Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kawaii Lime Designs: Dream of the starlight rose carnival

Hello Lovelies!
let me intrdoduce you to my new brand 'kawaii lime Design' well..sort of!
I started creating a lolita print a few months back and after an on again, off again start up process I finally finished it. Originally designed in the one colourway for my own purposes I created three other colourways (mint, yellow and lavender) which I'll be creating a reserve for. 
If any of y'all have been following my tumblr you'll have seen a preview a few weeks back.
At the moment I'm looking at only producing a gathered skirt version but with enough interest I'll also look at creating a jsk and op, I'm not getting my hopes up though! The skirts should be between roughly $80-$100 once done. In the perfect world I'd also love to collaborate with a sweets jewellery creator and make a set, but I doubt that'll happen. ANYWAYS this is my first print and it was inspired by those carousels you always see in little girl's rooms. I always wanted one but I never got one :( But I think they're lovely none the less! Anyways, ONTO THE PRINT!
Link to bigger version
This will be up for reservation within the next few days with a $50 deposit required and the rest to be paid when the skirt is ready to be shipped. Doing this will give me an idea of direct number required, I'm also hoping to get in contact with a few Australian stores to see if they're interested in buying a few for sales at cons and etc. 
I'm looking at using broadcloth (100% cotton) to print on, the same stuff brands like angelic pretty use, and have also picked out an embroided lace to go along the bottom with some adorable pink translucent resin rose buttons to secure the waist ties, if they're still in stock when i get the material. Obviously it'll still be a bit until I have an actual sample but at the moment this is what I have in mind. As my producer changes price depending on quantity the cost it may go up or down.   
I hope you all like it and are excited to have one for your own wardrobe, plese get back to me if you believe you are a serious buyer for the print!


  1. Those are gorgeous! I've tried doing prints but they're never like what I imagined :p, I'm not very good at drawing. Anyway nice design :)

  2. This is really cute! ^_^ I love it! <3