Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini hiatus plus seven days of cute

Hello lovelies
I know I haven't blogged in a while which is why I'm making a more official post about it. I'm going on hiatus for a month or two. In the past two weeks I've been swamped with school stuff and more importantly my whole family is moving out in two weeks - leaving me that same amount of time to move out and find a more stable job. It's pretty overwhelming; especially trying to juggle study and packing and job hunting. So I'm taking a break, sitting back and focusing on what's most important right now and worry about how cute I look, new lolita outfits and what's going on over at tumblr are taking a much needed backseat.
This also extends to my project/ brand Kawaii Lime designs. I've even had to put that on hold as the making time means I'm not sure what my address will be when they need to ship it @_@ I am focusing on getting patterns and such made but it's not getting as much time devoted to it as needed. The brand itself was a sort of a rush launch, which I've learnt from so I'll most likely 'release' it again when I've had time to properly turn it into something i'm more happy with as well as an official sample to try and secure more orders (I'm also thinking of creating a matching jewellery line and even leggings/tight) but it's up in the air until everything sorted.
As a sort of final 'get it out of my system' I've been dressing in lots of cute pastels and accessories whenever I can so here's a few pictures.
day 1
 The tricky thing regarding day 2 is I dressed up all in pastel purple but my phone died. I then later attended a dress up party ( I went as Belle from beauty and the beast) and ended up not being concious for most of day 3...which brings us to)

Day 4
 I konw it doesn't seem like much but it feels very different for me, and I've still got day 5,6 and 7 to get through which should be fun. My new dresses sugar fairy cake and pink meringue tartan pleated jsk, which I must say is super adorable! halter neck with a dropped skirt fits my figure a lot better so I'm glad I got it, it also isn't as OTT as sugar cake so i might get more wear out of it. I hope.

Until next time!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pinky Paradise Circle lense review: Twilight blue, dolly brown & fairy violet

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm going to review the circle lenses I ordered a few weeks ago. As always I encourage people to always see their optometrist before getting lenses (especially those who have never done so before) and always, ALWAYS remove/dispose of lenses that make your eyes itch, irritable, red or uncomfortable after more than 2 hours use. Keep 'em clean, don't go past expiry dates and remember to store them properly. Disclaimer out the way, let's look at the purchase!

EOS fairy violet
Vassen dolly plus Brown
Princess Pinky twilight blue
Dolly wink lashes
Multipurpose solution (if you've never bought lenses before I suggest getting this)

 Just to give you all idea of what we're staring with, these are my natural eyes.
Dark, dark brown!
I think I had a mix up here because I thought I was buying the Vassen cloud 9 violet series, but in a case of 'forgetting what I ordered' this was not so. I bought these on a whim as I l-o-v-e anime-ish eye colours like violet and strawberry pink and I wanted something that really stood out. Thankfully, despite my mix up, these do just that!  

14.5mm, you can see the colour stands out & enlarges

The lenses themselves are comfortable, after initial few minutes of that queer 'there's something in my eye' feeling. Most noticable in natural light however still noticable indoors, just darker in colour. You can see the image below for an idea of what these look like in a natural light source. They're EOS, an already well known and reliable brand, so there wasn't much to say. Although these lenses do not have a review on Pinky paradise the stock images do them justice in a natural light source. These images do not portray quiet how vibrant these lenses are in reality. I would suggest them for an anime or sweet doll look as the vibrancy may stand out too much with just a day to day wear, unless you like people always wow'ing at your eyes.

The pattern is smooth and surprisingly natural looking and fully covers the iris while leaving the pupil fully revealed.

Final thoughts: Vibrant, EOS = reliable, Not for everyday wear, comfortable
Natural lighting.

Vassen dolly plus Brown
When I bought these I was hoping for an enlarged (14.5mm) chocolate brown to lighten my eyes while still looking more natural, something to wear around on the days I'm sick of glasses but dont' want bright blue or purple. The stock images for this aren't quiet true to colour, with mine appearing more orange-brown than true chocolate brown. I was also a little unsure going with a brand other than well known medical ones such as GEO and EOS. After resolving that I wouldn't be to upset if I wasted the cash if they were too much of a risk (throw away $30 lenses or risk eye damage..yeah no brainer there) I went ahead. Unfortunately I only got the one shot of me wearing them, sorry!

