Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lolitas with a cause: The daydream Carnival Quest

So With Daydream Carnival out today my lolita roomie and I have been chasing it down like dogs to a car.
If you haven't been looking at my tumblr, I have in fact been obsessed with the print since back in December and secured my shopping service Mmm a  month ago? My Roomie on the other hand only decided she wanted it the day they announced the release date (thursday) and we've been flittering about like ninnies ever since. Check the cut for a rather long recount of my time chasing it.
I've contacted no less than 6 different shopping services about the print - wanting the lavender tulle jsk - which essentially is the most sought after version as confirmed by said 6 shopping services.

We ( Roomie and I ) speculated the possible sell out times, the versions we wanted, the pros, the cons, the print and he various ways we could attain the 'print of prints'. Online japanese store, Online english store, In store in japan, the online USA release and of course the in store USA release.

I literally did/do have a plan for every one of those options. SO! I figured it might be fun to 'chronicle' our weekend of watching websites and waiting, for a dress it's a strangely emotional ride!

I was woken at 7am today by a message from one of the shopping services I'd contacted that I'd left due to being number 5 in their lineup that a girld had dropped out and did I want her spot. In the 10 minutes it took me to reply with paypal information and the version I wanted they replied that the space had already been filled. Drat. It was a fun way to start the day knowing someone in Japan (at 6am) was already up and heading to an AP store to sit it out and get dresses for girls across the world.
At 10.30am me and Roomie spoke about how 'today's the day' and wished each other luck and set up our 'battle stations'. I stalked a few sites looking for possible detals on the international site release as well as read the facebook pages of the 2 shopping services I'd gone with who had both posted they were waiting in line in store.
 At 11am Both confirmed they'd been let in store (eeep! ^^) but were pretty far down the line for being able to buy the dress ( 20 and 30-something). By 11.35pm-12pm the person 20th in line confirmed the tulle jsk and headbow were completely sold out, as well as the blouse. She did let me know she might be able to get the black socks and tights my Roomie wanted so I asked if she could nab them for her if the lavender socks weren't available.
12.30pm, The countdown for the ap international site f5'ing marathon began! My Shopping service confirmed that the black socks and tights had been aquired (huzzah!) So for at least one of us something is going to arrive. Got a soda so I wouldn't have to run away in case of dehydration or anything, chicken left out to thaw for lunch so wouldn't have to think on it. Why are we getting so intense about dresses again? Between now and 1 I've got my AP jsk, socks and headbow tabs open. I'm optomistic! site is having a little lag and a few 500 internal errors, Roomie having more issues with it than I am. Overall it's ok.
1pm. The dreaded 500 error is now a plague and I can get to a page only once every 5 tries, DDc still not up. 1.02pm. Daydream carnival STILL NOT UP. 1.15pm WHY ISN'T IT UP YET!? GOD I HATE WHIP SHOWCASE! By 1.25pm We're both pretty over it and are thinking we'll quit soon-ish, it's been half an hour we've been waiting and we're hot. Finally turn on the air conditioner, aww yeah. Checked out the Japanese site, which already have been updated , and it makes me question, do I want lavender or sax? Bonnet or bow? Tights over socks? Lavender is easier to trade...But I now think it washes out the print. Every picture online made it look pastel lavender but the stock photos make it look blue-lavender. And the sax tights look so pretty....DECISIONS DECISIONS. 
 2pm Well and truly over it. refreshing maybe...every ten minutes because we can't quiet bring ourselves to quit. 500 error still showing up and I'm checking Tumblr and cgl finding others in my same predicament. At least we're not alone. Find rumours that the international shop may update between 2-3 hours after the release. This sucks. Find out the SF online release for 12pm PST tomorrow is 5am for me tomorrow - looks like I'll be getting up early. My SS there has been an angel of patience and understanding and says she may end up camping out tomorrow to secure my items - what a sweetie! My bets are beginning to be firmly places with her.
3pm So uninterested in Ap's site I'm now blogging, it was 2 hours after the release so I hoped, but in vain. It seems others may have had a similar idea as the 500 internal error stepped up again but it now only showing up 1/2 tries - still a slow speed though. The salopette looks cuter on the mannequin but I don't think I'd like it on me. Chicken wings for lunch. Yay!
6pm There's a haze of refreshing and whining between these two time periods, I remember thinking I'd 'give up' at 2pm - ha! It's now been 5 hours and I'm on cgl chatting away with other lolitas. SUDDENLY Day dream carnival items are flickering on and off the screen for what appears to be the prep before the release! Between now and 11pm Myself and the cgl girls are posting up to date screen caps of what goes past as an unofficial countdown for the release which shall surely commence post uploading!
11.30pm. It didn't go up. It.didn't.go up. Everyone's freaking out waiting. and refreshing, I'm getting errors all over the place. It's madness.

