Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog to-do list

Hey so I'm going to be trying to get more tutorials out, I've been crafting like a maniac lately! I'd like to throw a few out there for you guys to try out. A lot of my lolita inspiration is well...drowning in a sea of reality. I've got to save for my trip overseas, unpack still, finish up already unfinished projecst and start uni once again in a few days amid working shifts at my job. It's a little crazy getting used to my family again but these things happen and I'm glad! So, here's a list of  few things I'm going to try and get done with the blog!

Re-design blog

Mini tophat tutorial (regular and heart shaped)

Cutsew tutorial

ring/necklace/bracelet tutorial

7 days of lolita (or 5 give or take work days)

1 dress, several different looks

Makeup tutorial & review ( I've gotten better I swear! )

Lolita up your room, on a budget!

Some kind of reader give away

Anyways! I'll hopefully start on that next week! In the meantime I've a room to repaint and some boxes to unpack! I hope nobody minded the filler post and if you could please comment what parts you're most looking foreward to I'll try and get on it all asap!



  1. Yay, I can't wait! ^.^
    I'm especially excited for the cutsew tutorial and room redeco :3 I'm really looking forward to all of them~

  2. I'm so exited :D:D:D can't wait eater :P

  3. You have the best lolita blog I have seen in a while. Seriously, keep it up! Its so original, lolita needs a breath of fresh air :)