Monday, June 25, 2012

Princess Parody Week long Blogathon & mini giveaway!!

Heyo! So in between squeeing over the new Avatar finale, ordering new shoes, getting a new phone and practising more polymer clay related stuff I realised

Eee, that's so exciting! I never thought I'd get more than like...thirty so this is pretty awesome. In light of this lovely number I'm organising a WEEK LONG CELEBRATION. A blog post a day and a mini give-away starting today and ending seven days from now to thank all my followers and, maybe, get a few more.

In the coming week expect 7 days of lolita outfit pics as a dress up each day of the week, reviews, tutorials and transformations along with of course the winner(s) of the giveaway.


Doesn't look like much huh? That's bcause I'll be posting more and more of what's in the give-away during the week however I can tell you what it does include overall (just no spoiler pics!)

  • 1x polymer clay ice cream ring (winner picks colours - pictured)
  • 1x polymer clay macaron ring (winner picks colours - pictured)
  • 1x polymer clay cookie brooch or ring (winner's choice)
  • 1x angelic pretty inspired polymer clay shooting star ring
  • 1x polymer clay marshmallow braclet (winner picks colours – pictured)
  • 1x Japanese Vivi nails set of 24 (pictured)
  • 1x chocomint hairclip
  • 1x exclusive princess parody art card
  • 1x exclusive princess parody plushie
  • 1x $50 angelic pretty USA online gift certificate!!!!
I hope some of those items get your heart beating and eager to have a crack at this, ready to learn how to enter?  You can get your name entered in multiple times by doing any of the following;

  • First off you need to follow this blog, and I will be checking!
  • Secondly, you need to comment on this post with just a '1x entry for _____' or something similar.
  • Reblog this post HERE! on my Tumblr and follow me there as well.
  • Tell a friend, get them to follow and post in the latest entry '___ referred me'. Each friend gains you an extra spot.

At the end of the week ( july 2nd at 8pm AEST) I'll throw every name (including those who gain extra spots from doing all the above) into the random list generator and use the random number generator to pick the name.
That about wraps up this post, I'll see you all tomorrow and hope you all enjoy the week long activities! Good luck!


  1. 1 entry for Sonia (I also reblogged your tumblr entry, my tumblr is

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  4. Hello from a new follower, your blog is lovely and what a wonderful giveaway! :)

    1 x entry for Florrie please.

    I have also followed and reblogged on Tumblr.

    Florrie x

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  6. Wow! Your blog is so cute ;u;
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    1x entry for Caylee~
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    (I'm lovelyseaprincess on tumblr) <3

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    Your blog is very pretty!

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