Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tokyo fashion Tuesday .o1

So Welcome to Tokyo Fashion Tuesday, hopefully the first of many! This week's inspiration is...

Now let's throw up some lovely examples...

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Ok so saying 'use colour in lolita' isn't a GREAT and ORIGINAL statement, I mean just check out AP. What I'm getting at is using colour sparingly to create a statement. All the girls have taken an otherwise everyday outfit and added a splash of colour to create a cute, memorable look, my favourite being the white hoodie/rainbow combo <3 There's even an addition of indigo for our gothier cousins, electric blue could also work for mana fans but it'd be a bit steryotypical wouldn't it?

How to do it
Incorporating this into lolita isn't hard, but it's not something done often. A few brands have attempted it with once pieces, such as the marine with red and white combo, but not in the same way as pictured above. Honestly it's mostly just about choosing your base colour, complimenting colour and going from there with the accessories. One should be careful not to over do it though or you'll end up with decora loli. I think the additon of cute glasses such as in the second example would look adorable as well! Remember your makeup is just as much an accessory as your jewlerry and handbag too, rainbow eyes and lime lips might just be what you need to pull everything together ;D Generally try for a colour A, colour b, colour a, colour b type of combination with accents of colour c over both in the form of rings, socks, belts, bows, wristcuffs etc.

How not to do it
The latter two girls are better examples of how this style can go wrong. The first has made a good start but if you tried imitating this look into your lolita it'd look a smidge off balance. There's a lot of colour down the bottom because of the skirt and tights and then a lot of colour in her hair/from her makeup. This leave a large white bulk on her torso Her shirt under the jacket looks pinkish but white tights would have created a balance between legs and chest.

The second girl, while looking stunning, went for the wow factor in her headwear. Unfortunately it matches nothing else. Amateur tip; no matter how pretty it is and how much you like it if it doesn't match anything else in the outfit it probably shouldn't be there. If you wanted to do that you can build up colour and bulk to lead up to a show stopping hat, plain white dress with rainbow swim cap is not 'a cute memorable outfit' it's just memorable.

Please note, I'm not saying these girls look horrible or anything, in fact both look horrible cute in their own ways, just that for this theme they serve as good ideas of how this expiriment can go lopsided.

Yes I named the look I came up with. Haha. I'm really taken with the white x rainbow combo and I'd love to see it done with a shiro lolita outfit, in my mind there's also a white wig. I went for a more pastel rainbow because super bright rainbows are a little harder to pull together in a sweet way, bright rainbows are just edgy and cool haha!

There's two ideas for hair accessories, more than three of any item is overkill here. Couldn't find any, but a rainbow plastic star chain around the waist would bring some more colour to the center of the dress, or a sash/belt can do the same job. I didn't include a brightly coloured bag either but holding a purse with a similar scheme gives your hands soemthing to bring the colour down too! The fun thing with this idea is that it's easy to mix and match with other colours so you're not just stuck to the one look. This dress could be fitted with red accessories and look glamorous or green to look fresh and spring-like. There's also things like boleros or wigs to add a little extra colour to what you're wearing. Don't forget them kooky-cute glasses either!

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  1. I love colors but sometimes, rainbows are a little too much :P But I like rainbow colored bracelets:D