These lenses were actually easier and more comfortable to put in than the EOS ones. You can see that the further away stock image appears a little more correct than the close up but overall different. Not that there's anything WRONG with what I got they're i said, more orange; it's more obvious face to face as well. However, despite the colour difference and being only 14.5mm they sure do look larger than life. I wore them for over 8 hours and had no issues with them, I'll be considering Vassen lenses from now on along with GEO and EOS.
Final thoughts: Comfortable, naturally unnatural, enlarging, subtle yet has pazow!

Princess pinky twilight blue
I was sold on these lenses when I saw the colour and I HAD. TO. HAVE. THEM. They're without a doubt my favourite lenses. The colour is amazing and they give my face a whole new look, I know that sounds weird but as someone who's had dark brown eyes all her life having suddenly bright blue eye is like looking at a whole new person, especially when I'm wearing a blonde or pink wig.  The comfort level leaves a bit to be desired,they take longer than normal to settle and also moved around a lot at first which made me super nervous. Leaves my eyes feeling dry after long wear, would suggest for more than 8-10 hours. Always make sure to give eyes a rest for the following 24 hours and use aeye drops if required.

14.5mm, indoor lighting
The stock image, on my screen anyways, made these seem more pale than they are but as you can tell, they're bright sky blue. There's a lot of reviews up on the website including more pictures from others including those with a lighter hue to their eyes. Not for everyday use, way too obvious and flashy but great for photoshoots and special meets. I've never heard of this brand before and unlike Vassen it is not available anywhere else so I was highly weary of it. I would not buy from this brand again unless, once again, they came up with a truly spectacular design. The pattern is sort of pixelated.
Final thoughts: Super bright, take cautionary measures, not for everyday use.

And that covers this review! I hope it helped a few of you, 'scuse my derp faces in most of the photos! I love wearing contact lenses, even if I have to wear glasses. I encourage anyone interested in wearing them to do some extensive research and be aware of the care involved.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quick GET post

Hello lovelies!

I know a lot of people are never really interested in GET posts but I'm super happy with this one and want to show off, haha!

Yes sparkles are needed! I've loved this skirt since it first came out so I was super happy to see it on the comms, and now I own it, mwahaha!  It's longer than I imagined, but I'm also still waiting on the shirt I bought to go with it outfit cord yet!

There was a GO for pinky paradise so I bought three new lenses as well as some dollywink eyelashes and some lense cleaner, but who cares about that? I'm going to put a review on the lenses in a bit so stay tuned! I also ordered 40 lower lashes for $10 online but we'll see how they go when they arrive.
 That wraps this up though, OOOOh except...I recently got involved in a very special project. I'm not allowed to say anything but I'm super excited about it and I hope when it comes to fruition you guys will all support it!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Press & Go nails review

Hello lovelies!
Well after that depressing post I figured something more positive was related, review time! Even if it is just about a beauty product. Today I'm reviewing...
I bought these as they're cheap, look ok and hey, my nails need a mani!
So here's a bit of info about the product. Essentially they're just a modern re-do of those stick on nails you used to buy as a kid. They come in a lot of colours, are widely available in chemists, sueprmarkets and beauty stores and 'press & go' is the australian name for the brand, otherwise knows as simply 'imPress nails'. The packaging (above) is cute, girly and looks like a nail polish bottle. These bad boys retail for about $15 a pop and supposedly last a week (I'll update when it's been that long). All in all it seems a much better deal than ruining my nails with acrylic and gel nails and (hopefully) I'll get a 'salon perfect manicure in a few minutes'.

Why choose stick on? 
Stick on nails are a pretty great idea if you don't like the idea of ruining your nails and getting fornightly fill ins for a bit of  hefty set up cost. Issue being you still want some glam nails for a night, a day, an evening, a week. Maybe you work in the food industry and may not be allowed to have artificial nails due to health and safety issues. Looking to add a little more refinment to an outfit (lolita rings next to long elegant nails? I say yes!) without having to book an appointment the day before and put aside an hour or so? Sticks on are for you, but there's a lot of cheap crappy ones out there who make claims they can't meet.
The Review 

Before: After washing, clipping, cuticle removing, moistuerising and wiping over
After: Before filing (see filed image below)
The packaging actually comes with an alchol based wipe to clean your nails with prior to use and also includes a mini nail...file pad? to roughen up the surface for best adhesion. There's 24 nails in 12 sizes and you pick that ones that best fit your nails. WARNING Much to my displeasure these are not 'petite' nails and so I found a few were somewhere between too large and a bit small, go for the smaller one. I was also disappointed to fin there were only 2 pinkie sized nails which you means you one shot per nail.

