Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh I'm a lolita, just not right now...

If the long waits between blog posts do not tell you then I'll clue you in. I'm am not the most religious and strict of lolitas when it comes to...being a lolita. I go months at a time without donning the frills and my petticoated pals are usually not the first I turn to when looking for a day out on the town. Maybe they should be, maybe I need better social skills but for all intents and purposes I am a 'part time lolita'.

Sometimes, in this world of technology and tumblr minute by minute updates and efamous fashionistas, it feels like I've never been lolita. That the clothing is just a staple in my closet that will enver be worn again. Life interferes I guess and as much as I'd love to wear lolita everyday, and even other styles like fairy kei or gyaru, it's not gonna happen. I don't have a reason to and frankly gettin pretty to do dishes isn't my idea of a good day no matter how fabulous I look.

I feel unfrilly in these lapses. Like girlish garments and wigs are a waste of time, money and frankly I'm a twenty year old woman, why aren't I trying to look sexy instead of cute? I think a few of you can relate, hopefully. So I'm compiling a list of things to do to try and be 'lolita' and all that comes to mind, without actually being a lolita, a la' wig an dress and socks and shoes and lashes and circle lenses get the picture...

1. Take up a lolita crafting hobby

Sew a skirt, cross stitch an applique and learn a new life skill. I've taken up many many crafts in my time (cross stitch, sewing, bjd face ups, monster high doll faceups, my little pony customisation, scrapbooking, papercraft, drawing, writing, dabbled in mosaics, beading and lately decoden) and good golly if being surrounded by a bunch of lolita related craft items doesn't help you feel more lolita, or at least distract you, then it's time to just man up, get out the house and quench the urge; so to speak. Crafting can lead to new friends, online communities and some really cute creations! Decoden and lolita jewellery crafting is a great place to start with many places offering wholesale discounts on items to get started, not to mention you will no longer have to pay $10 for a cupcake ring; just make your own!

2. Stalk auction sites and sales communities

This sounds dumb but sometimes just making a mental list of things I want helps. I visit mbok and yahoo japan auctions most and I go through every single page of the angelic pretty tag. EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. By page 57 it's like 'ok you know why I'm not wearing lolita? it's so i can f*ckin buy these things. ALL THE WANT. haha. It also allows you to get an idea of current market value and you can learn things like what dresses pop up often and which don't. Handy if you want something badly but are unsure when you'll next see it. For instance. i lost my dress dress recently but going off the trend i'll see it again give or take 3-6 months so I can just save up again. However dreamy dollhouse is a popular print and comes up often so I don't need to HAVE IT NOW. because it's always there.

3. Let them eat cake

Baking is awesome. If you ever have a day you don't dress lolita at home, cleaning, study, too hot, too cold etc. just bake. Even if you suck at it, go buy a packet mix and make enough cupcakes to give 2 to each friend you'll seen within the week (or even for your workmates who will appreciate it) and yourself and family. It'll be yummy, you can feel a bit creative and overall it's just nice to learn some cooking skills.

4. Get organised

I'm not talking about books or homework. Lolita organisation is a nice way to go through your things and remember when you wore it last or how it made you feel to buy that item. I like to comb my wigs to keep them in good condition for whenever the next meet or lolita day is, but my jewellery stand is another place that gets rearranged as well as the accessories board I made to house my bows. When done my room looks more frilly for it, since I put it all on display, and I feel happier because it expresses my frill love openly without me having to actually be dressed up.

5. Read some magazines

Do yourself a favour and buy a gothic lolita bible, english or japanese whatever! Take it on the bus, read it during lunch break, flip through it after dinner. Take inspiration from its pages and just..soak it in? To me the bible is so beautiful, i am always finding new things when I go through all my latest ones! Even if they're out of date there's so many things to learn, I feel in awe whenever I go through them ha. Always remember that this fashion, even if you can't be a part of it right now, has stretched from across the seas to reach you. Even now many shops aren’t able to be access by people outside japan so it's a little amazing you can have it all all, fifty or so years ago it wasn't even possible! (last of all because lolita gained popularity in the 80's...)

Get your priorities right

Not super related but I think it needs saying. A while ago a lolita said she was thinking of selling dresses for funds because she was struggling. No matter what lolita is always still going to be just a dress. It won't house you, feed you or pay a bill unless you sell it. I have always know what dresses are 'sellable' and which I will be the last to part with. It's a good idea to sort this out in case you think you'll ever need to do this. Think which are rare and hard to come by, not by which was cheapest because while a solid colour jsk may have been the cheapest it will also be the hardest to buy again but there's always another sugary carnival.
I'm really enjoying doing decoden and I'll post a few things I've made next time maybe? It's very amateur looking atm but I think I'll do a giveaway or something for some of the better items =p which brings me to my old and undone list of lolita blog things to do. back here. I'm going to try and cross some of these off, but instead of a makeup tutorial I'll do a lolita transformation. Let's end of a quick plug for my tumblr, which is full of awesome lolita related stuff i assure you, and an outfit shot of what I wore to the meet yesturday; the first I've dressed lolita since the April easter meet, and a belated happy lolita day to you all!

I'll be doing more outfit shots at my tumblr (hopefully)


  1. Lolita suits you very well, you should wear it more often ^^ But I understand you - I love being dolled up, but sometimes I'm just too lazy and I'd rather wear some jeans and go to a pub with my friends ;D
    Also, lovely blog - I'm following you~

  2. Thank you for the new follow! One does try to wear it but doesn't always get a chance to take a turn about the town worth such primping often. I started following your blog too!