Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway closed, WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Third post in four days, gosh it feels like a lot! Anyways the giveaway is now over, at 18 new blog followers (yay!) and 56 followers on my tumber (wow!) I'm off to go figure out who the winner is via randomiser so stay tuned to find out what number you are AND who the winner is!
This is how the current list of entries looks so far!
  1. corpseonthestairs
  2. batsparks101
  3. everydaycolourful
  4. pastelrainbowbatt
  5. unicornshapedpizza
  6. tamabonotchi
  7. Caro-chan
  8. ammorin
  9. Becky
  10. mandaplz
  11. mandaplz
  12. Caylee
  13. fluffyfrills
  14. MandaPlz
  15. Inuyashley813
  16. strawberrysweetlolita
  17. batsparks101
  18. keepsturning
  19. Princess keyrey
  20. Ashley Parish
  21. Rouise
  22. iflorrie
  23. Kayla
  24. AdaEatsWontons
  25. Elisabeth Wright
  26. Gina
  27. honeyed
  28. winbaftasfuckbitches
  29. KuROWwonderland
  30. lovelyseaprincess
  31. Sonia
  32. Ammorin
  33. destr0y-something-beautifu
  34. Milky Ribbon
  35. unicornshapedpizza
  36. defigure
  37. samantha
  38. Intrisically Florrie
  39. kurowonderland
  40. Prancing bee
I want to thank everyone so much for all the compliments on my blog and for following me! I'm so happy that so many people like what's going on. I don't think I've missed anyone in this list but if I have, please let me know so I can work out a way to fix it all up for you >.< p.s When I realise Caro-chan is following my blog, eep! ^^ haha

ANYWAYS!!! And the winner is.....

NUMBER 12. CAYLEE (lovelyseaprincess)

I will be in contact with you soon to get address and colour details. In the meantime, everybody please keep enjoying Princess parody and the content updates coming soon!

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  1. ;O; OMG YAYYYYY! <3
    I always check Blogger first thing when I wake up.. seeing this has definitely made my day already! *u*

    Keep making wonderful posts! And good luck with keepin up with the Blogathon (I know they're hard) <3