The first hand is pretty easy to get on but after getting two of the nails on my other hand done it became difficult removing the tape along the sticky side of the nails because the nails made it difficult (see below). Maybe have a friend help you or wait half an hour between each hand? You can re-apply the nails twice before they lose the stickiness to stay on, after that try again with a different one in the same size if possible. Other than that it's a pretty easy process and took my 10 - 15minutes for both hands after picking out my sizes.
I've had these on for about 6 hours now and although the packaginf says ready to go in minutes I'm not sure what they think you're going to do after but it's not much involving your hands! The instruction manual actually advises you to not do much for half an hour - including typing and such. Maybe read a book? I watched a movie and after an hour and a half I was tippy typing away without much hesitation and so far so good. DO NOT TOUCH THEM BETWEEN HALF AN HOUR TO AN HOUR. I did this to my pinky to test it and er..well the back end towards the nail bed flicked up and I had to use some nail glue to get it to stay on because it had lost its glue.By hour six they're all pretty sturdy now but I'm paranoid about them and will probably be so until tomorrow morning after showering and cooking and sleeping and petting my cat and typing and generally putting them to the test. I'll update date this section next week with a followup.

Comfort & Fit
Like most artificial beauty enhancers the nails take a while to get used to. The touch when I don't intend to, the feel fragile and like they'll fall off any minute BUT after getting over that they're actually pretty comfortable and ignorable. It's like painting your nails, while they're wet it's 'don't touch me, you'll smudge EVERYTHING, but then it's blah but you're still weary that if you press too hard against something you'll most likely wreck your work. As prior said there are 12 sizes and if you're in between go with the smallest one, they do have a lot of sizes so it was pretty easy to do but my biggest issue was the square tip. Maybe it's just me but square tips are a bi*ch to work around, too much surface space? Who knows but unless you're used to a squared nail file them down, they felt so much nicer and natural after I did that. Anyways, AFTER PICS!

After! (10minutes)
After filing, notice corners. (2 hours)
Final Impressions 
I actually do really like them, after the filing. I'm being a bit tougher on them at the 6 hour mark now and I've noticed a few are coming off towards the back ends, mostly the ones I had to re-apply whicher were too big/small for my nails, so I may look at getting some nail glue as a precaution (I guess that defeats the point of sticks on but if I work it into prep who cares?) They look good, do the job and at $15 instead of $45 for acrylics and gels I'd buy them again when these fall off too. It might be nicer if they came in a range of length sizes since these are all a natural short length but there's potential to glam these up a bit too. Compared to other stick on nails I've tried there really is no comparison, they're an amazing quality for their field. Overall t's not a very natural look (shiny and perfectly white tips) but it does look like I just had a trip to the salon which is all I wanted anyways. Eff the kardashion endorsement, they're a good product and i highly reccomend - just remember to grab some nail glue and a file first!


After putting them on, as much as I think this is a classic look, I figured why not paint them and see if it takes?


 Yes it does! The only issue being, with the french tip, is that there's a ridge where the white part starts. One could possibly incorporate it into a design but I don't think anyone would really notice? The varnish also keeps its gloss s maybe paint a set before putting them on and give them a super shiny coat!

Stay Glamorous!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Today was not a good day..

