Friday, April 20, 2012

turning classical, I think I'm turning classical, I really think so...

...But not really aha.

Anyways, I've wanted to do a post about this for a while now. I really love sweet and it's where my lolita heart lies and calls home but occassionally a company comes out with something adorable, something so gorgeous I want to just fling money at them and say 'no more sweet, jewel and wine tones for me! That company is, usually, mary magdalene, and ith the release of their new print I'm starting to sway to the 'dark side'.

That colour, that print, that style!
Now, of course no one says you have to stick to one style, not at all; in fact people chop and change all the time. To be honest though it is easier sticking to one and frankly, as an angelic pretty matching pink everything kinda girl, buying one classic dress means also shoes, new hair accessories, new blouses, new bag and new accessories: like brooches and rings, because I don't half arse things and decide wearing such a fine dress will make up for my lack of matching ANYTHING.
That's a lot of money to blow for one dress in my closet. So I stick to sweet, and frankly not a lot of classic dresses have caught my eye. In total there are three (including this) I'd about jump over and only 1 goth dress I've ever considered - unless you count that one time in marui where h. naoto was having a sale in a buy one get 50% off the second kind of thing.
Despite this I've been wondering if it's possible to slide one into the other. I have purple shoes, purple headows and with some cutesy tights and with the right placed pearls this is a sweet dress waiting to explode! So, I began to go through a few ideas of how to try this with other 'classic dresses' I love. Which made me notice the themes I love in the classic dresses that make me drool. (Of course I do realise AP has also bought out their own bottle print, but the stripes, the no, MM wins out this time!)

Can you guess what kind of style dress I love most?

Now as lovely as that MM one looks I KNOW i can't work it into a sweet cord and I'm left with the same problem. So after discovering that all I needed was a bit of princess-ing up my classic and some brighter coloursI started to go over some classic looks. I've seen OTT classic and it's amazing but it''s not the same as what I love. But I also don't want hime. I want classic themes in somewhat muted sweet colours in frillier styles (classic seems full of these colour blocks that I can't stand in browns and winey reds/purples). It's like...rococo sweet classical? Let' get some illustrated points here!

Rococo, OTT classic and hime - in respective order, and don't they all just look DAMN STUNNING!? So...finding a middle ground.

First off I think, and this is obvious, only bright colours will ever 'do it' for me. Secondly square necklines that are missing in sweet lolita are predominint in classic so yay, I really dislike the round ones most sweet dresses get to remain soft looking without that 'elegent' femininity. Thirdly, longer sleeves. Other than winter dresses I don't think I've seen AP do a sweet print with longer sleeves unless it was special i.e the chess chocolate above or a collab. Finally something with frills or a print because, as said, colour block like st. claire are not what I like about classical.
classicly sweet 
And viola! Btssb's Queen's coach in a sweet cord. not exactly classical, but when did I say I wanted to become classic? Just alter it to fit into more of what I want. So let's see if we can appy this to another, since that is after all a very pastle looking dress.
no title
The thing I loved about this one was, you've got so many colour to play with! The yellow skirt, the blue and the pink roses and a classic white blouse if that's what you're after. Admittedly I could never stop myself from OTT classic-izing this gorgeous thing but having the sweeter compatibility sure makes me want it a little more.

Anyways, i think that's all i have to say on this subject. It's not just restricted to bright colours either, this sweet-classic look. throw some pink with the brown (melty chocolate and chess chocolate style!) or put some frilly white accessories over the wine red velvet - even goth and sweet can meet in a bittersweet cord so surely classic can mingle too. Just because you love a dress that's made for a certain style, doesn't mean you can't make it fit the one you're more in love with.

Peace! Next time, bodyline wig review ;D


  1. I really like the mix between sweet and classic! the first dress and the first coord are so lovely! :D

  2. Great title of the post by the way. :)

    I know how you feel about looking at different styles and eventually finding that one that makes you reconsider that style. I was looking solely at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright when I first heard about Lolita style from Kamikaze Girls. Then I got sick of looking at all their prints they came out with because they weren't me, and I gravitated to the punk and gothic styles.

  3. I am in absolute LOVE with these styles! So classy and gorgeous! I seriously think I was born in the wrong time xD

    ~ Kieli ~

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