12.42am it's quiet. I've been here nigh on 12 hours and I want to quit. Dear god is it ever going up? The thread is calming down and I've found a few lolitas on my facebook whom I'm talking with and my Roomie has come back from going out to dinner and leaving me in charge of texting her updates. I had dinner and a shower at some point because the heat was terrible and I've been on a laptop all day doing nothing *headesk* Myself and the other facebook online lolitas devise a plan to wake up every hour to get some sleep and check in.
Ended up talking to my sister until 2am anyways. Dress still not up. I go to bed and check back in at 3am and resign myself to try the SF online store which will be up in 2 hours anyways.
It's 4.45am and I woke up too late still somehow. My San-fran shopping service messaged me ten minutes ago saying she's in store. I'm so tired, cgl is making a countdown for the final fifteen minutes, surprisingly the AP USA site is holding out with no error codes. 5am - 5.10am 


Also Everything is sold out online (yes in ten minutes). I got as far as putting the black tulle jsk into my cart for my Roomie who only got her second choice (regular black jsk) but it got pulled out before I could pay. I doesn't matter though because I got it and I'm going to own daydream carnival aarrgg <3 I go to bed a happy lolita.


It's not quiet over yet though as I'm gonna check the international site for Roomie's 1st choice just in case. But hey, I've had 5 hours sleep so I feel much better and I'm going to probably give it up at 12 tbh because We need to get moving with shopping and such. But Today I've got tea and if it's not up in a few minutes I'm going to go make some eggs and soldiers for breakfast which brightens my mood. I feel so unproductive from yesturday so I'm going to sew and get started on some projects and go shopping because we need groceries and I asked to put it off yesterday

Strangely enough this was actually a pretty fun experience, especially the highs when the USA store went up and when AP international was preloading all their items up. It's a shame AP isn't treating their international customers as well as their local customers ( Seriously some girls have been waiting since 8am and the usa store gets less stock than than tokyo ones and the international store gets less stock than the usa store) So I wish they'd at least do us the courtesy of including a webshop release time for us as well since the Japanese Lolitaa got theirs within the hour of the release. Although it was 'fun' it was also very trying, tiring and maddening - I want to do so much today because I did so little yesturday! I don't think I could do this again for several months and certainly not every new print release, luckily I don't like the summer strawberry one, but I've already model photos with the print blurred out for whatever's next. I'm glad I was so prepared before or I wouldn't have gotten this print at all. Admittedly it's not going to be in San Francisco for another 2 weeks and after that I'll  have to wait on shipping but that's ok, totally worth it ;D Also lolitas are crazy xD

Signing out! <3


  1. Ah such refreshing madness, I'm so happy for you that you got the sax tulle JSK set after all that! :) I still cannot decide whether I like the lavender of sax better but I didn't joined in the release madness, so I'll have to see how scary the resale prices are by the time they pop up on the sales- the Yahoo Auction ones are already really steep XD

    I'd love to see some photos when it reaches you ^_^

    Florrie x

  2. Thanks! It was madness, I wish everyone could have gotten theirs but with ap's made to order release hopefully everyone can now, it also really dropped second hand prices - yay!

  3. hey, love the blog! i glad you ended up with JSK! I was just wondering, how did you make your banner? xxx

  4. Aww I had so much fun reading this! ^-^ I can imagine exactly how you felt! Lolitas have to be crazy sometimes haha <3