Good evening lovelies.
I hope your day has been/goes better than mine did today. I'm very sick right now and had to travel a long time on the train to get home and it didn't end well at all. I don't know why I'm really blogging this, I guess I just believe in venting to make thing feel beter, not to mention I'm stuck in my room trying to get better so there's not a lot to do.
Today I finally got funded some capital for my brand Kawaii lime designs, as well as heard from my manufactuer both I'm feeling very uncertain. Although KLD hasn't been up long I had been hoping for a bit more of a response, not a rush, but I do need to know if I should be looking at chiffon or cotton. Secondly the prices are looking to be much more than anticipated since most fashion designed on a smaller scale are based in a different state to me so shipping is higher. At the moment it looks like a skirt alone might be $150-$200 which is ridiculous for indie brands since that's what brand prices are, but I could only make it cheaper if more people ordered. It's a bit of a cruel cycle but it looks like I'll just be investing in a skirt for me *shrug*
I suppose that's technically ok but  I guess I just got mislead when there seemed sincere interested for my print ^^;; I was even looking into plus sizing so girls who don't fit brand can still have a cute pastel unicorn dress! I wasn't even making profit, just asking for what it takes to make these items because what's important to me isn't the moolah, just knowing out there people would be wearing something that meant a lot to me that they also loved.
But that's the dream isn't it? Today has just been a very bad day I think so maybe it will be better in the morning.
I also found, and sorry for being late on the bandwagon, the blog Pastel Raindrops. It's very cute and is one of those blogs that seem to be very into OTT sweet with the purple/pink/mint/lavednder combo that seems to be trending. The blog writer also seems to be an amazing artist so I hope you all enjoy it too. {/endplug}
Everybody else, please have a good day! If anyone is still interested in my skirt and its creation I'll still be updating it here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Taobao Highlights

Hello Lovelies!
Mmm Today I'm going to talk about some great Taobao shop items. I think a lot of the issues newer lolitas come across is 1. budget and 2. the fear of 'doing it wrong'. A lot of them are told to hit up bodyline for cheap but quality pieces or (heaven forbid) try to tackle ebay or milanoo. It always really frustrates me since Taobao is so easily accessible. Anyways! I figure most lolita's are looking at about $60-$100 for their first purchase, or even a splurge on the side, so let's look at this season's newest!
Dear Celine
Classic's a hit! Right now DC is doing some super adorable dress and blouses, one of which I'm just sooo putting in my needs wishlist. This Princess OP for $75USD, striped blue op - $68USD and, my favourite, classic blouse for only $38USD.

Chess Story
So chess story has dived into the world of creating thier own original prints, the first being a slightly off (or on if it's your thing) red and navy optional chess chocolate inspired piece. It's pretty cute and also a fraction of regular brand priced prints. This was followed up by High Tea time OP, a super OTT sweet print in (from what I can tell) comes in lavender and white. Both of these dresses are under. It also was followed up with a plainer, fairy-kei like jsk. Which I love and kind of want, hee hee! Their latest hit is a melty chocolate inspired design called chocolate party. There's some more teddy bear and donut action going on but you get the idea. All theses dresses come in way under the usual brand prices and none of them go over $100 with this little beauty listed below at just under $70, can't beat that!
Surface Spell
Although perhaps more well known for their gothic counterpart, Surface spell caught my eye with the longer classic mint, lavender and navy optional jsk. It's a gorgeous chiffon and looks like it could be matched with about anything, I'm itching to try and get that purple into my wardrobe! The jsk comes under $70USD and would be ideal for the taller ladies and gents.

Other than the convential lolita brands I'm not very good at finding anything new on taobao but I figured these deserved a bit of a shout out, especiall to any new-er followers of the fashion. Please leave any for would be taobao converters in the comments!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kawaii Lime Designs: Dream of the starlight rose carnival

Hello Lovelies!
let me intrdoduce you to my new brand 'kawaii lime Design' well..sort of!
I started creating a lolita print a few months back and after an on again, off again start up process I finally finished it. Originally designed in the one colourway for my own purposes I created three other colourways (mint, yellow and lavender) which I'll be creating a reserve for. 
If any of y'all have been following my tumblr you'll have seen a preview a few weeks back.
At the moment I'm looking at only producing a gathered skirt version but with enough interest I'll also look at creating a jsk and op, I'm not getting my hopes up though! The skirts should be between roughly $80-$100 once done. In the perfect world I'd also love to collaborate with a sweets jewellery creator and make a set, but I doubt that'll happen. ANYWAYS this is my first print and it was inspired by those carousels you always see in little girl's rooms. I always wanted one but I never got one :( But I think they're lovely none the less! Anyways, ONTO THE PRINT!
Link to bigger version
This will be up for reservation within the next few days with a $50 deposit required and the rest to be paid when the skirt is ready to be shipped. Doing this will give me an idea of direct number required, I'm also hoping to get in contact with a few Australian stores to see if they're interested in buying a few for sales at cons and etc. 
I'm looking at using broadcloth (100% cotton) to print on, the same stuff brands like angelic pretty use, and have also picked out an embroided lace to go along the bottom with some adorable pink translucent resin rose buttons to secure the waist ties, if they're still in stock when i get the material. Obviously it'll still be a bit until I have an actual sample but at the moment this is what I have in mind. As my producer changes price depending on quantity the cost it may go up or down.   
I hope you all like it and are excited to have one for your own wardrobe, plese get back to me if you believe you are a serious buyer for the print!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Princess parody reboot

