They helped me start to be a Lolita, and I do not own any brands, SO I'm very happy with Body Line :D

  2. I love Bodyline, too! They have such cute things. ^__^ (I hope I'm not assaulting you with too many comments. o.o If so, I'm so sorry!!)