Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lolitas with a cause: The daydream Carnival Quest

So With Daydream Carnival out today my lolita roomie and I have been chasing it down like dogs to a car.
If you haven't been looking at my tumblr, I have in fact been obsessed with the print since back in December and secured my shopping service Mmm a  month ago? My Roomie on the other hand only decided she wanted it the day they announced the release date (thursday) and we've been flittering about like ninnies ever since. Check the cut for a rather long recount of my time chasing it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A return to blogging, lolita and sweet things

Hello my 132 followers...

 I hadn't realised your numbers had gotten so high so I wanted to thank every single one of you! Well...I've been on hiatus for nigh on seven months now (omigawsh) and I wanted to finally make my return. In the dowtime I've rejoined uni, lost my job, worked casual over the christmas period, flew to Townsville to see family, moved house and been sick since last one - still a bit phlegmy ew! If anyone follows me on tumblr you might have noticed I'm a little more active over there reblogging too so maybe you foresaw this return to the blogosphere.

lolita wise a lot has changed..ish? I got my dream dress, Chess chocolate princess OP in mint the other day.

I also have dreamy dollhouse on it's way. Dreamy dollhouse is special for me as it was the series up for sale when I first started getting serious about wanting to buy lolita and I knew I wanted dreamy dollhouse then - just never had enough money and since then I've liked other prints more, but I've always known I was going to own this dress, and after seeing it in person on another lolita I HAD to have it. I paid it off last year on a shopping service and then forgot about it and the service messaged me last week asking if I still wanted it when I questioned them about buying a pair of socks off mbok for me so...yay new clothing and new matching mint socks! I also bought the ivory whip show case tights from AP's english site. I think Whip showcasw is the cutest dress and I know I'll want to own it at somepoint and I'm not sure how hard the tights will be to find sooooo...BUY NOW, REGRET LATER! Or at least when they're just $60 including least they're cheaper than blackmilk right?

Speaking of dresses, I'm super excited for the release of daydream carnival and have it preordered already, the whole damn set. Headbow, jsk and socks. It will be thie first full set of anything I've ever owned and it looks amazing, plus I can always trade/sell it if I truly hate it, but for now it's a must have neeeed.

New stuff in my lolita scene..Vysanthe and Techno (Goldie and Elliot to me I guess) left which is sad, I'm going to miss them and their wacky fun but I hope to catch up with them in sydney at some point. I also moved in with a loli for a roomie (we talk over new releases lots and we even borrow clothes/socks etc. if we need that something special for an outfit) it's not much different from a regular roomie - this is the first time I've moved out actually so who knows!? And it means I also get to decorate my room however I want. Which brings me to my new project...

I bought a new wardrobe for $60 from an op shop the other day and I want to try and lolify it. I've been thinking pink but pink is a very hard colour to follow up and sell off so maybe pastel pink or white? Regardless it's a project I'm looking forward to and I'll be updating here with news!

Now that I'm jobless I also want to stop focusing on brand as much (I know with the above, what am I talking about?) but after daydream carnival well....that'll be all my brand buying until a new job arrives. However I'd like to look at making my own dresses. In the downtime I started sewing for cosplay - I'm going as princess celestia from my litte pony to supanova in April here on the gold coast. I bought a small machine so I'd love to have a go making unique dresses. Kawaiilime designs is still on hold guys, actually I'm stepping down from it. The print is...still in production but I can't say much regarding it due to confidentiality issues but I'll update when I can! There's going to be another post about this in the future (making dresses and kawaii lime).

I've been attempting to dress more in my outfits as well, having let most of my stupidly pretty dresses sit in closets and on clothing racks for the better part of....forever. So, time to air it out with the cold weather! I've got 2 outfit posts for you today, but I also dressed up to go the 'The great and powerful Oz' in a green x black ensemble with stripey socks and ruby red shoes (no glitter though sadly). I want to see it again though so I'll probably dress up again later and get picks with friends since out seats were shocking due to getting there late. ANYWAYS. Outfit shot time.

I kind of want a DSLR to take better quality shots...then I realise I want to spend $100+ on a camera to take selfies with and figure crappy camera phone pics will do. =p

Anyways, I know this is a long blog post, and it's very cluttered and everywhere because I just wanted to dump my thoughts/where I've been at into one post so I can get it off my mind as it's been distracting me from schoolwork otherwise I'll forget all the things I want to say! I hope you guys are as excited as I am and I hope to surprise you more next week with pretty blog things!

P.S I also jumped on the bandwagon and am now part of the lolita blog carnival; they vote and discuss weekly blog topics so I'll be putting up a few of them every now and then when I run out of ideas. You can join/check it out using the image below!

I can't wait to start telling you all about everything, hopw you're excited too!
Until next time! <3