Hello lovelies!
Welcome to the NEW and improved Princess Parody, I hope my new format, font and abbner are not too cluttered and hard to understand! I was hoping for a more organic look, as if you are reading a private diary with this look while keeping it looking sweet with childish, how did I do?
Lately I've been interested in the 'idol' culture of the western lolitas and girls, they're all very adorable and sweet and I find them very inspiring so I'm taking this leaf from the, I'm a little worried it's too weeaboo but FEH, that's what your critic is for! There's less emphasis on the brand elements I think and more on what motives me with my own personal style. The giant floofy wedding dress to the side, the OTT makeup in the header and also that gorgeous AP dress. I also thought of adding a few OTT hime, la parfait esque images but I think it would start to look very gyaru - maybe not bad since I also love that style!
Anyways, please enjoy the new princess parody, check out my tumblr, and stay tuned as always!  
 P.S Tomorrow I'll will be creating a special sign off tag to put at the end of my posts, they're super cute don't you think? 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lolita weekend!

So Last weekend, I got somewhat busy inbetween nw and then which is why I didn't post it monday, it was two full days of lolita, super fun! My sister came down for the weekend and insisted we dress up when we went out shopping with my mum, it's always lovely when we three can go out! Then sunday the brisbane lolitas went skating, frills and all! We got a LOT of weird looks but at least only two lolis fell down (not including yours truly)! On both days I also got japanese style crepes so yay for that too!


No contacts because I need to buy some more cleaning solution first! Today's theme was pink to match my sister, with my favourite angelic pretty hat of course and the bag she bought me, gotta say, I do love the cord.

Anyays she wore;

She was so worried she looked ita but I think she looks adorable!!, the first pic is in really wonky lighting but you can tell by the second pic that the wig actually matched a lot better irl, less neon by far. She has a savory chicken pizza crepe and I had a strawberry cheesckae and both of them were super delicious! >D I think I want to get the pink frill marine jsk on top of the navy op now....


Ice skating!! There were er...a lot of girls there, fourteen I think? Maybe more, I thought there were only a few at first but more kept arriving during the day. I wish we got a group picture of everyone but to do so on the ice woulda been ridiculous and we were all in a rush to get on the ice and then get warm afterwards'h!! My sister also went home today so she couldn't come :(

I was trying to do shiro lolita but I had to wear my pink AP capulet to keep me warm in the end! I thought for sure I'd take it off after a few lapse but nope, it stayed on the entire day! We then of course ended our icy shenanigans at the crepe place, this time I had chicken curry and the store owners recognised me from yesturday as well and told us all we had lovely dresses. All in all a very fun day!

Anyways I'll end this blog post on a purchase! Lately pastels are LIEK SO IN RIGHT NOW, Y'KNOW!? Namely lavender and mint so you can find jeans, tights, sneakers all around the place in these colours as well as peach for some reason...Taking advantage of this I bought some...

Tights! I don't even own anything in these colours but who cares, one day right? I was a bit put off that they weren't ones with a foot but when I tried them on at home they were a lot longer than my leg and also very DIY sewing job at home joining the legholes together and tada, I now have foot-included pastel tights! I wore them like that for a whole day to test it and they work dandy just like that! It makes me very happy.

