Sunday, July 29, 2012

Press & Go nails review

Hello lovelies!
Well after that depressing post I figured something more positive was related, review time! Even if it is just about a beauty product. Today I'm reviewing...
I bought these as they're cheap, look ok and hey, my nails need a mani!
So here's a bit of info about the product. Essentially they're just a modern re-do of those stick on nails you used to buy as a kid. They come in a lot of colours, are widely available in chemists, sueprmarkets and beauty stores and 'press & go' is the australian name for the brand, otherwise knows as simply 'imPress nails'. The packaging (above) is cute, girly and looks like a nail polish bottle. These bad boys retail for about $15 a pop and supposedly last a week (I'll update when it's been that long). All in all it seems a much better deal than ruining my nails with acrylic and gel nails and (hopefully) I'll get a 'salon perfect manicure in a few minutes'.

Why choose stick on? 
Stick on nails are a pretty great idea if you don't like the idea of ruining your nails and getting fornightly fill ins for a bit of  hefty set up cost. Issue being you still want some glam nails for a night, a day, an evening, a week. Maybe you work in the food industry and may not be allowed to have artificial nails due to health and safety issues. Looking to add a little more refinment to an outfit (lolita rings next to long elegant nails? I say yes!) without having to book an appointment the day before and put aside an hour or so? Sticks on are for you, but there's a lot of cheap crappy ones out there who make claims they can't meet.
The Review 

Before: After washing, clipping, cuticle removing, moistuerising and wiping over
After: Before filing (see filed image below)
The packaging actually comes with an alchol based wipe to clean your nails with prior to use and also includes a mini nail...file pad? to roughen up the surface for best adhesion. There's 24 nails in 12 sizes and you pick that ones that best fit your nails. WARNING Much to my displeasure these are not 'petite' nails and so I found a few were somewhere between too large and a bit small, go for the smaller one. I was also disappointed to fin there were only 2 pinkie sized nails which you means you one shot per nail.

The first hand is pretty easy to get on but after getting two of the nails on my other hand done it became difficult removing the tape along the sticky side of the nails because the nails made it difficult (see below). Maybe have a friend help you or wait half an hour between each hand? You can re-apply the nails twice before they lose the stickiness to stay on, after that try again with a different one in the same size if possible. Other than that it's a pretty easy process and took my 10 - 15minutes for both hands after picking out my sizes.
I've had these on for about 6 hours now and although the packaginf says ready to go in minutes I'm not sure what they think you're going to do after but it's not much involving your hands! The instruction manual actually advises you to not do much for half an hour - including typing and such. Maybe read a book? I watched a movie and after an hour and a half I was tippy typing away without much hesitation and so far so good. DO NOT TOUCH THEM BETWEEN HALF AN HOUR TO AN HOUR. I did this to my pinky to test it and er..well the back end towards the nail bed flicked up and I had to use some nail glue to get it to stay on because it had lost its glue.By hour six they're all pretty sturdy now but I'm paranoid about them and will probably be so until tomorrow morning after showering and cooking and sleeping and petting my cat and typing and generally putting them to the test. I'll update date this section next week with a followup.

Comfort & Fit
Like most artificial beauty enhancers the nails take a while to get used to. The touch when I don't intend to, the feel fragile and like they'll fall off any minute BUT after getting over that they're actually pretty comfortable and ignorable. It's like painting your nails, while they're wet it's 'don't touch me, you'll smudge EVERYTHING, but then it's blah but you're still weary that if you press too hard against something you'll most likely wreck your work. As prior said there are 12 sizes and if you're in between go with the smallest one, they do have a lot of sizes so it was pretty easy to do but my biggest issue was the square tip. Maybe it's just me but square tips are a bi*ch to work around, too much surface space? Who knows but unless you're used to a squared nail file them down, they felt so much nicer and natural after I did that. Anyways, AFTER PICS!

After! (10minutes)
After filing, notice corners. (2 hours)
Final Impressions 
I actually do really like them, after the filing. I'm being a bit tougher on them at the 6 hour mark now and I've noticed a few are coming off towards the back ends, mostly the ones I had to re-apply whicher were too big/small for my nails, so I may look at getting some nail glue as a precaution (I guess that defeats the point of sticks on but if I work it into prep who cares?) They look good, do the job and at $15 instead of $45 for acrylics and gels I'd buy them again when these fall off too. It might be nicer if they came in a range of length sizes since these are all a natural short length but there's potential to glam these up a bit too. Compared to other stick on nails I've tried there really is no comparison, they're an amazing quality for their field. Overall t's not a very natural look (shiny and perfectly white tips) but it does look like I just had a trip to the salon which is all I wanted anyways. Eff the kardashion endorsement, they're a good product and i highly reccomend - just remember to grab some nail glue and a file first!


After putting them on, as much as I think this is a classic look, I figured why not paint them and see if it takes?


 Yes it does! The only issue being, with the french tip, is that there's a ridge where the white part starts. One could possibly incorporate it into a design but I don't think anyone would really notice? The varnish also keeps its gloss s maybe paint a set before putting them on and give them a super shiny coat!

Stay Glamorous!


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