Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog-a-thon DERP

So it should be obvious but I haven't been able to do the 'blog post a day' part of my celebrations. I had a lot of personal issues come up in the week, hings I honestly should have forseen, but that's life a guess. you'll be happy to konw that, of course, the giveaway is still on though! So keep reblogging, liking, subscribing, telling friends and etc. Since Starting this at 100 followers I've gained 17 and my tumblr has grown 14 with a tonne of reblogs haha. BUT we've still got a few more days to go! GO YOU GOOD they say, ahem! Anyways, have some cupcake madness as filmed by my friends Goldie and Elliot ( Vysanthe and Technotropism). They're SUPER talented so everybody go watch, subscribe and adore their talents!

P.s I'm the lolita who first gets cupcaked with the blue bow in her hair.


  1. That was awesome! The ending cracked me up the most xD

  2. LOL! Hilarious ending!

    But those poor little cupcakes! D:

    ~ Kieli ~