Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lolita life update

So since I last posted a lot of stuff has happened. My uni work piled up, almost holidays soon yay! I'm also now going to holiday for 10 days in japan during december! So excited, it is my first trip outside japan and I'm saving like a crazy mofo! My sister is going with me which is awesome and we're already looking at places to stay and go so if anyone has any reccomendations please let me know.

I'm planning to try and not buy any large items like a jsk or op, stocking up on accessories since you don't find them often on the comms and on auctions they come with large shipping fees. Shoes, headbows, rings necklaces and SOOOCKS, so many socks. I'll probably open up a shopping service closer to the date since we've booked to have extra baggage on the way back home (nine hour flight ew!) but who knows, maybe I'll just find a heck tonne of cheap stuff or a brand will release something super awesome special for christmas and I'll pick that up too. I'm only planning on bringing maybe 1-2 lolita dresses though as they take up a lot of room and I don't want to be spending my holiday curling hair, doing makeup and getting ready for the first 2 hours of every day. We've also planned to go to TokyoDisneyland because that's been my dream since I was a tyke, well real disneyland is but tokyo can ease the void for now I guess...Anyways I can't wait!

In other news I've been doing a...lot of lolita purchases lately, erg my wallet! My wardrobe currently stands at;

4 headbows ( 1 red, 2 pink, 1 print )
1 bonnet ( blooming garden )
7 wigs ( all natural colours too!)
8 jsk ( 6 pink, 1 yellow, 1 blue )
2 OP (marine and pink)
1 skirt (blue)
3 blouse (1pink and 2 white)
2 shoes (pink and sax )
3 bags (two pink, one blue )

Yeah...guess what all my money goes on in lolita? This is why I need to focus on things like shoes and bags and such >.> Also, too much pink..although I do want a short sleeved pink blouse and a different kinf od long sleeved one...Anyways! I have more than enough to wear lolita everyday of the week with a diff. dress so I may try to do that in my school break. My latest purchases were all pretty cool and included dream dress Fantasic dolly jsk in pink; last pink themed dress for a while I've decided, break from pink tiara rose in sax and really well priced aqua princess jsk also in pink; purchased before vow of no pink. I'm actually glad I wrote all this down though, I've only started purchasing lolita within the last year and a half and sometimes, probably because I don't wear it enough ) it feels like in comparison to so many other girls I've done and purchased very little.

Anyways, to finish up here's a few tidbits of how and why I got the new dresses that I did because I just felt so squee-y after I paid for them all and needed to get it out!

Aqua princess.
At the time I wasn't really looking for anything but I saw a post for the dress and I thought to myself, it's very pretty and it is on my want list, probably $400 though...However it was $300 including shipping! Conversipn wise had I paid for this dress brand new from AP it would have cost $350 plus about an extra $50 in shipping fees, I pondered it for a bit and eventually decided if I hated it the resale value would be fine because I'd paid so little in shipping, hooray! As it turns out I love this dress! I'm slightly too small for it, do not need the all, it laces all the way so you can't even see it Dx Learning lesson, I can officially never go over an AP 87cm bust with corsetting/shirring, won't work. But it's so glittery and gorgeous, I think without a blouse it'd also make a lovely party dress because of the strapless aspect. The lace seems a little grey? Like it went through the wash but it's hard to tell if, from the stock pictures, it's meant to be that way as a 'dusty pink'.

Fantasic Dolly
Omigawsh this was my newest dreamdress, you know after ribbon decoration (yet to be aquired), frill marine and blooming garden (both in my closet!) Haha, loli just isn't fun if you're not chasing a dress! I originally hated this dress and it's 50's esque print but idk. I got kind of bored with the sweet and rose prints and started looking for more and suddenly it became 'unique and unlike anything else I plan on owning'. So it became my top priority dress to get in the jsk version, not high waisted and, as always it had to be in pink. Now the high waisted ones are like..everywhere, I've seen several come and go all for good prices with only a few regular jsk and all of those were in red or lavender. At one point there was an auction for the set I wanted including headbow and socks but my shopping service didn't get to it in time.HOWEVER after weeks and weeks a sale went up for the headbow and jsk in pink and I settled a price, was soo happy and also surprised considering I'd thought it'd be a japanese auction site that would have it, just keep hoping I guess! The other unique thing about this dress is that it will be the last pink dress I buy for a while. My wardrobe is looking very pink and I'd like to expand on it which is why I purchased some sax SS shoes to get me started and then it compliments....

Tiara Rose
Tiara rose was always a dress I wanted to purchase however it's similarity to lady rose always put me of, especially in the pink colourway. Once again it was at a good time, I'd saved some cash aside to spending, and a sa version went up a little after I bought the sax shoes, better yet it came with a matching headbow so I could wear it with something else blue, and it would look different to my lady rose jsk, THUS MY ATTEMPT TO WORK IN OTHER COLOURS BEGINS.

So there you go, fun times huh? My Aqua princess arrived, obviously, and Tiara rose is meant to be next week but I don't think my fantasic dolly is shipping until monday, but it's supposedly only 5 work das shipping so I'm hoping it will be here the following monday or, if the post gets in gear, friday.


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  1. Glad to hear that you found some dresses you had been hoping to get! Makes me wish that I could be as lucky as you.