Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini hiatus plus seven days of cute

Hello lovelies
I know I haven't blogged in a while which is why I'm making a more official post about it. I'm going on hiatus for a month or two. In the past two weeks I've been swamped with school stuff and more importantly my whole family is moving out in two weeks - leaving me that same amount of time to move out and find a more stable job. It's pretty overwhelming; especially trying to juggle study and packing and job hunting. So I'm taking a break, sitting back and focusing on what's most important right now and worry about how cute I look, new lolita outfits and what's going on over at tumblr are taking a much needed backseat.
This also extends to my project/ brand Kawaii Lime designs. I've even had to put that on hold as the making time means I'm not sure what my address will be when they need to ship it @_@ I am focusing on getting patterns and such made but it's not getting as much time devoted to it as needed. The brand itself was a sort of a rush launch, which I've learnt from so I'll most likely 'release' it again when I've had time to properly turn it into something i'm more happy with as well as an official sample to try and secure more orders (I'm also thinking of creating a matching jewellery line and even leggings/tight) but it's up in the air until everything sorted.
As a sort of final 'get it out of my system' I've been dressing in lots of cute pastels and accessories whenever I can so here's a few pictures.
day 1
 The tricky thing regarding day 2 is I dressed up all in pastel purple but my phone died. I then later attended a dress up party ( I went as Belle from beauty and the beast) and ended up not being concious for most of day 3...which brings us to)

Day 4
 I konw it doesn't seem like much but it feels very different for me, and I've still got day 5,6 and 7 to get through which should be fun. My new dresses sugar fairy cake and pink meringue tartan pleated jsk, which I must say is super adorable! halter neck with a dropped skirt fits my figure a lot better so I'm glad I got it, it also isn't as OTT as sugar cake so i might get more wear out of it. I hope.

Until next time!

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