Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tokyo Fashion Tuesday o2. GET YOUR GYARU OUTTA MY LOLITA

So I missed the last Sunday spotlight and Tokyo fashion Tuesday T__T I'm sorry, I really am but life has been doing that busy thing! But I'm here now, doing stuff and being active so let's march on! This Tokyo Fashion Tuesday update is inspired by...

Yup a ma*rs chick caught my eye. Not because it's a spectacular cord but while I was browsing through all the other images all I could think was 'gee I love ma*rs, they're so cute and sexy and you never see that hot pink x black in any other fashion' and then I was like 'I WANT IT IN MY LOLITA' so here we are.

Now obviously you can't take just any ma*rs dress or 'ageha', as I've been told the style is known as, and shove a petti under it. There's some big differences between the two. For starters length, footwear, hair, makeup and accessories to name a few. Gyaru usually ends at about ass o'clock with mile high heels and lolita has knee length skirts with flat teaparties and never the two shall meet! 

So maybe your a lolita by winter's breath and gyaru at summer's call. Maybe you do both whenever the mood takes you; point is we need a way to put the two together so you can utilize your wardrobe to the fullest extent! 

Color: Well one could go for a hime look with pink and white but we're staying away from that for this example. Pink and white, hot pink and white, hot pink and black, pink and black, purple and black. Plaid, print, plain. Gyaru has a little more wiggle room than lolita when it comes to fabric choices. Keep in mind that ageha; what I'm talking about at the moment, is trying to be cute and sexy. Pastel pink and mint isn't going to fly no matter what. 

Length: Now the biggest obstacle to overcome will be length. Ageha and gyaru in general has a shorter length obviously, both in skirts and sleeves (no blouses oh my!).Since this is a lolita blog we're doing lolita with elements of ageha gyaru, so knee length it is! Feel free to get a bit shorter with it though, as long as you're ok with it.

Hair: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU'RE DOING A MIX OF AGEHA/LOLITA AVOID THE HIME CURLS. Those curls will and have always been part of the gyaru fashion, if you use that style this will look more hime lolita than just lolita and if your er too much towards the gyaru you'll just look gyaru. Go with a classic lolita staple. Pigtails, frizzy buns or plaits could even work. Something either ridiculously simple or ridiculously over the top.

Accessories: This will be one of the bigger differences. Garters don't belong on any kind of lolita. Sorry. However chains, sandals, furry scarfs/stoles, leg warmers, arm warmers and tiny or oversized handbags are elements of gyaru you can work in! Fishnet stockings if you want even, just keep it classy ;D Don't overdo hair items, a rose, a small bow or a hat will suffice. Remember, sexy/cute! Head eating bows, fluffy star charms and love hearts saying 'hug' are all big on cute but not so much sexy.

Ah yes, and that my dears is my bastard child of Angelic pretty meets Ma*rs meets yumetenbo! I've used my chosen colour scheme and then taken a dress that's a midpoint between the fashions, if that dress was shorter and more figure hugging I'd call it ageha! Then accessorised the crap out of it. Because Angelic pretty has been used to form the base ( bolero and jsk) the rest has to all be offbrand or a gyaru brand, otherwise it'd just get too similar to lolita in colors/themes. I really love those sorts of shoes and while I couldn't find it here, it'd be adorable if instead of wristcuffs it had arm warmers with the hot pink bows. I'm not sold on the fur leg warmers but if you had a matching black stole or fur trimmed mitten it'd work. I chose the plaid because it's a fabric that both ma*rs and AP have made dresses in and the square pattern gives the eyes something to look at. ALSO check that bag! That'll fit more than your phone and wallet for sure! Wish more lolita companies had bags that big. >:

There's not a lot to say on how not to do this look, mostly because it hasn't really been done and when mashing two fashions together it's all a call of judgement. Just keep the basics in mind ie. dress to your body type, colours that compliment you, colours that go well together etc. Find some handy inspiration and get playing with what's in your closet...or on polyvore. 

Final note is, I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to gyaru. I've pieced together little bits and pieces but if I'm wrong someone can correct me. I do not consider the two (loli and gyaru) similar, I just love both and combing them like this expresses that. Inb4 'omigawd lolitas are ruining the gyaru fashion, that's not even close to gyaru'. 


  1. I love that coord so much ;-; I plan on really mixing Lolita and Gyaru together someday soon! Taking the best parts out of each fashion (Gyaru hair, Lolita poofy dress) and mixing them together=crazy ass fashion that'll piss both Gyaru and Lolita off! xDDD MA*RS is sooo much love though, I understand how one cannot resist! <3

  2. Yay thanks mana! I'd love to see what you can do too, screw the people who don't think you can mix styles! Yes I love ma*rs so much, I've been thinking of maybe doing just ageha for the summer cause it gets so damn hot here..but then, no poofy skirts >: OH THE HUMANITY!