Thursday, July 19, 2012

Princess parody reboot

Hello lovelies!
Welcome to the NEW and improved Princess Parody, I hope my new format, font and abbner are not too cluttered and hard to understand! I was hoping for a more organic look, as if you are reading a private diary with this look while keeping it looking sweet with childish, how did I do?
Lately I've been interested in the 'idol' culture of the western lolitas and girls, they're all very adorable and sweet and I find them very inspiring so I'm taking this leaf from the, I'm a little worried it's too weeaboo but FEH, that's what your critic is for! There's less emphasis on the brand elements I think and more on what motives me with my own personal style. The giant floofy wedding dress to the side, the OTT makeup in the header and also that gorgeous AP dress. I also thought of adding a few OTT hime, la parfait esque images but I think it would start to look very gyaru - maybe not bad since I also love that style!
Anyways, please enjoy the new princess parody, check out my tumblr, and stay tuned as always!  
 P.S Tomorrow I'll will be creating a special sign off tag to put at the end of my posts, they're super cute don't you think? 


  1. I like the reboot! ^^

    The font is a litte harsh for me, but it does give your blog a cuter feel~ so overall I like it ♥

  2. The font is a great choice! Good luck with the reboot.

  3. Thank you both for your comments!