Monday, July 23, 2012

Taobao Highlights

Hello Lovelies!
Mmm Today I'm going to talk about some great Taobao shop items. I think a lot of the issues newer lolitas come across is 1. budget and 2. the fear of 'doing it wrong'. A lot of them are told to hit up bodyline for cheap but quality pieces or (heaven forbid) try to tackle ebay or milanoo. It always really frustrates me since Taobao is so easily accessible. Anyways! I figure most lolita's are looking at about $60-$100 for their first purchase, or even a splurge on the side, so let's look at this season's newest!
Dear Celine
Classic's a hit! Right now DC is doing some super adorable dress and blouses, one of which I'm just sooo putting in my needs wishlist. This Princess OP for $75USD, striped blue op - $68USD and, my favourite, classic blouse for only $38USD.

Chess Story
So chess story has dived into the world of creating thier own original prints, the first being a slightly off (or on if it's your thing) red and navy optional chess chocolate inspired piece. It's pretty cute and also a fraction of regular brand priced prints. This was followed up by High Tea time OP, a super OTT sweet print in (from what I can tell) comes in lavender and white. Both of these dresses are under. It also was followed up with a plainer, fairy-kei like jsk. Which I love and kind of want, hee hee! Their latest hit is a melty chocolate inspired design called chocolate party. There's some more teddy bear and donut action going on but you get the idea. All theses dresses come in way under the usual brand prices and none of them go over $100 with this little beauty listed below at just under $70, can't beat that!
Surface Spell
Although perhaps more well known for their gothic counterpart, Surface spell caught my eye with the longer classic mint, lavender and navy optional jsk. It's a gorgeous chiffon and looks like it could be matched with about anything, I'm itching to try and get that purple into my wardrobe! The jsk comes under $70USD and would be ideal for the taller ladies and gents.

Other than the convential lolita brands I'm not very good at finding anything new on taobao but I figured these deserved a bit of a shout out, especiall to any new-er followers of the fashion. Please leave any for would be taobao converters in the comments!


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