Monday, August 8, 2011

Tokyo Fashion (NEW) Thursday + Apology

First I want to say thanks to everyone who has stuck with me in this hiatus-esque leave of mine. I wasn't gone I just...wasn't feeling the lolita blog. I'm lost when it comes to what you wanna know or read about that hasn't already been done and better and while this blog is about me as well it's also meant to be enjoyable and I'm struggling between 'whine whine baww, do this how I tell you' and 'here's a fun and different approach to try!' Obviously my opinions don't fall on the former side but I feel like I stray that way a lot. So from now on I'll be at least trying to just stick with the tokyo fashion stuff ever two weeks and then seeing how we go from there. Once again thank you so much! I'll be trying to get a better post up tomorrow but for now here's the last Tokyo Tuesday spotlight I wrote up before I left but never posted because I just wasn't sure of the content, please let me know what you think!


Y'know the problem with Tokyo fashion Tuesday? I have classes from 1.30 until 9.30 on a Tuesday and I have to be on a bus by, at latest, 1. If I get up at 9 that's a very small amount of time to get stuff done and this blog usually gets pushed aside for...better priorities. Secondly Tokyo fashion Tuesday is horrible close to Sunday so it's been moved to Thursday now as 1. I have nothing on Thursday and 2. We get a break from my random posts! So here's the latest in my tokyo fashion updates and the first Thursday orientated one!

So what I'm seeing trending at the moment is polygon patterns. Angles everywhere, straight edges, squares, diamonds etc. They're conversation pieces and are something different to the usual prints/plain colours we see everywhere in lolita.

I actually really don't have much to say on this look, not a lot of brands have done something like this from what I recall, except for the occasional skirt or cardigan with simple tessellating patterns. If I was to attempt this in a more lolita style I'd try and look for someone to commission a desirable outfit, otherwise it's very limited. For this reason I decided to go with a more casual lolita look instead of my usual overly cutesy. Uncommon pattern + casual lolita = my nightmare to put together haha!

Sort of a nerd chic haha. I didn't title it because I really couldn't think of anything! There's two shirt options, one plain and one hello kitty because that's a cardigan and needs something to go under it and you could either go busier due to the lack of a print or continue with the simple shirt. Not my best but it was challenging and the result is something I'd wear. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a more interesting post!

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