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Lolify your bedroom (on a budget!) part 1: The room

Greetings Readers! I know I promised this a whie ago but an update on the way I figured I'd give you some actual content first! So here's my take on how to give your room a lolita makeover, without breaking the bank! Tips and tricks to get your personal space looking a little frillier and girlish without being impractical or requiring an interior designer budget! cause, let's face it, we can't all have rooms like that one, much as we may wish!

For this first part I'm going to be looking at basics such as furniture, room restoration, storage space and bedding. The second part will focus more on details such as displays and decorations, visual items that will loli your room rather than your room speaking for itself without these materials. These posts are going to be split up as otherwise we might end up with a huge post! Hopefully by the end of this you'll be a bit more inspired to have a go at something yourself or even just go out and find something pretty to add to your bedroom, now let's start...*ahem*


In short, before you do anything clean the place up. Nobody like s a dirty room, it's not healthy to leave it for too long and it's aobut personal pride. Don't make a room pretty if no one's going to see it under filth anyways. This includes changing sheets once or twice a month to air them out, plus new covers are always refreshing! Aha..anyways.

Your walls are most likely one of the first things people may notice in a room. Colour, size, adornment etc. It sets the boundaries and is going to limit how much you can or can't do and you're going to see them often, naturally they deserve a little attention.

Painting is one way to go about this, paint a feature wall! A bright colour to grab your eye everyday can add some real spark to any room so don't be afraid to give it a go! A buck of paint large enough to cover a feature wall is usually much cheaper than enough to do a whole room and with a little time it can end up stunning, make a day of it with friends or family even and just have at it! If you're after something more...individual or stimulating try shopping for wallpapers to line the top and bottom of your walls, floral, gothic, modern...seriously just hit up your local places and you'd be amazed at what you find! I can not personally vouch for how 'budget' this method is as I've only ever done it once before several years back and the cost may have changed but it was charged by the metre for how much wallpaper was needed.

Lastly, and my personal favourite, nothing adds character like wall stickers. Oh yes, they can be costly if you look around, even going up to $200 for elaborate ones but if you have bookshelves, beds and desks around your walls I hardly think you'll require, or maybe not even fit, a giant olive tree complete with flock of escaping birds...You can find wall stickers either online OR many retailers who deal in home decor do sell them, including the likes of Target who at this very moment are selling a florel set of 6 for about $20. I bought some today so once I get them up I'll tell you how it goes!

So now you have some funky, painted, decked out walls! Too bad your vanity isn't looking too sharp and you've still got that fruity coloured ikea double bed from who know when right? WRONG. Ok so I don't think anything's that bad but lets face facts, it's not always great either. Here's some ideas on how to 'spiff up your furniture.

Surfaces. Doilies, table clothes, 'deck protectors'. Enough said. You can put frills on it, drape it, have it long or short. This isn't everyone's cup of tea of course which is where we come to...
Redressing. Now this all depends on how your room is set up. Some people have in built wardrobes and some have outside racks sitting against a wall. Some people have furniture that can be pretty much given to the dogs when it comes to restoring and others may have something more practical. The way you can do this really depends on what you have but to give you ideas...

Try putting wallpaper on your furniture, there are many tutorials on how to do this and it can look super sweet! For something even more special shop for new handles to match whatever you want! There's so many drawer/door handles out's amazing, in fact even if you're not doing this go check out your hardware store for handles, I dare you to not like one or two!
New paint job! Get a colour to match the feature wall or try something out to make an overall 'theme'. If you're afraid of doing this to 'good' furniture, and do have the cash, try going to large op shops or charity shops and buying furniture from them as they are usually cheap and you won't have to worry about messing it up. You can get excellent desks, chairs, wardrobes and cabinets all under $60-$100!

You can also paint designs on OR apply any leftover wallpaper images to furniture! Just cut out the parts you want and apply.
 Ok, so I also understand some of you may have closets that look like this...
Or some varient outside a cupboard which consists of this inside a stell frame...very boring.

