Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lolita Idols

In such a big fashion community as lolita community it's easy to feel lost in a sea of ruffle and lace. Where is the inspiration? How can you do something unique without copying what's been done or falling into the trap or becoming a brand clone? How should you do your hair after you've done pigtails three days in a row? How come so and so seems to get it so right and how do they do it? Has such and such been done before? How has it been pulled off previously? You've got questions, quandries and queries and may be new are unsure how the community may take your questions and concerns, furthermore they don't always have the answer.

lolita idols can answer these calls. Passive, unapproachable (mostly) models who you see time and again pull it off right and get a pat on the shoulder for their efforts. I'll be honest with you guys, I've never had a 'lolita idol' and it never reall clicked with me, why? Who? And once again Why? Since then I've done searching, watching, following and a little bit of stalking and this is what I've come to conclude.

Firstly, and obviously, no you don't need an idol. Some people just like to do their own thing and soak up whatever they see for future use, they don't need to follow someone for a makeup tutorial or dress update; whatever they need they can find at the time. normally I'm this but lately I've been tapping more into the roots of why I love lolita. ( Thanks muchly to the 65th Secret that was posted this week) which reminded me all about how, despite who you're wearing or how you look we're all wearing the same silhoutte and to the average person we all look the same. We can not take away from you your 'lolita'. Get dressed, look in the mirror, remember that and feel like a princess. Sweet huh?

However I've been coming up with walls lately on how and what to do with myself lolita wise. New dresses yes but hair? Shoes? I've got limited items and frankly I fail at co-ordinating anything besides my everyday outfit for uni. So I started searching and came across one of the first lolita models I'd ever seen, the now infamous rinrin. God I loved Rinrin, I even wanted to get my bangs bleached blonde to emulate her look (still kinda want to heh heh). Looking at her I realised that unlike most AP print models she doesn't do the pastel wigs but still look drop dead sweet and beautiful, overly sweet but not dripping in chocomint accessories, it was the lolita that I wanted to be; thus a new idolism in me was born!

So how does one incorporate a lolita idol? Dress exactly like? No of course not, idols are are refrence point when you get stuck and copying them exactly might be rude or unoriginal. If you have a more active one they might post tutorials or add you on facebook, idols are not restricted to models and shopkeeps. They're in the community, on daily lolita and youtube trying to be the best lolita they can be! I began to think of my model not as a person to emulate exactly but use as inspiraton. So I did the usual. I added the blog, found pics, youtube channels, tutorials etc. and I watched and learned and learnt a lot including hair, makeup and how gosh darn gorgeous she was!

It's always going to be a bit of a downside having an idol though, the person you can never be as good as or the person whose criticisms you take more to heart, heck maybe your idol is too mainstream and you're unsure to say your love outloud! It's easy to feel that way, hell it's easy to feel that way just going to a meetup but not to despair! Practice makes perfect and it's not fair to compare yourself to others who may have more funds and experiance than you. Take everything with a grain of salt as they say and don't forget a little bit of you to make it unique! In an effort to sort of define my style and where I want to be I created sort of an online illustration board. Think of it sort of like that Meme DA had going for a while.

Haha, pink! But it really reminds me how I love lolita and where I want to go and where I can find inspiration. In a breakdown...

Obviously there's Rinrin...
But artists such as blush_art who use amazing colour inspire me with her sweet designs of girls with mile high hair and modern twist. The last unicorn is a homage to the fantasy that first made me want to be that elegant, mysterious and unique girl, not just refrencing the Lady Amalthea but the likes of Sarah from Labyrinth and Lily from Legend, pure girls with grace and beauty and a bit of smarts to them each. That GLB happened to be the first Bible I ever got my hands on, in english obviously, and for two years was more only actual 'lolita item'. I can't count how many times it's been flipped through and it formed the basis of the kind of lolita I fell in love with, so pre 2009 AP pretty much haha. Kana is also in it with a stuffed bunny and pink hair, the whole issue is about flowers which inspired more roses which feature in a majority of prints I own, Rose also happens to be my middle name.

Gyaru is also a huuge inspiration for me! Makeup, hair, cordinations etc. Mana starre is a gyaru I regulalry keep up with who is both inspiring and beautiful. Gyaru is also, sorry lolitas, a much more evolving fashion than the lolita with even more spin offs and a constant change in what's in, from sandals to skirt length, necklines, fabric texture and types of pleating! That's insane haha, I can only keep up with trying new prints and understanding bunny ears are in right now...I prefer to look at Hime but La Parfait and Ma*rs fashion always catch my eye with bold patterns and colour choices instead of AP pastels.

To the right are street snaps which are probably one of my biggest inspiratiosn because japan doesn't seem to have as strict rules when it comes to their lolita so it's so amazing to see short skirts, anime headbands or hello kitty head shaped bags with fishnet stockings instead of just knee highs and teaparties everywhere, they're a good way to get a feel of what can and can't be done. Lastly is pixiepop, a happy and light manga I read full of pink and sparkles and all that shoujo stuff haha, it always puts me in a good mood to do lolita and then at the far right is the band Perfume whose songs I always play when I get ready for a lolita day. Poppy tunes and happy singing just kind of click don't they? The girls also have a very cute but modern look. Bands like SNSD and a few other j-pop/k-pop bands are also inspirations to me but I've been listening to perfume the longest by a good five or so years!

Anyways that's the end of this post! I'd love to see others do this lolita inspiration board too and please link me to any you do attempt!

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