Until next time fellow blog readers!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway closed, WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Third post in four days, gosh it feels like a lot! Anyways the giveaway is now over, at 18 new blog followers (yay!) and 56 followers on my tumber (wow!) I'm off to go figure out who the winner is via randomiser so stay tuned to find out what number you are AND who the winner is!
This is how the current list of entries looks so far!
  1. corpseonthestairs
  2. batsparks101
  3. everydaycolourful
  4. pastelrainbowbatt
  5. unicornshapedpizza
  6. tamabonotchi
  7. Caro-chan
  8. ammorin
  9. Becky
  10. mandaplz
  11. mandaplz
  12. Caylee
  13. fluffyfrills
  14. MandaPlz
  15. Inuyashley813
  16. strawberrysweetlolita
  17. batsparks101
  18. keepsturning
  19. Princess keyrey
  20. Ashley Parish
  21. Rouise
  22. iflorrie
  23. Kayla
  24. AdaEatsWontons
  25. Elisabeth Wright
  26. Gina
  27. honeyed
  28. winbaftasfuckbitches
  29. KuROWwonderland
  30. lovelyseaprincess
  31. Sonia
  32. Ammorin
  33. destr0y-something-beautifu
  34. Milky Ribbon
  35. unicornshapedpizza
  36. defigure
  37. samantha
  38. Intrisically Florrie
  39. kurowonderland
  40. Prancing bee
I want to thank everyone so much for all the compliments on my blog and for following me! I'm so happy that so many people like what's going on. I don't think I've missed anyone in this list but if I have, please let me know so I can work out a way to fix it all up for you >.< p.s When I realise Caro-chan is following my blog, eep! ^^ haha

ANYWAYS!!! And the winner is.....

NUMBER 12. CAYLEE (lovelyseaprincess)

I will be in contact with you soon to get address and colour details. In the meantime, everybody please keep enjoying Princess parody and the content updates coming soon!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog-a-thon DERP

So it should be obvious but I haven't been able to do the 'blog post a day' part of my celebrations. I had a lot of personal issues come up in the week, hings I honestly should have forseen, but that's life a guess. you'll be happy to konw that, of course, the giveaway is still on though! So keep reblogging, liking, subscribing, telling friends and etc. Since Starting this at 100 followers I've gained 17 and my tumblr has grown 14 with a tonne of reblogs haha. BUT we've still got a few more days to go! GO YOU GOOD they say, ahem! Anyways, have some cupcake madness as filmed by my friends Goldie and Elliot ( Vysanthe and Technotropism). They're SUPER talented so everybody go watch, subscribe and adore their talents!

P.s I'm the lolita who first gets cupcaked with the blue bow in her hair.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Princess Parody Week long Blogathon & mini giveaway!!

Heyo! So in between squeeing over the new Avatar finale, ordering new shoes, getting a new phone and practising more polymer clay related stuff I realised

Eee, that's so exciting! I never thought I'd get more than like...thirty so this is pretty awesome. In light of this lovely number I'm organising a WEEK LONG CELEBRATION. A blog post a day and a mini give-away starting today and ending seven days from now to thank all my followers and, maybe, get a few more.

In the coming week expect 7 days of lolita outfit pics as a dress up each day of the week, reviews, tutorials and transformations along with of course the winner(s) of the giveaway.


Doesn't look like much huh? That's bcause I'll be posting more and more of what's in the give-away during the week however I can tell you what it does include overall (just no spoiler pics!)

  • 1x polymer clay ice cream ring (winner picks colours - pictured)
  • 1x polymer clay macaron ring (winner picks colours - pictured)
  • 1x polymer clay cookie brooch or ring (winner's choice)
  • 1x angelic pretty inspired polymer clay shooting star ring
  • 1x polymer clay marshmallow braclet (winner picks colours – pictured)
  • 1x Japanese Vivi nails set of 24 (pictured)
  • 1x chocomint hairclip
  • 1x exclusive princess parody art card
  • 1x exclusive princess parody plushie
  • 1x $50 angelic pretty USA online gift certificate!!!!
I hope some of those items get your heart beating and eager to have a crack at this, ready to learn how to enter?  You can get your name entered in multiple times by doing any of the following;

  • First off you need to follow this blog, and I will be checking!
  • Secondly, you need to comment on this post with just a '1x entry for _____' or something similar.
  • Reblog this post HERE! on my Tumblr and follow me there as well.
  • Tell a friend, get them to follow and post in the latest entry '___ referred me'. Each friend gains you an extra spot.

At the end of the week ( july 2nd at 8pm AEST) I'll throw every name (including those who gain extra spots from doing all the above) into the random list generator and use the random number generator to pick the name.
That about wraps up this post, I'll see you all tomorrow and hope you all enjoy the week long activities! Good luck!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh I'm a lolita, just not right now...

If the long waits between blog posts do not tell you then I'll clue you in. I'm am not the most religious and strict of lolitas when it comes to...being a lolita. I go months at a time without donning the frills and my petticoated pals are usually not the first I turn to when looking for a day out on the town. Maybe they should be, maybe I need better social skills but for all intents and purposes I am a 'part time lolita'.

