Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Spotlight! Unico in Bloomland

So F*ck yeah lolita did this as well but I really don't care as I only just got told after I posted this...

Why love it?
Unico in Bloomland is probably the definition of what I think sweet lolita is at the moment. It's pink, it has unicorns, it has pearls, it has ruffles and ribbons and bows. It has roses and crowns and fountains and swirly text borders. Every fibre of my being is screaming LOVE THIS DRESS. It's like lolita my little pony, what isn't to love? The designs for both jsk are dreamy and unique, plus it will match all that unicorn themed jewlery you've been wanting to buy since you were six and not many other prints do that. Light colours could be used to create an almost hime lolita look, as seen in their advertising.

Why hate it?
Ok this print does look like it belongs on a nursery wall. This is the ultimate girly print so expect comments on that. My friends always describe my lolita dress as 'frilly unicorn princess sparkle magic fashion' and actually having pink unicorns on my dress won't help matters. The colour palette is...iffy. creamy white with baby pink, pale fuschia pink with baby pink, lighter violet and navy or black with magenta. It could be better and AP fans may find it hard to match the dusty pastel scheme with their wardrobe. The set itself has nothing lacking, although I'd like to see some matching coloured rings or necklaces and I think the bow would have been better on a smaller scale, we're already wearing unicorns so a less childish headpiece would have been a wiser choice. The blouse is generic but props for no peter pan collar. It's also a very large and distracting print over the skirt unlike most border prints.

Ok, getting more in depth. Unicorns are sadly a none too popular print in lolita so I love that baby did this. The jsk designs are both amazing. While both are essentially plain the addition of the waist bows breaks up the eveness, creating a waistline. The addition of the scalloping and chest bow in the second example balances out the busy feeling of the print below. Keeping up this idea the first one is  my favourite, a rose brooch with pearls keeps the balance but minus the scalloped edge it has a more mature feel, if you can achive that in a unicorn print dress haha! You can also swap in the brooch and pearls for whatever you want which I think trumps the previous one. You can swap out a bow with another bow but if it's a smaller brooch the whole thing can be thrown off. Swap a brooch with...a broch and well, same thing isn't it? I might suggest a bustier lolita go for the brooch option while a less endowed maiden might steer towards the bow just becase that's how fashion supposedly works when dressing for a body type.

Final thoughts
While an adorable print lolitas who are uncomfortable in baby prints will undoubtedly steer clear. If you dislikes dollhouse, toy anything and other hot pastel messes unico in bloomland is not for you. The design should flatter most lolita shapes. Essentially I'll be waiting for reviews and pics before making up my mind but while I'll always admire the beautiful work put in, a childish print like that has no place in my wardrobe.


  1. I love this print and the black one is absolutely adorable! :O

  2. I'm not quite sure why everyone thinks unicorns are so childish since I wasn't quite interested in them until.... last year.... I wouldn't say a unicorn has the same appeal as a toy print, because while toy prints scare the crap out of me, I love unicorn prints *_*
    However, I do agree that this print overall is slightly childish, since I usually imagine unicorns as a kind of over the top, rainbows and stars exploding everywhere kind of thing. This just reminds me of ponies o_O

  3. Aww, unicorns aren't always childish, meta's twinkle journey did them in a pretty mature way so it can be done! But pink and sparkles isn't gonna do that xD

    Also yes, the black one is pretty cute but I think the stark white BG looks odd, maybe if the print was smaller but eh that's just me~

    OP here btw, blogger just glitching and won't let me comment.