Or is it!? What you're missing here is an opportunity to show off your lolita clothing all pressed and preened WITHOUT IT SEEMING UNATURAL. All us others have to hide them in stuffy closets. Move 'personality' pieces to the front so they become a 'decoration' of the room. If you have a wire frame tie ribbon around it OR wrap wire flowers around it to add colour and flair and some femininity. If you use shoe boxes invest in coloured or printed ones. You can also try adding curtains to cover your items, although this defeats the 'lolita is a decoration' idea, if your curtains are pretty and frilly enough maybe they're a better, and also more 'burando protective' device.

If you have an inbuilt or enclosed closet, like me, You can line the walls with....wrapping paper. Yep, no joke. Not many people see inside your closet so wallpaper may be a bit too expensive but wrapping paper and a bit of time plus blu-tack can create a very similar look. If you're brave you can also unscrew those doors and try stringing a curtain across too, it may add some more 'space' as well for those whose closets seem to take up half your place!

Wait that's not really a bed....I don't care, I want to sleep in a pumpkin coach too! Take my money!

*coughcough* Next up, that home of dreams, your eternal friend, oh yeah we all know them...Bed. You spend a lot of time here so what we don't want is...clutter that means ten minutes of throwing off useless crap to dive in. Quickest way to get a pretty princess bed? Buy a four post and throw on some delicious, privacy ensuring curtains....but that's not budget haha. No, what I might suggest is one of these...

Mosquito nets can look princessy too!
Maybe it's just me but I always thought anything draped over a bed in such a manner was very princessy and romantic, and now it's also functional! gossamer and light you need only pull back the flap and get into bed. Annoyed? Just tie it back and bam, no more net! These bad boys can run from $20 to $100 but you really do get what you pay for. $20 = itchy and scratchy, $100 = WHY CAN'T I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME!? 

Moving right along bed attire is a pretty big thing. It's hard to look lolita with star wars sheets, not that either isn't awesome but it's difficult to manage pulling it off at the same time unless you have hello kitty pink Vadar sheets. Give your bed a stylish quilt cover and matching pillows and it's like having that perfect OP and headbow go, accessorizse! Obviously it's hard to do such a thing on a 'budget' as such. Assuming you do not have a 'lolita-esque' bedsheet I'm afraid you're out of luck. Bedsheets can run up very high for good quality ones. I can suggest that low end department stores, such as Target, do offer very cutesy ones for all a manner of sizes, and are regularly marked at reduced prices, but they are....not uncomfortable, but you do get what you pay for. Fashion is pain I guess? Do you want a pretty room on the cheap or not?

Anyways, pretending you already have that rosey floral or bat winged ensemble of your choice I highly suggest a valance or 'bed skirt'. In this lolita rundown of your bed fabrics consider it the petticoat, as in lots of frills, no so much as in 'it holds everything up'. Unessecary frills to hide unsightly bed springs? Oh that's gotta be in a lolita room ;D Decorative pillows is probably my best suggestion. You can buy these for $10-$50 and they come in all shapes, sizes colours etc. Best thing yet they are pure decoration. Go cheap and get the scratchy ones, you're not actually sleeping with them, it's just to make it look pretty. Decorative pillows on a bed can look truly cute and...well like a centre piece for your bedspread, buy a few and mix and match every now and again. Better yet pillows are an inexpensive, and without a doubt the easiest, sewing project you may ever embark on. Get creative! Apply an AP felt logo, string some pearls around the edges or tea dye it to match a classic champagne rose colour.

Finally, after all that, my final say is...if you're still looking around and thinking 'this isn't lolita enough for me' I suggest investing in some curtains for your windows, or even as a room divider! Rugs are a costly items as well however those with wood floors may find it chilly without one so make sure your next rug purchase matches your new room ideal!

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