Sometimes, in this world of technology and tumblr minute by minute updates and efamous fashionistas, it feels like I've never been lolita. That the clothing is just a staple in my closet that will enver be worn again. Life interferes I guess and as much as I'd love to wear lolita everyday, and even other styles like fairy kei or gyaru, it's not gonna happen. I don't have a reason to and frankly gettin pretty to do dishes isn't my idea of a good day no matter how fabulous I look.

I feel unfrilly in these lapses. Like girlish garments and wigs are a waste of time, money and frankly I'm a twenty year old woman, why aren't I trying to look sexy instead of cute? I think a few of you can relate, hopefully. So I'm compiling a list of things to do to try and be 'lolita' and all that comes to mind, without actually being a lolita, a la' wig an dress and socks and shoes and lashes and circle lenses get the picture...

1. Take up a lolita crafting hobby

Sew a skirt, cross stitch an applique and learn a new life skill. I've taken up many many crafts in my time (cross stitch, sewing, bjd face ups, monster high doll faceups, my little pony customisation, scrapbooking, papercraft, drawing, writing, dabbled in mosaics, beading and lately decoden) and good golly if being surrounded by a bunch of lolita related craft items doesn't help you feel more lolita, or at least distract you, then it's time to just man up, get out the house and quench the urge; so to speak. Crafting can lead to new friends, online communities and some really cute creations! Decoden and lolita jewellery crafting is a great place to start with many places offering wholesale discounts on items to get started, not to mention you will no longer have to pay $10 for a cupcake ring; just make your own!

2. Stalk auction sites and sales communities

This sounds dumb but sometimes just making a mental list of things I want helps. I visit mbok and yahoo japan auctions most and I go through every single page of the angelic pretty tag. EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. By page 57 it's like 'ok you know why I'm not wearing lolita? it's so i can f*ckin buy these things. ALL THE WANT. haha. It also allows you to get an idea of current market value and you can learn things like what dresses pop up often and which don't. Handy if you want something badly but are unsure when you'll next see it. For instance. i lost my dress dress recently but going off the trend i'll see it again give or take 3-6 months so I can just save up again. However dreamy dollhouse is a popular print and comes up often so I don't need to HAVE IT NOW. because it's always there.

3. Let them eat cake

Baking is awesome. If you ever have a day you don't dress lolita at home, cleaning, study, too hot, too cold etc. just bake. Even if you suck at it, go buy a packet mix and make enough cupcakes to give 2 to each friend you'll seen within the week (or even for your workmates who will appreciate it) and yourself and family. It'll be yummy, you can feel a bit creative and overall it's just nice to learn some cooking skills.

4. Get organised

I'm not talking about books or homework. Lolita organisation is a nice way to go through your things and remember when you wore it last or how it made you feel to buy that item. I like to comb my wigs to keep them in good condition for whenever the next meet or lolita day is, but my jewellery stand is another place that gets rearranged as well as the accessories board I made to house my bows. When done my room looks more frilly for it, since I put it all on display, and I feel happier because it expresses my frill love openly without me having to actually be dressed up.

5. Read some magazines

Do yourself a favour and buy a gothic lolita bible, english or japanese whatever! Take it on the bus, read it during lunch break, flip through it after dinner. Take inspiration from its pages and just..soak it in? To me the bible is so beautiful, i am always finding new things when I go through all my latest ones! Even if they're out of date there's so many things to learn, I feel in awe whenever I go through them ha. Always remember that this fashion, even if you can't be a part of it right now, has stretched from across the seas to reach you. Even now many shops aren’t able to be access by people outside japan so it's a little amazing you can have it all all, fifty or so years ago it wasn't even possible! (last of all because lolita gained popularity in the 80's...)

