Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lolita weekend!

So Last weekend, I got somewhat busy inbetween nw and then which is why I didn't post it monday, it was two full days of lolita, super fun! My sister came down for the weekend and insisted we dress up when we went out shopping with my mum, it's always lovely when we three can go out! Then sunday the brisbane lolitas went skating, frills and all! We got a LOT of weird looks but at least only two lolis fell down (not including yours truly)! On both days I also got japanese style crepes so yay for that too!


No contacts because I need to buy some more cleaning solution first! Today's theme was pink to match my sister, with my favourite angelic pretty hat of course and the bag she bought me, gotta say, I do love the cord.

Anyays she wore;

She was so worried she looked ita but I think she looks adorable!!, the first pic is in really wonky lighting but you can tell by the second pic that the wig actually matched a lot better irl, less neon by far. She has a savory chicken pizza crepe and I had a strawberry cheesckae and both of them were super delicious! >D I think I want to get the pink frill marine jsk on top of the navy op now....


Ice skating!! There were er...a lot of girls there, fourteen I think? Maybe more, I thought there were only a few at first but more kept arriving during the day. I wish we got a group picture of everyone but to do so on the ice woulda been ridiculous and we were all in a rush to get on the ice and then get warm afterwards'h!! My sister also went home today so she couldn't come :(

I was trying to do shiro lolita but I had to wear my pink AP capulet to keep me warm in the end! I thought for sure I'd take it off after a few lapse but nope, it stayed on the entire day! We then of course ended our icy shenanigans at the crepe place, this time I had chicken curry and the store owners recognised me from yesturday as well and told us all we had lovely dresses. All in all a very fun day!

Anyways I'll end this blog post on a purchase! Lately pastels are LIEK SO IN RIGHT NOW, Y'KNOW!? Namely lavender and mint so you can find jeans, tights, sneakers all around the place in these colours as well as peach for some reason...Taking advantage of this I bought some...

Tights! I don't even own anything in these colours but who cares, one day right? I was a bit put off that they weren't ones with a foot but when I tried them on at home they were a lot longer than my leg and also very DIY sewing job at home joining the legholes together and tada, I now have foot-included pastel tights! I wore them like that for a whole day to test it and they work dandy just like that! It makes me very happy.

Until next time fellow blog readers!

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