Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream Dress List: 2012 revamp!

Well, a belated Festive season and Happy new years! I'm going to do a few follow up posts today on Japan and a wardrobe post BUT I figured we'd have some fun with things that we can take care of with the new year. Everyone and their dog is doing resolutions so let's see instead...
Last year my dream dress list was, in order;
  •  Ribbon decoration jsk in pink X
  • Frill Marine
  • Blooming Garden jsk in yellow
  • Wonder party bustier jsk in sax and pink X
Lesser items I wanted also included tiara rose, shoes and accessories and wigs. I was really happy to get the items I did, and then some! I guess that's what wardrobe posts are for though right?

Anyways, I decided I'd put down this years list of wanted items, and hopefully you guys can share/evaluate your own progress!

 Ribbon Decoration was my dream dress since I wanted to dress lolita. However as much as I love the design I've come to accept that velveteen is not a feasable fabric to have in a country like Australia and so it will be taken off the list, maybe I'll commission it in cotton sometime?
Arrgh, my current and new ultima dream dress to replace the former. I actually disliked the original chess chocolate dresses, cute print, designs were cute but I wasn't fusses. Then the princess set was released....ALL MY WANT EVER! Pink is too OTT and brown is..there's a lot of brown, but the icory and mint are gorgeous!
Since this collab came out I've thought it was adorable! From the print, chocolate with bunnies, to the super cute belt around the center!

I still love Wonder party, and may also be interested in the special set, but with my love for sax developing I'm beginning to think that that blue version may add more variety to my wardrobe!

Meta's Moonlight Night print, possibly the only 'goth' print I like, is so whimsical both in style and print! I was lucky enough to see it in white while I visited japan and it only made me want it more!

 And a few 'dream' classical pieces. Both are gorgeous no? They carry the old and elegant charm of classic lolita but use the hard contrast in colours, and vibrant colour choice, as a sweets dress, with plenty of ruffles and ribbons to make me just as starry eyed as any AP print.

There are of course many other dresses I want, and lately I've decided I need a 'hot pastel mess' dress and have come to think either sugary carnival or Milky planet in skirt form might work, although I still want dreamy dollhouse haha. OH and this is the year i'm NOT buying a lot of lolita...riiiight.

And, to finish on an open note, I've decided to collect some pullips, mostly the lolita ones but there's a few others I like. So! This february I'm also adding this little one to the 'dream' list, heehee!

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