Get your priorities right

Not super related but I think it needs saying. A while ago a lolita said she was thinking of selling dresses for funds because she was struggling. No matter what lolita is always still going to be just a dress. It won't house you, feed you or pay a bill unless you sell it. I have always know what dresses are 'sellable' and which I will be the last to part with. It's a good idea to sort this out in case you think you'll ever need to do this. Think which are rare and hard to come by, not by which was cheapest because while a solid colour jsk may have been the cheapest it will also be the hardest to buy again but there's always another sugary carnival.
I'm really enjoying doing decoden and I'll post a few things I've made next time maybe? It's very amateur looking atm but I think I'll do a giveaway or something for some of the better items =p which brings me to my old and undone list of lolita blog things to do. back here. I'm going to try and cross some of these off, but instead of a makeup tutorial I'll do a lolita transformation. Let's end of a quick plug for my tumblr, which is full of awesome lolita related stuff i assure you, and an outfit shot of what I wore to the meet yesturday; the first I've dressed lolita since the April easter meet, and a belated happy lolita day to you all!

I'll be doing more outfit shots at my tumblr (hopefully)

Friday, April 20, 2012

turning classical, I think I'm turning classical, I really think so...

...But not really aha.

Anyways, I've wanted to do a post about this for a while now. I really love sweet and it's where my lolita heart lies and calls home but occassionally a company comes out with something adorable, something so gorgeous I want to just fling money at them and say 'no more sweet, jewel and wine tones for me! That company is, usually, mary magdalene, and ith the release of their new print I'm starting to sway to the 'dark side'.

That colour, that print, that style!
Now, of course no one says you have to stick to one style, not at all; in fact people chop and change all the time. To be honest though it is easier sticking to one and frankly, as an angelic pretty matching pink everything kinda girl, buying one classic dress means also shoes, new hair accessories, new blouses, new bag and new accessories: like brooches and rings, because I don't half arse things and decide wearing such a fine dress will make up for my lack of matching ANYTHING.
That's a lot of money to blow for one dress in my closet. So I stick to sweet, and frankly not a lot of classic dresses have caught my eye. In total there are three (including this) I'd about jump over and only 1 goth dress I've ever considered - unless you count that one time in marui where h. naoto was having a sale in a buy one get 50% off the second kind of thing.
Despite this I've been wondering if it's possible to slide one into the other. I have purple shoes, purple headows and with some cutesy tights and with the right placed pearls this is a sweet dress waiting to explode! So, I began to go through a few ideas of how to try this with other 'classic dresses' I love. Which made me notice the themes I love in the classic dresses that make me drool. (Of course I do realise AP has also bought out their own bottle print, but the stripes, the no, MM wins out this time!)

Can you guess what kind of style dress I love most?

Now as lovely as that MM one looks I KNOW i can't work it into a sweet cord and I'm left with the same problem. So after discovering that all I needed was a bit of princess-ing up my classic and some brighter coloursI started to go over some classic looks. I've seen OTT classic and it's amazing but it''s not the same as what I love. But I also don't want hime. I want classic themes in somewhat muted sweet colours in frillier styles (classic seems full of these colour blocks that I can't stand in browns and winey reds/purples). It's like...rococo sweet classical? Let' get some illustrated points here!

Rococo, OTT classic and hime - in respective order, and don't they all just look DAMN STUNNING!? So...finding a middle ground.

First off I think, and this is obvious, only bright colours will ever 'do it' for me. Secondly square necklines that are missing in sweet lolita are predominint in classic so yay, I really dislike the round ones most sweet dresses get to remain soft looking without that 'elegent' femininity. Thirdly, longer sleeves. Other than winter dresses I don't think I've seen AP do a sweet print with longer sleeves unless it was special i.e the chess chocolate above or a collab. Finally something with frills or a print because, as said, colour block like st. claire are not what I like about classical.
classicly sweet 
And viola! Btssb's Queen's coach in a sweet cord. not exactly classical, but when did I say I wanted to become classic? Just alter it to fit into more of what I want. So let's see if we can appy this to another, since that is after all a very pastle looking dress.
no title
The thing I loved about this one was, you've got so many colour to play with! The yellow skirt, the blue and the pink roses and a classic white blouse if that's what you're after. Admittedly I could never stop myself from OTT classic-izing this gorgeous thing but having the sweeter compatibility sure makes me want it a little more.

Anyways, i think that's all i have to say on this subject. It's not just restricted to bright colours either, this sweet-classic look. throw some pink with the brown (melty chocolate and chess chocolate style!) or put some frilly white accessories over the wine red velvet - even goth and sweet can meet in a bittersweet cord so surely classic can mingle too. Just because you love a dress that's made for a certain style, doesn't mean you can't make it fit the one you're more in love with.

Peace! Next time, bodyline wig review ;D