Monday, January 16, 2012

Lolita Movie Guide to being a better person

Strange Title huh? But this was a post I really felt needed getting out there.
We all know the two sides to the lolita community. You've got the frilly princesses of manners on one hand and the cattiness and anonymity which the internet provides. It's discouraged a lot of girls and some just don't get involved with their communities anymore. Lolita secrets can be brutal, cgl worse and gtfoegl is an open shout out badmouthing others. Is it a wonder that we can get ourselves a reputation?
So what movie am I talking about that has to do with this and Lolita? A little princess, which tells us to be good to others and believe in our dreams and selves? Kamikaze girls ( which I admit I've never watched, eep! ) or some other feel good happy G rated movie made for a younger audience? WRONG!

The Devil wears Prada
For those who have yet to see this epic flick, it's a chick flick sorry, it's about regular girl Andy, who dreams of being a professional journalist, getting a job at high end fashion magazine runway and working for the dreaded Miranda Priestly; who is anything but! Hilarity and good times afoot! As she works her way up the corporate ladder she begins to change, but for the better or worse?

I thought of Lolita after a midnight showing of this movie because it really reinforced the idea of who we are and what 'creates' us. Andy's first step into creating a good impression on her snooty higher ups, whom she wishes to be accepted by, is to vamp her wardrobe up and fill it with brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Luis Vuiton etc. learning about the world she's found herself immersed in. Looking the part isn't enough though and suddenly it's dieting to reach size zero and shoving colleges out of her way to keep her job while alienating her friends, a far cry from the good girl we started with!

If you can't see where I'm going with this I'll just get to it; it's a tale surprisingly familiar to a few secrets and rumors I've heard about the lolita community. You see lolita, such a different and unique fashion and want in. Good intentions and a decent co-ordinate and you're sure to make friends! Until you post online and suddenly it's 'fatty, learn to coordinate, no brand, ita, bad hair, learn to photoshop etc. etc.' Eep! So you step up, buy the brand, do the makeup, start a daily blog even! Then the compliments start coming in, and you're not being gossiped about; excellent but hey...look at that newb! Don't they know lolita is no place for guys? And they're too poor for brand!? Whatever, you saved up, so can they! Best tell others so this person gets the message...

And so the cattiness begins, sensing where this is going? I think now more than ever girls are letting the fashion dictate who they are. No they're not playing bridge on the lawn sipping tea all day and living a lifestyle which is all manners and petticoats, but they are letting an intenet elitism get the better of them. Where you that way before lolita? Then why did you start?

Bottom line is, if you look back and find yourself wondering why you changed so drastically because of a fashion, maybe you need to get out of it and remember why you started.


  1. You made a good point about Lolita being a subculture version of The Devil Wears Prada. You get both camps of girls, the latter snobby type is the reason why I quit daily_Lolita since it seems to be praising the OTT Sweet, Idyllic Gothic, and poster girls for specific brands for their spot on coordinates and failing to aid new Lolitas altogether. (Instead just saying that what they did wasn't Lolita enough.)

    I've been finding myself wanting to leave Lolita since the majority of the West has failed to understand it and because I'm more drawn to the hardworking origins of Haute Couture designers like Coco Chanel who came from nothing and broke all the rules to fit her ideal sense of style. But I still continue to find myself browsing EGL_Sales_Comm for that perfect dress/top/skirt etc. But maybe after reading your post, I might hit pause and think about the early interest in the style.

  2. I'm glad someone got the connection, after a little I felt maybe it was becoming vauge. I agree wholey on your point of view and I'm glad if this post helped in any way. I hope, regardless of which fashion choices you pursue you find happiness, and beauty in both!

    If you do stay in lolita you should set up a blog or tumblr, I'm always interested in seeing how others change the fashion to fit their needs and not the other way around, and we need more of it!

  3. Thank you very much! As I said earlier, great points you covered and I'm hoping that I figure out where I want to be with Lolita fashion.

    I do have a fashion blog with some mentions of Lolita in it. Because my wardrobe is pretty small at the moment, its been covering a vast majority of fashion that interests me.

    If you are interested in seeing it, here's the link:

  4. "gtfoegl is an open shout out badmouthing others."

    Actually GTFOLolita is a very useful community, it has been used to find people who are scamming the sales comms, over-turn bad mods and worm out milanoo troll accounts.
    On the occasions someone does post some kind of vendetta post about another member of the Lolisphere they're usually shot down for it in minutes.